Thursday, January 31, 2019

Ebb & Flow: January 2019

The highs and lows of the month.

Solstice Scents Hidden Lodge

Perfume Oil:
Arcana Wildcraft Venus Exalted: Tenderness

Body Oil:
Blood Moon Botanica Black Poplar Oil

Pillow Spray:
Poesie Perfumes Queen of Air & Darkness

MoonaLisa Bath Salts

Bohemienne Life Raven's Myst

Bath & Body Works Marshmallow Fireside

Beezy Lavender & Mint

Lip Gloss/Balm:
Bite Beauty Agave Lip Masks

Kombucha, water and teas.

Chopped salads with kale, carrots, apples, nuts and seeds.

Adam play FallOut. SkinWars on Netflix and Stranger Things again but with Savanna.

The last book in the All Souls Trilogy, The Book of Life.

Lord of the Rings soundtracks

Just bought plane tickets for my daughters, sister and I to head to Salem, Massachusetts in October for a girls bonding weekend. I know it seems forever away but I am totally stoked about it already. Pinterest board here I come! Feel free to leave me any tips. I know it will be a crowed, crazy time to go but it will also be magical. The only thing I am stressing on is a place to stay since hotels are already booking up fast. But crossing my fingers one room will still be around by the time I can book it. Hit me up with your fave places to eat, shop, explore!


Sea Witch Botanicals soaps

Recess CBD Sparkling Water... it tasted ok... kinda herbal in flavor but I couldn't tell a difference in my relaxation or alertness. And for the price I kinda want to tell a difference ($30 for a 6-pack sampler which is what I got). If I did go back for an 8 pack it would be either the peach or blackberry chai ($40). So basically a semi-miss. I *might* try it again to be sure but I am not sold.

Still feeling blue about missing Pop-Pop. Drove by his house the other day and missed him terribly. Trying to get into a routine again. A healthy one. Some days I rock it. Some days I don't. 

Have been reading a lot. That has felt nice. Also have had several vegetarian days which made me feel good. I enjoyed the garden my friend Giffe took me to, that was a lot of fun. Planting the garden in the backyard into a fairy filled wildflower bed has been nice. I won't even begin to tell you how many poppy flowers I planted. I am riding the high of teaching Life Science right now. Gimme all the bugs and plants and cells and animals. So much fun to teach. 

How has your January gone? How do you feel about CBD sparkling water? The ultimate hipster drink or maybe there is something to it?


  1. Yay for having fun while teaching! (even bugs)
    Your wildflowers will be amazing. We love our veggies, but I might be inspired by you to plant something wild in our brick planters up front (after Memorial Day in this zone,of course :/)

    I'm most def on the fence w/the CBD craze.

    1. It really has been fun teaching science this year. I love watching the kiddos get pumped to dissect owl pellets or go outside to make observations and inferences.

      Thanks!! Some of the zinnias and cosmos are already blooming. I just went out there to check on them. I love veggie growing too but know I am probably not going to be able to dedicate much time to them this season with everything going on.

      Yeah. It is such a gray area for sure.

  2. Whenever you mention anything Blood Moon Botanica I want to try it but I still haven't ordered yet. How is poplar, it is woodsy? Britton has a great nose, I should be more like you and take chances. Excited to hear you are returning to New England, I was in Salem for a day once but I'm not remembering a lot of specifics, we walked around. At one point Arcana had a stockist there listed on her original website. My feelings on CBD is there are numerous types of products with concentrations that may or may not effective. The concentrated form is definitely pricey but gives you the option of trying different amounts.

    1. p.s. This was the shop, they also give tours.
      Remember Salem
      127 Essex St

    2. I have pretty much loved everything I have tried from Britton. The poplar oil is very nice. It is lightly scented and not overly heavy. It is indeed woodsy but more of a true tree sap and green wood scent. Almost bitter and pithy. I do like it. I am totally excited to get back up north and see more of New England. We are staying at The Salem Inn and plan on Ubering where ever we want to go when we aren't walking. I even want to hit up some parks or something. Take in the foliage and whatnot. Thank you for the shop name. I will add it to our itinerary. You are right about the CBD. I did swing for some of the isolate from LifeFlower to test it out and it was a little spendy. But hoping it will help with my heinous cramping.

  3. Wow, I really am old and out of the loop! I don't even know what CBD water is?!


    1. LOL! You are not! It is just the latest craze of peeps trying to chill. CBD is pain reliving aspect of weed basically, cannabidiol. It doesn't get you "high" like the THC but it is supposed to help with anxiety and pain and numerous other ailments. Now they put it in sparkling water.

  4. I think I've been following Dram Apothecary or something like that on IG. They have sparkling CBD drinks. I follow them cuz I'm interested in some of their other products, but I forget what at the moment. Lol
    Oh, I could comment on so much on your list, but I'll keep it short and sweet today. I enjoyed reading. :)
    And please take care to heal and be well. <3

    1. I will have to check them out. See what all they have.

      Thank you. I have been so absent lately. Right now I am huddled up in bed with awful cramps and an upper respiratory infection. I am one miserable mama.

    2. Oh, Julie!! I do hope you're all better now. Cramps alone are the worst, but combined with extra, added illness! :( :( I hope you had some time to be alone and just manage without all the extras of daily life. <3

  5. How wonderful that you're dreading nothing. :) That's usually a constant emotion with me - I'm forever doing things (even the most basic of adulting things) that I'd just rather not do, even the totally innocuous crap.

    And I like the vegetarian eating, too! It's a nice little change from the usual, right? Will's a vegetarian and I *was* when we met, but I'm not any more. But since I'm also totally not into cooking two meals for us, I tend to eat vegetarian at home. Um, but when I go out, to a proper steakhouse or something? LOOK OUT SLOW-MOVING ANIMALS OF THE WORLD. Sorry.

    1. Yeah. The mundane tasks do have a way of piling up don't they? Pay the bills, run to the bank, clean the house, call the eye doctor, mend a sweater, cook dinner, and so on until you turn around and you're 50. But right now I am trying not to be super stressed. It is nice eating more veggies and no meat. I have done well eating vegetarian at least a couple times a week. I don't know if I would ever go full on vegetarian but I definitely see the perks of having it a partial lifestyle. <3