Saturday, January 12, 2019

FuturePrimitive: Three in One Whipped Soap and Conditioning Hair Rinse

It was time to stock up on my tried and true shampoo and conditioner combo from FuturePrimitive. Tiggy really is a super star. She can blend up a delicious scent, put it in a high quality product and send it out in style. My thin, curly, dry locks love shampooing with Tiggy's Three in One Whipped Cream Soap and they love moisturizing with her Hair Rinse. The Rinses are about 9 ounces for the ballpark of $11 and the Whipped Soaps are about 3 ounces for around $9.50. The prices vary as they need to be converted from pounds to dollars. I listed the current US dollar amount here. 

I have tried several scents from FuturePrimitive and these two are some of my very favorite:

Shadow Show- Notes: Blackened pomegranate juice, plum compote, spiked with pink pepper, clove and cinnamon, and the rising smoke of frankincense tears, patchouli leaf, sticky amber resin, tree moss and caramelized sugar. 
Shadow Show is intense and brilliant. It is a dark sweetly spiced patchouli where a dark vein of deep purple and burgundy fruits add a touch of sweetness and mouthwatering texture. I freaking love this scent and it is currently in my show and in rotation right now. It is perfect for fall and winter. The whipped soap cleans the hair and washes out beautifully without leaving a residue. The hair rinse conditions without adding weight. The make a great duo for my hair type.

The Gloaming- Notes: The twilight time between sunset and darkness, a cold north wind, the onset of snow, distant campfire and marshmallow. 
I am familiar with The Gloaming from Tiggy's wax tarts and it was love at first sniff. The Gloaming is predominantly realistic marshmallow with vanilla undertones wrapped with a thin sweet tendril of fireside and cool ozonic frost. It is a multidimensional aroma and will be gorgeous as a hair scent. 

I highly recommend FuturePrimitive bath goods. They feel like an indulgence and never disappoint me. What are you washing your hair with currently?


  1. i have been losing so much hair, I think it may be nioxin time for me! Ellisa

    1. >sigh< me too Ellisa. The braid my hair makes it sadly pitiful. The only saving grace I have is my hair is curly and frizzy, thus giving me an optical illusion of volume. Nioxin? I will look into that.

  2. I've been using whatever organic shampoo I grab at the health food store I shop at. I alternate that with Fortune Cookie Soap's sea salt shampoo.
    I've been using Wet Dreams Body Boutique leave in conditioner and I'm so impressed, I just bought Stacy's regular shampoo and conditioner to try next.
    Those should probably come in the mail next week and I can't wait to try them.
    It's rare that I find hair products I love and stay faithful to.
    Future Prim is still on my next to try list for her shampoo bars and hair rinse. Those sound so wonderful and I love how picky Tiggy is about her scents, blends and formulas. <3