Thursday, February 28, 2019

Ebb & Flow: February 2019

Verdant Faerie Butterfly (a beautiful all natural treat that soothes and relaxes with notes of citrus, lavender and geranium... review here.)

Perfume Oil:
Whisper Sisters Brigid

Aromatherapy Oil:
Life Flower Care Anxiety Oil

Body Oil:
Kings Road Apothecary Tulsi and Pinon

Cosmic Cleanse ScentSations No 3rd Wheel Miracle Budder

Lip Balm:
Blood Moon Botanica Bourbon Vanilla

Skin Care:
Sea Witch Botanicals Facial Collection (to be reviewed soon!)

Beezy Marshmallow Fireside (going on day three in my bedroom)

Sawdust and Embers Fern Canyon

Chopped kale salad kits with added carrots or chicken or seeds. And prunes.

Club soda with lime

Scary movies with Savanna by her request. So far we watched Hush, The Conjuring, The Boy, Blair Witch and Paranormal Activity. She cracks me up when we watch. Many of these it was my first time watching. Out of all of them Paranormal Activity creeped her out the most. 

TONS! Currently Stephen King's The Eyes of the Dragon

More Enya, Lord of the Rings soundtrack and Celtic instrumental music. 

Dental Herb Company Tooth & Gums Tonic (sounds strange I know... but hear me out... my gums were not in the best shape last year even with brushing and flossing but adding this to the routine really helped out a ton and now my hygienist never has anything negative to say... no more 2, 2, 1... 3, 2, 2... 1, 2 ,1.... now it's all 3, 2, 3... 4, 4, 4...3, 3, 2...)

Lush Rub Rub Rub Body Scrub (it literally dissolves the minute I try to use it so obviously not very effective at exfoliating).

Having no school interested in hiring me or school accepting the girls.

A trip to Washington DC for work. I think it will be fun. I hope the cherry blossoms will be in bloom.

Feeling like we are stuck in limbo. Packing with no place to go. Missing my birbs. My home. My woods. My garden. Doing things for "one last time." Not hearing back about schools for the girls or me. Knowing I am not making strides in taking care of myself. Feeling sad. Stressed. Alone. 

Swinging back to excitement for a change of pace. A chance to get outta Dodge. To build a new garden. Laughing with Adam about how old we sound when he says "no one knows how to keep an appointment anymore." Snuggling with Toddles while it rains. Daydreaming about the next home we will live in. Watching the wildflowers grow. Watching the girls grow.

How was your February? Did it pass by with fanfare or quietness? Are you feeling ok?


  1. Paranormal Activity FREAKED. ME. OUT. Seriously, hubby and I thought we were having heart attacks, we were so tensed up. I loved Blair Witch too, and I think those two are so creepy because it's minimal. It's wherever your brain goes with it that freaks you out. Seems like the people who didn't like those two, or that style, are people who need shock and gore presented inyerface style. The Conjuring was good. The Boy was weird. And I have not seen Hush.


    1. Honestly, it kinda got to me too by the end. I loved how it amped up more and more until the very end. All the arguing in Blair Witch gave me anxiety a little bit which added to the tenseness of the movie. We definitely got more scared by those two than the others, although Hush was pretty intense. I agree Conjuring was a classic (which makes me think we might watch the original Exorcist soon) and The Boy was totally weird. That ending just took it somewhere bizarre. Any scary movie recs??? How have you been?? <3 Was February good for you?

    2. I don't think I've seen Paranormal Activity. The Conjuring freaked me out to the point where I made sure my feet were well covered at night LOL! Blair Witch just annoyed me--by the end I just wanted the girl to shut up already. Did you watch Bird Box? That was tense more than scary. I want to see The Quiet Place too.

      I need to check out that Tooth & Gums Tonic!

    3. The leg pulling is quite freaky!!!! I can see what you mean about the blabbering chick. She was a touch over the top. I did watch Bird Box!!! I enjoyed it! The ending left me with tons of questions but I think I could get into reading the book. Maybe the book has more info. I bet Savanna could watch it too without it being too scary. Ooooo The Quiet Place. I will look into that one. Hope you are doing well, Kate!! xoxo How's work?

    4. Working from home has been an adjustment! Very nice not having to deal with commuting in the dramatic weather we've been having this winter, but a challenge setting boundaries and also missing the interaction with people. xoxo

    5. I bet!! I would be sorely tempted to work in my pj's and braless while burning incense and candles. Adam works from home and it was an adjustment for him too. Soon he found a workable schedule that alternated between emails and work and phone calls mixed with some laundry or dishes or such. It will be a huge adjustment for us (read: ME) when we move and he is in the office all day and I am at school all day and the chores wait to be done. I will definitely need to figure out how I will pitch-in more around the house other than the cooking and sweeping I usually do.