Wednesday, January 2, 2019

Bookish Jay and the Reading Mermaid: 2019 Reading Challenge

Welcome fellow bookworms!!! This is the third year I have posted a reading challenge, and this is the second annual Bookish Jay and the Reading Mermaid reading challenge! Last year's challenge was a lot of fun for me. I enjoyed trying to check off all prompts in creative ways. Jay, my sweet friend from The Scented Library blog, and I put our heads together once again to provide another 30 book challenge. Please join us for as many or as few as you think you want to attempt. 

1. A book set in your home state, or province for our Canadian buddies.

2. You saw the movie but didn’t read the book…. now read the book.

3. Carpe read ‘em- a title on your TBR for 1+ years.

4. Flora: flower on the cover.

5. Fauna: beastly book.

6. Scandinavian setting- create your own Jolabokaflod, or Yule Book Flood.

7. Flavor- a book built around food.

8. Passport required… set in a country you have never been to. 

9. Yellow/Gold is the color of novelty, so read a yellow novel. 

10. Something witchy this way comes. Witches, man, read a witch-centered tome. 

11. A novel that is now a Netflix series or adaptation.

12. Shallowness: pick a book based on its spine appearance alone. 

13. Nature Lover: non-fiction about the environment.

14. How old are you now? Read a book from your birth decade. 

15. A book written by an author with your same initials.

16. Gothic read.

17. A retelling.

18. A guide. 

19. BINGO Free Space- pick your own.

20. A book discovered by scrolling #bookstagram.

21. Bildungsroman: a coming of age tale.

22. Turn and face the strange- an out of your comfort zone read.

23. A last book written by your favorite author. 

24. Hygge: a book for comfort.

25. A happy little accident… or a book that has a title Bob Ross would appreciate.

26. A numeric title.

27. Crossover- a book written by a beloved artist, musician or figure.

28. A tale where the main character loves to read. 

29. 1890’s- a great Victorian vintage.

30. Celestial object on the cover or in the title. 

If you do decide to tackle any of the prompts please share your book on social media with Jay and I by using the #bookishjayandreadingmermaid tag.

My mind is already buzzing with books I want to use for the various categories. I am think the All Souls Trilogy will fit in there nicely under witches. As always, feel free to interpret the prompts as you see fit. They are fluid. It is meant to be fun and get us out of our reading ruts. 

Plus, I tend to have fun at the used bookstores looking for interesting covers. <3 

Will you be joining us? What looks like a prompt you would enjoy?


  1. Excitement is brewing, book buddy :p
    My strategy this year is to tackle the more specific titles early; Crossover, celestial object, etc, so I won't be scrambling later to fit one in at the end. I'll leave the more open prompts like yellow cover and Bildungsroman for later. I've already started my Bob Ross appreciative title and whooo mama, the book's intense, no happy accidents goin on at all, a fast fierce read though.
    The most interesting challenge might be author's initials, I can always rely on Steinbeck, but I'm fishing around for other J.S's first.

    I love the used bookstore search, hope you discover some gems. What prompt are you most looking forward to trying?

    1. IT IS!!!

      I love hearing your strategy. I think after I read the All Souls Trilogy I might take that approach. I have never sat down and wrote books that I have that might fill certain spots and I am thinking of doing that this time too. Definitely leaving some open though because I like where serendipity "picks" a book for me unexpectedly. I cannot wait to hear about your Bob book.

      Dang, lady. You do have some great initials. JJ shouldn't be too hard but maybe I can get wild and try JAJ? Nah.

      I am most looking forward to trying the Scandinavian, the Gothic, the yellow and the one where I have seen the movie (I am thinking Howl's Moving Castle). You?

  2. Hmm, you two have really stepped up your game - there are some daunting and provocative challenge themes here (to say nothing of the length, which come on, we know I'm only going to get half of these done!) Looking forward to seeing what this challenge brings me, though. :)

    1. Awwww thanks! We did have fun brainstorming for this one. Coming off the heels of having an enjoyable reading year I was pumped to start a new one. You know Jay and I are happy even if you only follow along for just a handful! Reading one book is better than none. Unless it is something terrible and horribly written. I cannot wait to see what books you pick up this year.

  3. These prompts are amazing!!!!
    I LOVE reading, but don't read like I used to.. now, I have a million and one things to do and personally work on, but this list is so glorious and makes me excited. I really think I'm going to try my absolute hardest to get through some books this year. I want to accomplish some of these amazing prompts. :D
    (I think the last time I read a ton of books was when I was preparing for my first child in 2014. I purposely stayed away from ever learning anything about babies and children, cuz I never wanted to be a mom and wanted no knowledge of any of that realm of stuff. Being newly pregnant, I read and read and read anything and everything to prepare. Lol Gosh, I read so many books that year).

    1. Thank you so much, April!! Jay and I had fun bouncing the prompts off each other. I think we both came up with about 30 each and narrowed them down from there. I hope you find some quality time to open up a book and find a small gateway back into your old love. Even if you join us for just one or two prompts that would be fabulous! I cannot wait to see what book you decide to read.

      I remember reading lots of baby books when I found out I was pregnant too. I was always curious about what was developing at a certain time period, what breastfeeding would be like (nothing I read ever prepared me for that) and all the milestones to come.

    2. I browsed around my local library last Friday, but nothing really jumped out at me. I live in a super small town, so not too much to choose from. I may visit a bigger city library or just look online. Our library system is interconnected, so I should probably be able to rent plenty.
      I'm not sure which prompt to go for first, just trying to leave myself open to serendipity.
      I'll be sure to post on IG or your Facebook blog page when something happens. :)

    3. I like leaving the books to chance as I encounter them too. I do try and read what I already have on my shelf for the most part but new books are always fun to collect. I will see if I can dig up your address again and send you some. <3 Feel free to pass them on if they aren't your jam.