Saturday, January 26, 2019

Mermaid Treasure: Dida Metals Necklace

The moment Rachel from Dida Metals released a photo of these Luna Lovegood Spectrespecs she created by hand on her Instagram account my ears rang with the buzz of nargles and I felt like I had swallowed a dram of amortentia. I sweetly asked Adam if Santa could perhaps stick this necklace into my stocking for Christmas. And Santa came through!!! 

The Spectrespecs are made with faceted pink and blue chalcedony stones set in a silver hand sawed frame. This necklace is dainty but present and looks amazing when worn. 

I cannot wait to go back to the Wizarding World with these cuties on my neck. 

Do you have any artisan geeky jewelry you love?


  1. A true treasure.<3

    I *almost* ordered one, but when I weighed the decision I thought as much as I love Luna, her free-spiritedness and kind heart, I ultimately relate much more to Hermoine (type A bookish babe, here).
    BUT, if Rachel ever expanded the Potter line, bejeweled Hermoine timeturner, perhaps??? I'm there!

    1. Gotcha! Maybe she will explore the Harry Potter genre more? I know she is a fan so it wouldn't be a stretch. I saw her working on a Hogwarts piece that looked amazing. A timeturner would be really really cool. Especially if it had moving parts. <3