Tuesday, February 12, 2019

Melting Basket 136

Wax tarts from the last basket that I would love to melt again: Bohemienne Life Medieval and Third Eye, CFTKR Woodland Festival (surprisingly tender and fresh, like wild woodland flowers and curls of bark) and Dessa's Country Store. 

CFTKR- Winter Wonderland
CFTKR- Peppermint Cream
SMT- Marshmallow Fireside/Fireside/Camp Fire Marshmallows/Vanilla Sandalwood
SMT- Pink Noel/Marshmallow Noel and Candy/Marshmallow Fireside
Handmade in Florida- Cinnamon Donuts
Handmade in Florida- Moroccan Mint Tea
Dessa's- Sugar Plum Fairy
Dessa's- Grandpa's Pipe/Cinnamon Pine Cones
The Bathing Garden- Widow's Walk
Beezy- Marshmallow Fireside
Lasting Scent Candles- Vanilla Ice Cream Cone

My sense of smell still has not returned so I am not sure when I will begin melting these bad boys or when I will have some perfume/candle reviews going again but it shouldn't be too much longer I hope. 

I wanted to show off my newest flower babies. The cosmos, zinnias and sunflowers are all budding and beginning to bloom. 

I hope I can get enough wildflowers to entice some bees and butterflies to pay a visit.

Some yummy things have come into the house recently that I hope to blog about once my nose gets to work again: Sea Witch Botanicals candle and incense, Sawdust and Ember's Fern Canyon candle and my very small Nocturne Alchemy Valentine's order. I also have a mug from Dirtworks Ceramics I need to show you and a mug from OneEleven Pottery. 

But for now I am tending to my garden. I water it when I get home and weed here and there as bird seed millet sprouts up. I hope where ever we land next has room for a wildflower garden. What is your favorite flower?

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