Friday, March 11, 2016

Candles From The Keeping Room: February 2016 Part One

Candles From The Keeping Room! It has been at least 3 or so openings since I have placed an order with Carol. Not that I wasn't trying, I was, it just wasn't meant to be. Until recently. She announced that it would be opening that morning so I was ready and had my bells on. I went for Fresh Picked Strawberry first, because that is my habit (sometimes it's there- sometimes another lucky duck got there before me), and then headed straight for the cuttables. This order was crazy big so I am breaking it up into two posts... bags and freebies today and cuttables tomorrow. Carol sells most of her bags in one size now (6 ounces) for about $4.95, with some shapes costing slightly more.

Apple Pizzelle- I had this scent a couple times but I usually ended up sharing it so I decided to buy it again and this time for my personal use. It smells delicious. Fresh sweet apples, slightly candied with a whisper of spice and flaky dough. More puff pastry than cake or bread.

Apricot Filled Birthday Cake- A new one for me! Sweet jammy apricots on a bed of vanilla cream. The apricots smell like a hybrid of peach and guava. Excited to melt these mini butts. Savanna already requested two to sit on her nightstand.

Fresh Picked Strawberry- Reviewed a jillion times on here, but for the sake of not having to link past thoughts, let me say: strong throw, perfect fresh from the field with crunchy seeds and slight over ripeness portrayal of a strawberry. 

Roses and Cake- Proper English Tea Roses baked in white cake and lightly drizzled with Royal Icing. The sweetness of the glaze cuts the powdery rose tones but also reminds me a touch of Rose Jam. However, the characteristic citrus notes are missing, so I am unsure if this is Rose Jam inside. I am sure melting will help decide that question.

Tokyo Nights- My musky, plummy, floral beauty. Another one I flock to every time. Throws wonderfully strong and makes my home smell elegantly comfortable. 

Serendipity Marshmallow Delight- What I consider a CFTKR classic. An extra creamy vanilla and coconut blend of serendipity that throws strong and tugs at the heart strings. One of the first scents I ever bought from Carol after reading about it on the few wax blogs I followed ages ago. 

Balsam and Citrus- Another favorite that I decided I needed a backup of for when Christmas rolls around again this year. Strong throwing as well, bright juicy oranges and sweet balsam. Makes me want to sing Yuletides even though I am on the cusp of summer. Going to squirrel this one away.

Merlin's Forest- A new one that I was gunning for just as soon as Carol popped it on the remake list. The description includes: cedar, amber, rose, bergamot, forest, oriental mist. To me it smells like a mellow nag champa. A little more powdery and smooth with the added bergamot but still in the hippy genre. I love it of course.

So those are my bags of tarts, and here are the free samples, generously provided as usual.

Jelly Beans- A strong and sweet blend of candied orange, berries and various tart smelling fruity treats. More like sweet and sour jelly beans.

Crunchy Berry Cereal Milk- Milks and I generally don't get along and I think that may the case here. The cereal reminds me curiously of wildberry mousse cornbread and a smattering of evaporated milk.

Fresh Picked Strawberry <3

Berry Vanilla Fluff Cake- Sweet berry medley with cotton candy hints. 

Toasted Marshmallow Fruity Loops- Yes. A creamier, more dense version of Fruit Loops. Like Fruit Loops ice cream or something. Incredibly yummy.

Ultimate Berry Cake- On cold I am mainly getting a very nice berry blend. This is one that needs to be melted to be appreciated I am betting. Paraffin does that with some blends.

Citrus Vanilla Pound Cake- I love this on cold! Deep lemon, almost Meyers Lemonish with moist, rich pound cake. Yes ma'am. I will be keeping my eye out for more of this beauty. And those lemons?! Gosh darn. Now why does a tart that smells so good have to look so cute?

Sparkling Limoncello- I think this is the Bath & Body Works dupe. It is a light floral lemon with an almost anise twist. Clean. 

Pistachio Coconut Pie- Cherry-almond with coconut cream pie. I think I will try melting this one even though I am normally not a cherry-almond/pistachio kinda gal. 

Chocolate Lavender- Yes! Carol has a way of making me trying things I normally don't care for. And chocolate is one of those. This reminds me a bit of the Chocolate orchid scent she carries that I love too. The chocolate is powdered and of a rich Dutch variety, not that anemic Hershey's Baking Powder, so get that out of your mind. The lavender has a decidedly amber musk tone to it that is sending me over the ding dang moon. Sophisticated. Complex. Sweet. Fragrant. Lovely. I need more.

Winter Candy Apple- The old Bath & Body Works tried and true fruity floral apple and nectar and flower bouquets.

Blackberry Currant- Slightly floral, dried blackberries and tart currants. Not mush sweetness, but still very pleasant.

Buttered Cream Soda- I love it! Slightly weird but strangely good. Reminds me of Butterbeer. Butterbrickle with fizz. Seriously. I am giddy to melt it and see what it turns out to smell like.

Wildberry Coconut Fluff- The surprise hit for me. I normally don't go gaga over wildberry but this has me changing my tune. The wildberry and coconut with a dash of (I believe) cotton candy brings to mind childhood and summertime, sticky fingered shaved ice cones and soft serve and cotton candy fluff melting on the tongue. Another one to watch out for upon other openings. 

Did you order from Carol recently? Did you find any new favorites? I certainly did, and tomorrow I will be back with the crazy amount of cuttables I scooped up like a mad crazy bandit. Happy Friday!



  1. I had the same surprised reaction to chocolate lavender! Your description of the lavender aspect is dead on. Now I'm going to have to pick a bag up.
    I can't wait to see what cuttables you snagged up! I didn't see any that interested me enough when I bought, so I shall have to live vicariously through you <3

    1. Isn't it lovely?! I definitely will aim for a bag.

      You know, the funny thing is, most of the scents in the cuttables are NOT in my usual scent comfort zone so I have no idea what possessed me. I got giddy to try fruity bakery.

  2. This go was my 1st order. I am blown away by the great wax and Carol's generous heart. I will be sticking around.

    1. Awww! I love your avatar photo! So cute!

      YAY! Congrats! Isn't Carol the best?! So generous and her tarts are so amazing! Glad you are hooked ;-) What did you get? Any favorites?

  3. Gorgeous photos, Julie!!
    I sit here drooling :) Apricot Filled Birthday Cake sounds like one I need to try. I also enjoyed the Wildberry Coconut Fluff sample. Love Carol's Wildberry blends! Thanks for the awesome wax porn (lol)

    1. Thank you Lynda!! You know I need to showcase Carol's gorgeous wax to the best of my ability! <3

      I will save an apricot for you. Hope your weekend has been nice and you are completely healed, dear friend.

  4. My goodness everything sounds amazing! The Apricot Bday Cake, the ultimate berry cake. I must check this vendor out!

    1. It really is Jody! I hope you get a chance to order from Carol soon. She has some of the best wax out there. Thank you for stopping by! Nice to meet you! <3