Monday, March 7, 2016

Diptyque: Tubereuse Candle

This tiny 2.4 ounce Diptyque was part of the Tubereuse and Baies two piece mini candle set from Hautelook I purchased earlier in the year. I figured with spring in the air (it doesn't last long in Florida) that I had better put a flame to the Tubereuse one as soon as possible. I normally do not expect much throw from small candles from past experience, but I was pleasantly surprised at this one. It threw a soft medium in my bedroom once a pool had formed to the edges. The heady white floral scent of tuberose and a touch of creamy coconut brightly scented my room. Highly recommended for smaller spaces but still very much present. I will continue to burn this into summer time as it does have a tropical vibe. 

The 2.4 ounce candles cost $32.00 each, but I purchased this one and the Baies together for $30. 

I would feel comfortable buying these again from Hautelook, but would save full priced Diptyque purchases for special occasions or trips or gift with purchase deals. Do you burn candles in the spring? Any favorites? 


  1. I am burning a floral candle from Creative Co-op I picked up for half off over the holidays, in Bouquet...a good floral is hard to find at a low price point but I am enjoying it. Before I found a description I thought maybe it was peony, it is a rose lily jasmine blend.

    1. That sounds beautiful, Jean! You are exactly right. A well balanced, natural smelling floral in the cheap can be a challenge to find. Peony has been in my brain lately. Maybe we can find one soon.