Wednesday, August 21, 2019

Melting Basket 142

Wax from the last basket I enjoyed and would buy again: Three Ravens Myrkwood, Handmade in Florida Moroccan Mint Tea, TSGS Patchouli Vanilla Teakwood Rose and CFTKR Celtic Moonspice and Creamy Peppermint Serendipity. 

Speaking of Creamy Peppermint Serendipity:
It melted with a medium-strong throw in the kitchen area. I loved the creamy coconut and cheerful cherry aspects of the Serendipity. The vanilla peppermint made the scent even more enjoyable by lending a touch of cool creaminess to the aroma. I think if Minnie Mouse's home had a scent it would be this. 

Current Melting Basket Scents:
The Bathing Garden- Iced Peppermint Cordial <3 gift
TSGS- Embers, Blue Sugar, Marshmallow Fireside <3 gift
Handmade in Florida- Lavender Ice
CFTKR- Strawberry Cotton Candy
CFTKR- Fresh Picked Strawberry
CFTKR- Strawberry Cotton Candy Sugar Cookie
CFTKR- Grapefruit and Mint
CFTKR- Tonka and Vetiver
CFTKR- Silver Birch and Vetiver
CFTKR- Green Goddess
CFTKR- Day Tripper
CFTKR- Cucumber and Oakmoss

I wanted to melt several fruity scents to transition myself into some fall apple melting soon. I love how rich and full bodied the strawberry scents are and figured it would make a nice sweet segue into those ruby red apples. If you are curious about how any of these perform just comment and I will do I melted review for you.

I am going to engage in some thanksgiving to reset my thinking patterns and step out of the briars for a minute here. I just got finished reading that Barbara Kingsolver book about eating locally and getting back into the soil and small farming and it really hit a nerve with me. She expounded the benefits of eating locally: local produce, meats (if you partake) and various commodities. These reasons mostly revolved around reducing our carbon footprint by consuming less global goods but there were other significant reasons as well. I won't go into all of them (read the book!) but it did spur me on to explore my new local area more thoroughly. 

Turns out Orlando has a strong Slow Food chapter. Turns out Lake Meadow Naturals farm is only five minutes down the road where I have picked up eggs directly from the hens, steaks from grass fed cows raised right there 1/2 mile down the road and fruits and veggies abound. Turns out Winter Garden has a great farmer's market on Saturdays where Savanna and I pick up rainbow carrots grown in Gainesville and artisan cheeses made down the road. 

Turns out there are a lot of perks to our new home area.

Good places for food. Mom and Pop garden nurseries. Fresh water springs to swim. Places to hike trails.

 So today I am going to make some lists. Some places I would like to explore. 

You know how I like my lists.

And flowers. I like my flowers too. 

What are you thankful for right now?


  1. Creamy Peppermint Serendipity still intrigues me. It's been forever since I've had Serendipity! Remember when it was all the rage?? Maybe I'll try a simple blend when I place my SF winter scents order.

    I'd like to start eating more locally. Part of that is just general dissatisfaction with quality and selection at my usual shopping spot. At the two vendor sales we've done, the booth across from us was fresh produce and wow, they had nonstop business both times. We've tried having our own garden a few times over the years but we suck at it. LOL

    What am I thankful for right now? Still thankful for my early retirement, but even more now that I'm starting to actually relax and do the things I *want* to do. :) Also thankful that fall (un)officially kicks off little more than a week!!! I'm anxious and ready to go!!


    1. Serendipity will always be my rage. But yes, I don't really ever see it around much any longer. It is funny how scents go through trends like that. Did you ever get your fall SF order? It's September!!! Times for that fall melting!! I had Country Gift Shop melting today and Savanna came in and took a deep breath and said she wished her bedroom smelled like that.

      Did you pick up any produce while you were doing the craft sales? I would have had a hard time staying away from it. Our Walmart definitely has poopy produce and meats but then Publix isn't always that much better at carrying local produce. Gardening is hard and time consuming but I do love it. I need to start building my raised beds so I can get some seeds in the ground soon. Sounds weird but winter is actually the best growing season in Florida.

      I am thankful you got to retire too. <3 I miss you. I need to message you soon about the wooden sign for our classroom bathroom. Ours finally broke a few days ago. Hoping you have been able to do what you want. <3

    2. My SF order has shipped but isn't here yet. I'm excited for it! I've been picking up a couple fall offerings as they've come out at Walmart and Menards, but it's my traditional fall SF that I'm wanting.

      We only got some pickles in trade for some jars. We kept saying to each other that we'd stop and get some things before we left but by the time teardown rolled around we were just ready to get the heck out of there. Yeah, my Walmart has rather sucky meat and produce offerings too. I need to eat more produce, sucky or not. I just feel soooooo blah these days, eating all the junk I do. I looked up keto diet, wondering what the heck this latest craze was, and of course it sounds like a miracle diet. Eat more fat?! OK!!! But take away breads and pasta and potatoes? Kill me now. LOL


    3. LOL! I hear you about the Keto. I get cutting out sugars but I still need my pasta and bread. I am pretty good about eating my veggies and fruits BUT I eat everything else too. Just way too much in general.