Sunday, May 13, 2018

Hand to Earth Ceramics: Planter and Cup

I admit this... I am a stalker. A class "A" creeper who constantly checks in with Deanna of Hand to Earth Ceramics to see what she is up to. Because I truly admire her work. It resonates with me. She restocked recently and I was stoked to be able to finally snag a pink moon piece in the form of a planter and a mountain and moon scene cup. 

I love that the strawberry moon is sandy textured and loaded with dimensional details. The color really pops against the gauzy bluish greens and ivory. 

This planter has a nice capacity. It is about medium sized I would say, and includes a drainage hole. I love the precision of those feet. The etchings of the plant life are lovely.

When I was checking out with this guy I got excited. Moonlit mountain scenes are my jam and I didn't have one by Deanna. What surprised me most about this gorgeous striated cup was that the combination of clear glaze and cloudy plants with the azure ombre made for a jelly like appearance. I love how squishy it looks and it feels so smooth and glassy. 

Check out this beauty! Those details. My heart. 

I have been sipping my smoky pine teas out of this fella and dreaming of the mountains. We won't be going there this summer and I am already pining for them. Savannah, Georgia will be our destination this year but the mountains will always be calling. I am thinking the Blue Ridge Mountains need to be visited next. 

What mountains do you love? What are you sipping? Are you sipping from anything special?


  1. Swooning here. 😱 your well-housed plants are goading me to try plants/succulents again. 🌵. All the pottery makers seem to be plant moms, so many options but maybe will hold off until I decide where I am living.

    A few weeks ago I drove to Brooklyn for a sale, been using those pieces almost all the time.

    1. Aren't they gaw-geous?! I have had all the ivy plants I buy die on me. I am currently killing my third. I should just look up how much water to give them as I am pretty sure that is where I am screwing up. The cacti on the other hand are doing well. The pitcher plant is lively and I can't seem to kill a Christmas Cactus so that is a plus.

      I am excited for you and your new adventures, Jean. Where ever you land I will come and have lunch with you. :-) Huge ice cream included.

      I would love to see what pieces you picked up!

  2. Recently I heard a catchy wistful tune called "My Home's Across The Blue Ridge Mountains" by Bella Fleck and Abigail Washburn:)

    The mountain mug is insanely beautifully glazed but I especially enjoy the almost retro fantasy vibes from the peaks and stars scene. <3 Must be a joy to sip from.

    1. What?! I need to check that song out. The Blue Ridge Mountains will be my next mountain destination I think. It won't be hard to talk Adam into it.

      Yes! I get that for sure. The wavy mountains and fun moon details. The twinkling stars and drippy snow peaks and curled trees. It is fun. Definitely my go-to tea mug as of late.