Thursday, May 3, 2018

Sihaya and Company: Arcana Tammany Hall and Arcana Candle

Since Arcana Wildcraft farmed out their perfumes to stockists I have been having a fun time buying from various stores. This order came from Sihaya and Company While I was shopping for this particular scent I couldn't resist picking up a candle to come home with this perfume. But I will get to that in a minute. 

Tammany Hall- Notes: Vote early and often! Honest graft, New York tough talk, and a whiff of green auld sod. Bay laurel, sweet green clover, fresh tree sage, dark, dirty musk and black patchouli. $26
From the bottle wafts camphor and peppery spice, cloves and ancient ivy. Tammany Hall is redolent of ivy- Ivy Leagues and Ivy Club, ivy clinging to the notorious walls. Politicians clinch clove cigarillos between teeth that bite on words of benevolence and betrayal in turns. Spicy pomades and camphorous ointments scent the hall where the mighty and disadvantaged mingle in a deceitful dance of power. Dressed on the skin, the notes speak of cobblestones and dirt packed roads, lichen growing between bricks and an underbelly of dank musk. Old sweaty bills of money clinched in frustrated fists. The dust and earth lifts a bit and the softly camphorous bay laurel appears. Dusky musk and patchouli laced pools of shadow slink in as the sun sets on Tammany Hall. 

This is a brilliantly unique scent and unlike any other I have in my collection. It has a dark anise and spice and earth muskiness that shifts and changes. 

Sihaya and Company creates imaginative and beautiful candles. I enjoyed the one I burned from the Sisterhood of the Moon box I ordered back in October so I decided to enjoy another one. 

Arcana- Notes: Blood orange shrouded in a haze of dragon's blood incense. $12
The candle performs wonderfully, burning strong and steady with a sturdy wick and a nice wax pool. It does take a while for the wax pool to form but once it does there are no issues at all. I have come to love the layer of glitter on the surface. It makes for magical illumination when the flame jumps and twirls. The scent is soft and subtle, more suited for my nightstand by the bed than a large cathedral ceiling living area. Aged peels of blood oranges and sugary dried wedges of citrus mingle with the faintly earthy aura of incense. The dragon's blood incense takes a backseat to the blood oranges, but lends a deep complexity. A very lovely candle. 

Any new candles or perfumes in your life? What smells are you loving right now?


  1. Oh, that glitter! I love it, it looks like that squishy stuff you see people playing with in IG videos, or like some sort of fabulous body balm (from the late '90s, clearly, because woah, that's a lot of glitter.) As for what I'm melting, I've issued a challenge to myself this week to melt Mini Melter blends that don't rely on Marshmallow Smoothie. I tend to throw it in everything to round out the blends, but I don't actually think I need to. Plus my stores are getting kind of low on that one and I *could* put an order off for another couple of months if I learn to stop leaning on that Marshmallow Smoothie scent so much!

    1. The glitter in candles, for my tastes, is much more fun and enjoyable than on wax tarts where you don't have to clean anything out. I honestly can't blame you for adding Marshmallow Smoothie to everything, because it is just that good. But I get what you're saying. I always thought most RG scents had a bit of that creamy sweetness to them anyway. Sounds like you are making some great headway into your melting!