Thursday, January 10, 2019

Popping In

Oh boy. Here goes. Things are a touch hairy. It is that time of year.... reports cards! I am burning the wick at both ends currently trying to get grades in, type up paragraphs of comments on the students and documenting their test results, attendance and all that paperwork. I am about half way done. 

And to top it off I haven't packed yet for our cruise which sets sail on Saturday. Oh lawd. 

I will try my best to set up some posts for while I am gone but I am not quite sure how I will be able to manage that. 

Strange things I have done lately:
- Cut my own hair (hey, I didn't say they were good ideas.... just strange).
- Picked a weed and ate it from my yard randomly (later found it was Yellow Wood Sorrel- learning my plants).
- Accidentally applied a solid perfume as a lip balm (that was a bad idea). 

How are you doing?


  1. I love that statue in the last photo, he looks like a good listener. What scent did you accidentally apply to your lips??

    I am currently putting off doing a media coverage report for a client by browsing blogs and annoying my cat by singing Baby Shark at him :D

    1. Isn't he a cute chubby sea god?? He definitely has a benevolent feel. So I was gifted a little tub of... something from The Dirty Goat. On the back it had the name of Black Chamomile which I know is a deodorant scent she makes so I got excited it was a sample of that but then I opened it and it felt exactly like lip balm so I applied it and yep... it tasted awful just like perfume. Oops.

      Hope the procrastinating lent some creativity to you! LOL! Sometimes it does that for me. Does your kitty like that song? Toddles loves when I coo at her. I was able to finish my grading today! WOOT! So now I am off to pack and then hopefully blog. <3

  2. I'm sorry, I enjoyed reading your little strange things list. ;) lol

    1. LOL! I have my moments of "what the heck did I just do?"