Monday, May 14, 2018

Bohemienne Life: Wax Crack

What?!?!? Wax?!?!?! Yes. Yes ma'am, indeed. Kyme has been restocking some Wax Crack here and there at Bohemienne Life and I saw the desire to pick a few bags up. Thus, I did. Her Wax Crack comes in a 5 ounce bakery bag for $5.00 each. Affordably priced, superb wax in divine scents with a quick TAT. My kind of shopping.

Tobacco- Notes: A warm, sweet, smoky, comforting melange of vanilla, patchouli and honeyed pipe tobacco.
This smells of honeyed tobacco and a shot of bourbon to my nose. It has a boozy quality that I love. Sweet and a touch dark with the ebony edge of patchouli. It threw at a solid medium in my bedroom. An excellent tart.

Twisted Hard Cider- Notes: Baked apples, cinnamon, clove, caramel, nutmeg, butterscotch, oak barrel, whiskey and toasted marshmallow. 
Yum. Velvety spiced apples and rich vanilla caramel and woods. This one will be brilliant for fall melting. I am going to stash this one away for a fall treasure to encounter later. 

Cedar Honey- Notes: A blend of cedar woods and sun warmed honey.
I fell in love hard with this one. The honey is sweet and thick with an almost caramel lean to it. Add the cedar woods in with the sticky drops of honey and I am in hog heaven. I will be keeping an eye out for this one again. One chunk of brittle threw medium-strong in my bedroom.

Fraser's Ridge- Notes: Blackberry, peach, raspberry with a hint of violet grounded with earthy patchouli.
This is one of the best dark fruity-florals I have encountered. The floral is not much at all, but the violets and patch ground all the sweet and over-ripe berries and fruits perfectly. This is juicy and plump, ready to be bitten into. There is almost an effervescence in it on cold that reminds me of a fruity mead. It melted with a medium-strong throw in my kitchen and living area. Gosh how I have missed this scent. 

Soap Samples:

Raven's Myst is one of my favorite blends that Kyme makes and in soap it is still just as spectacular. Spiced woods and musk with a frothy lather.

Coconut Rose was a surprise hit for me. I love the creaminess of this one as far as lather goes. It is super soft and supple. The scent is stunning and perfect for these hot spring/summer days. The coconut is milky and softly sweet while the rose is youthful and vibrant. 

Lullaby is the last soap and it smells just like that Lush almond marzipan scent... is it Rock Star? No! It is Snowcake! Yeah. This smells just like Lush's Snowcake. Not my fave for sure. But the girls will use it up.

I love my order from Kyme to pieces, as usual. I will be keeping an eye out for her restocks. I am over the moon she will still be making some goodies here and there. What Wax Crack is your favorite? 


  1. Fraser's Ridge (been into fruity florals lately) and Cedar Honey sound juicy and summery, I will have to check those out also if they come around again over the Summer. A waxie person I follow posted a haul from BL the other day and I asked her about it because of the announced wax closing, she said she just happened to catch an opening through FB, I wondered if you heard, but it looks like the wax called to you as well;) I've been preeeety good, only one order (planned) in May and ZERO in April, it had been almost a year since a month passed w/o an order and it felt good. Hope you are enjoying the last few weeks of school.

    1. They both are pretty brilliant. I was worried about the cedar and honey as they can both be strange but I should not have doubted Kyme's blending acumen. Kyme has decided to not close but just slow down and probably head towards making more essential oil based blends. Which is certainly fine by me. Congrats on your low buy/no buy! I have hauled much less wax than I usually do. I have been melting still so my drawers are emptying steadily. I am about to place the mother of all CFTKR orders once Carol returns in June and then I should be set for a while. I may still peep into random vendors just for fun though. I always like a new experience.

      Thank you! I am. I am pooped for sure but I am trying to soak up these last days with my kiddos. Only 7 days of school left! This first year back teaching after 10 years has gone by quickly. Hope things are going a bit more smoother for you. <3

  2. Looks about what I grabbed at last opening. ;)
    I did get a sample of Twisted Hard Cider, which I'm happy about cuz that was one I decided to not take a chance on. The sample smells so great!
    I still have so many Wax Crack scents to even melt for the first time, but Dragonfly in Amber is still my top ultimate blend. I bought a bag of that for one of my sisters at last restock. :)

    1. We do have very similar tastes!! We should do a swap soon of hidden gems.

      I wasn't sure about Twisted Hard Cider based on the notes either with the cream and whiskey and apples and woods. It almost seemed too busy, but it really is a wonderfully unique fall scent. I love it.

      Dragonfly in Amber is one of my favorites from the Outlander collection too. It is dead sexy. I hope your sister loves it!! I share my wax with my sisters and mom too. One lives in Texas and every few months she lets me know she has run out. :-)

  3. Twisted Hard Cider sounds absolutely delishhhhhhhhh. YUM! I've really been crushing on my fall scents as of late especially my apple cinnamon or cider lane melts. I haven't been much on buying wax as of late but I will admit I miss it. Probably will have to buy more once fall and winter come back around and my warm and cozy scents come out of hiding!

    Enjoy your treats!!

    1. It is! And very unique. I think I need to melt some spicy bakery too. The rainy days make me crave it. How are you doing? I am loving all your crafty creations!!