Monday, August 26, 2019

Bohemienne Life: July Wax Crack Pre-Order

The past year or so I scaled way back on the wax tart purchases since I already had a butt-ton and I also knew I would be moving and the less wax to move, the better. After melting through a good chunk and then settling into the new place, I began to get the itch. The itch to try new scents. The itch to visit old favorites. The itch to buy wax again. 

So I did. 

I picked up a handful of Bohemienne Life Wax Crack when Kyme offered a pre-order back in July. I am finally getting around to showing them off and I am sitting on another bigger order I recently placed during her August pre-order. I love Kyme's blending, her unique wax brittle and her branding. That Outlander thistle shoots like an arrow to my heart. It doesn't help that I just got done shedding a few tears while watching the latest Outlander teaser where Jamie meets Brianna for the first time. >sigh<

A five ounce bakery bag of wax runs $6.25.

Haystacks & Bonfires- Notes: Hay, fires and toasted marshmallows.

I had not tried this one before, at least I don't recall trying it. After sniffing it from the bag I would remember laying my nose upon this perfectly autumnal fragrance. This is not your average marshmallow fireside with some dry leafy hay notes mixed in. This hay is rich alfalfa, with nuances of sweetgrass and airy chaff. It is complemented by woodsmoke that smells more distant than near and soft pillowy toasted marshmallows speared onto willowy green twigs. I love Haystack and Bonfires so much that I ordered a second bag at Kyme's August opening. 

Soul Sista- Notes: Black raspberries, creamy vanilla and pomegranate.

I had a feeling this would be incredible. And it is. Classic black raspberry vanilla goodness is elevated to new heights by technicolor pomegranates that smell of dark berries macerated in sweet red sangria. Soul Sista is vivid, tart, sugared and deliciously darkly fruity. This is also a new scent to me that I plan on repurchasing.

Zsadist- Notes: Apple, incense, musk and pine.

Those notes. How have I not tried this scent before. Freshly packed pine shavings formed into hand rolled incense cones smolder among piles of verdant pine needles and yellow-green apple peels. The earthy tang and smoky musk turn this more into a primitive Yule celebration out in nature rather than a festive Christmas scent. And I love it.

Standing Stones- Notes: Citrusy bergamot, lavender, basil, amber, sage and oak moss.

Standing Stones is a beautiful herbal scent plush with cool foggy mornings, dew and moss dappled monoliths and the wild sage, lavender and watercress that carpet the feet of the granite gateways that lead to unknown realms. Bergamot radiates through the scent, bathing it in orange light like a sunrise. It plays off the oakmoss in a complimentary manner much like the duet they have danced in perfumery via chypres and fougeres for ages.

The Green Faerie- Notes: A magical forest blend of flowers, woods and anise.

I have melted all my Green Faerie and missed it so. This beauty was scooped up quickly when I saw it made a return. My only mistake was that I didn't order two bags. This one throws strong and smells of woodsy absinthe. I love the green wormwood and fern like herbs combined with the subtle spice of anise. I will buy this one every time it is offered. Very unique and gorgeous.

Aqua Bleu- Notes: Cool ozonic salty sea spray, grapefruit, bergamot, kelp, coconut and sun bleached driftwood.

Aqua Bleu is a crisp aquatic scent buffeted by creamy coconut. There is a sharpness to it like the bitter pith of a grapefruit that lends a bolt of lightening. Aqua Bleu is a brilliant summer scent and I am excited to melt it. I have a feel a little piece will go a long way.

Free samples:

Pacific Pine is an old favorite. It reminds me of a creamier and sweeter version of Citrus and Balsam. It is a beautiful holiday aroma that I highly recommend if you are an evergreen lover.

Lavender Pumpkin Spice is new to me. It is a very rich and thick pumpkin flesh aroma first and foremost with a robust clove and nutmeg spice and herbal lavender as well. 

Monet soap bar sliver is a cobalt dream that brims with soft musk and abundant beauty. Kyme's soaps are some of my very favorite. I am currently washing with Shadow and 'Stache that I purchased a while back so I am saving this sliver for next. 

Have you ordered from Bohemienne Life lately? Any recommendations for scent to try? How is your wax stash doing?


  1. What a fabulous order!!
    Zsadist is one of my faves, oh and The Green Faerie. Those samples all sound superb!
    I got tempted by the sound of the Blueberry Cobbler wax, so grabbed a bag while ordering my Outlander perfume box a bit ago.

    1. Thank you!! I tried to keep this one small but the August pre-order was ridiculously big. I just couldn't help myself. I had never tried Zsadist before but I can see it being melted often in fall and winter for sure. Such a cool scent. The Green Faerie is one of my favs for sure. I was bummed when I ran out. But not I have more, huzzah!! Did you like the Blueberry Cobbler? I have not melted that one yet. I used up a whole Outlander perfume box once. It was a really cool idea she had with that whole bookish thing. I love it.

    2. I still need to try that Blueberry Cobbler wax. When I try it, I'll have to report back. ;)
      Yeah, I think the idea of the book boxes are so cool and so much fun. They're jam packed full of wonderful scents. I still gotta test through a couple. I love the idea you gave awhile ago about scenting baths with perfume, I would've never thought of that and it's such a great idea. So, thank you for that one!

    3. <3

      I still have my boxes too. And you are welcome!! Daydreaming of a bath tub but one day we will get one again.

    4. Ohh, I must've forgotten you don't have a tub in the new home?!?!
      I dream of a nicer, luxury tub, as I've only known regular standard sized tubs. I'm lucky I'm petite, but oh, a spacious tub would be such a dream. <3
      hee hee

    5. You are right about that!!!! Our first home (the one we just moved out of) was pretty basic but I will say it had a garden tub and boy howdy that thing got used TONS. We plan on remodeling our bathrooms in the future (this house was built in 1981 so they are a tad outdated) but it won't be for a LONG while and even when we do we are limited on space so I doubt a big tub will ever be in my future again but it was nice to have the memories of one. LOL!

  2. Mmm, Soul Sista sounds interesting. I made a custom cookie with SMT that was Black Raspberry Vanilla and Lemon Poppyseed Cake. Not the same thing, and I'm sure this is a more elegant scent, but the whole BRV and acidic-type thing is such a pleasant combination.

    1. It is really juicy and intense. I love it. I think you are on to something. I never really blended with BRV since it was always a great scent to begin with but that added acid really does put it over the top. I think I need to play with that. Did you place a SMT order this last time around?