Wednesday, May 16, 2018

Twilight Alchemy Lab: Bath Oil and Perfume

Twilight Alchemy Lab is an off shoot of Black Phoenix Alchemy Lab that crafts oils for body, bath and more. I picked up a bath oil and two other oils to use. 

Moonset- To be used to clear your mind of noisome thoughts, relax your conscious inhibitions and increase receptiveness. This bath formula includes mugwort, clary sage, bay laurel, organic lavender oil, lavender absolute and yarrow oil extracted from plants grown in the TAL garden. (4 oz $30)

This bath oil smells amazing. It has a minty coolness that reminds me of eucalyptus or menthol or camphor. The invigorating steam that rises from the hot bath water when this is dripped in lifts the spirits. The herbs and lavender and sage all mix to calm and delight. I am extremely content with the bathing ritual born of this oil. 

Fire of Passion: 2001 Private Stock- Notes: Cubeb and 17-year aged patchouli. (5ml $40)

This is quite possibly the best patchouli centric oil I have encountered. I dab some behind my ears and fly off into the ether. It smells of fecund earth and aged herbs, slivers of smoldering kindling and a silvery edge of metallic iron. It is a patchouli lover's dream. When I wear it I sniff myself constantly. This is geared towards being a aphrodisiac and it does ignite some fires but I just love it for the scent itself. The cubeb is a plant related to pepper and does have a peppery and camphorous tone to it. I will use this one sparingly. 

These are both sold out at the moment but the bath oils do get restocked from time and time and various oils are released in the Etsy store as well. Do you like bath oils? A new one from Nocturne Alchemy arrived at my house and I cannot wait to wallow in it. 

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