Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Aroma M Perfumes

   These scents were provided for reviewing purposes by Aroma M Perfumes.

Geisha Noir by Aroma M was a scent I sampled in one of the past Olfactif boxes. My first impression was positive, given the classic structure and elegant beauty portrayed in that oriental floral face. Aroma M, launched by Maria McElroy in 1995, builds from her artistic eye and years of experience living in Japan, infused in the culture and enchanted by Japanese incense and traditions. Her line offers up both eau de parfums and perfume oils that utilize their scent properties beyond the fragrant and into the realm of aromatherapy. 

Geisha Noir- My mind cannot help but illustrate a Moroccan market place scene while wearing this exotic spicy scent. Equally attractive on a woman or a man, though all these fragrances are certainly unisex, the sweetly spiced amber and classically elegant oriental texture of this fragrance fits all eras and styles.

Geisha Blue- Sweetly soothing chamomile and honeyed green tea feel tranquil and quiet. A touch of dewy jasmine lends it a warm sub-tropic air. Calm and lovely. 

Geisha Violet- Lilac and violets impart a fresh floral hue that is kept from entering the powdery territory by aquatic lotus that brings with it edgy green tones. Bitter chocolate gives the impression of dark fertile earth  rather than confections. A unique violet by any standard.

Geisha Marron- Stunning muguet and crisp white magnolia blossoms shimmer with twinkling citrus highlights. Dry bergamot and tart grapefruit really set off the magnolia beautifully. I feel like a Southern Belle walking through historic brick paved Savannah, Georgia wearing this fragrance. If this is what brown smells like then it is my new favorite color.

Geisha Green- Absinthe on tap, hypnotic lime green potion swirling with woody anise, sugar crystals, hazy violets, liquid amber and vanilla flavored tonka beans. I cannot stop sniffing my wrists. Entranced. Enchanted.

Geisha Hana-Cha- Fashioned after a floral jasmine tea, this beauty opens with green jasmine and haunting ylang ylang. Quiet wood tones and background cedar add to the tea effect, taking me to some of my favorite hot jasmine tea experiences in the past. Warm steam planting dewy kisses on my face as I lean deeply into the cup cradled in palms, brimming with hot jasmine green tea. 

Geisha Blanche- This Geisha is a little aloof and pristine. Clean. White cotton, white flowers, white sheets. Blanche indeed. 

The Geisha Collection is available for $80 in the EDP versions and $59 for the 8ml perfume roll-on. 

Camellia- A fragrance built with all natural organic materials, creating a camellia accord using jasmine, gardenia, neroli, geranium, rose and frankincense. Jasmine figures prominently in the scent on my skin with an aquatic and woody frame for her floral landscape. Which is very fitting, as camellias do have a watery cucumber and melon tone to my nose when picked fresh from their woody stems. The oil parfum is $150 and the eau de parfum is $110 for one ounce.

Camellia Body & Bath Oil- The perfume is a much deeper version of the scent. Here in the body oil is comes across as a lighter veil of the fragrance gracing the skin. Lovely and nourishing, it leaves the skin feeling like satin. 

I am smitten with the obvious Japanese aesthetic. Wearing these scents and soaking in the Kyoto temple vibe really has me yearning to go back to Japan. Since I will not be able to make that flight any time soon, I can slake that yen with these fabulous scents. My favorites of the collection are: Geisha Blue, Green and Marron. I definitely want to buy the roll-on size in those scents. Which of these strike your fancy? Do you enjoy the Japanese aesthetic? Do you use aromatherapy?


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    1. They were really nice! I am enjoying the aromatherapy aspects of them as well. Geisha Blue will be worn tomorrow. I could use some calming chamomile. <3

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