Tuesday, February 19, 2019

Laurel and Lime Snail Mail Society

Katie Kelly from Laurel & Lime is a talented and kind silversmith that I have featured a few times here on my blog. She used to live not too far from me in Clearwater but recently relocated to Portland, Oregon. She kicked around an idea on Instagram that involved sending out small kindnesses via snail mail and getting back to tangible relationships in this virtual age. She followed up by created the Snail Mail Society. It is a monthly mailing of anything that strikes Katie's fancy. She will package it up with care and surprise you along the way.

I quickly hopped on the inaugural one-year option at a very low price point. She sent out a questionnaire and I happily filled it out. She mentioned sending out things like tea, treats, smellies and once every third month a handmade jewelry item made by her. There is currently a 6 month option for $84 or a 12 month option for $144. 

Upon opening the first month's gift I was merrily greeted with homemade confetti and a sweet hand written note. I was utterly shocked to see that the very first item was already jewelry! I love these molten silver studs. They are about the size of a regular Oxford shirt button, bigger than I usually wear and that makes them very special in my collection. I really love them. 

I am beyond thrilled to have a special little something come in the mail over the next year as I go through a transition of my own. Being the nerd I am I have a box ready for Katie too. I figure if we are going to be part of a society, she might welcome some goodies as well. 

If you like a sweet surprise, $12/month isn't half bad at all for something to brighten a day. 

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