Monday, January 14, 2019

New Moon Beginnings: Sacred Smudge Candles

I had a hankering for some tealights after I used all mine up. I tend to light them around the bath tub, my nightstand and on my bookshelf. Etsy called out to be explored and I ended up at New Moon Beginnings. Spying all those crystals and botanicals embedded into all natural candles sold it for me. A six pack of tea lights ran around $11 and was $14.92 total after shipping. 

I chose the scent Sacred Smudge which merges cedar, sage and lavender essential oils.

These burned beautifully. No tunneling and strong wicks. The gemstones and juniper sprigs were generously sprinkled within. The candle threw velvety herbal sage and smoky lavender within a wooden backdrop in a medium-strong throw.

I love these tealights and will be back for more. I love the scent list, the careful packaging and eye to detail. I will be trying larger candles with confidence too. 

Do you like extra touches in your candles? Are you into all natural candles?

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