Wednesday, February 27, 2019

Nocturne Alchemy: Valentine's Release 2019

Look at what a good girl I was. I managed to stick to my limit of two perfumes from the Valentine's release from Nocturne Alchemy. It was hard. There were so many amazing sounding scents like Bastet's Ice Creams in spicy and woodsy flavors and a whole line of Victorian candies (I really want the Candied Crystalline) and a line of cute snuggly bunny scents. But needs must and I simply had to narrow it down. Technically only the Bastet's Ice Cream is from the Valentine's release while the Eternal is a new Permanent Collection scent found in the Eternals Collection.

Bastet's Ice Cream: Redwood & Myrrh- Notes: California redwood from sustainable redwood trees, Studio Limited Diamond absolute, caramelized vanilla beans, caramelize myrrh resin, spices of clove and cinnamon, vanilla Kobalt cream, butter accord, caramel accord, French vanilla bean absolute, vanilla milk accord, vanilla orchid, Crystalline absolute and vanilla sugar. $23
Sparkling vanilla and sweet redwood that possesses fruity tones perches on the skin like delicate butterflies, candied wings rippling in the air. The vanilla deepens and the redwood sheds some of the candied bark to reveal a creamy mellow woods within the heart. The fluttering slows to slower undulations. Shards of resinous myrrh sneak in under the shadows of the wings, melting and pooling below the surface of the liquid woods and now airy vanilla that has moved into Bastet Ice Cream territory. I am happy I sprung for this one. The incense of the myrrh really fleshes out the sweet redwood and shifting vanilla. I keep eyeing up the Cedar and Cardamom version and the Tea and Sandalwood versions. 

Eternal Tut Ankh Amun- Notes: Bourbon vanille absolute, Crystalline absolute, tonka absolute, Bastet's vanilla bean absolute accord and white amber. $22
This one is a beaut. A classy yet approachable vanilla amber. Initially it brings to mind that Eternal Ankh base that the Colors collection possesses... the sandy amber and warm pink vanilla but that opening morphs into a duskier version once the tonka and Bourbon vanille swirl about lending nuances of cocoa butter and tobacco, boozy almond and sweet hay. I enjoy the coziness of it. If this was an Eternal Ankh color it would be EA Smokey Quartz.

I am thrilled with my choices and happy I stayed in budget. I will try my best to not head back for more (So hard!!! They come down March 8th!). Hard to believe February is practically over. Are you ready for March?


  1. These sound like great choices! Oh, it sounds like you are also on a low buy! I told myself I can get two blind bottle scents from every release, no decants. For this release, I got two minis, Candied Rose and Candied Sandalwood, as well as a FB of Wedding Cake. I cheated a little bit, but I am still pleased with my restraint.

    1. Thanks! I am definitely happy with them. I really would love to have added Midnight Bunny but we will see how strong I am on the 8th. I am totally on a low buy. I am trying to keep it to 2-3 bottles per release and trying not to participate in EVERY release. But I am mostly a huge fan of Arcana, Nocturne Alchemy, Sixteen92 for the most part with strays here and there from other perfume oil houses. I love that we are both on the same mission!!! I have never bought a decant but I do understand why folks like them. How are you liking Candied Sandalwood?? That one and the Candied Crystalline pinged my radar. That wasn't cheating!!! And if anything you are ahead of the game. <3 Are you looking forward to any releases in the future in particular? I tend to enjoy the summer dinos and Sixteen92's florals. I just got the new poisoned plants samples from The Circle. Looking forward to trying those.