Tuesday, April 5, 2022

Empire Alchemy Wax: First Order, Maiden Voyage

Empire Alchemy wax has been around for a while now and I have heard many good things about it. Once in a while I would get a few pieces from friends and enjoy what I melted. I got the urge to buy some wax recently so I placed an order. These were delivered in about a week or so. Wax bars were $3.77, waffles $5.80, donuts $6.23.  These were two orders that were combined. I like that the labels have all the scent notes listed.

Heartbreaker- Notes: Rosewood, jungle vines, charred marshmallow woods.
A stunning marshmallow and woods scent. The marshmallow comes off like a marshmallow vanilla musk, while the woods are plush and elegant, perhaps smoky. An upscale marshmallow fireside type of aroma.

Sleepy Time Tea- Notes: Chamomile, lemongrass, hints of green soothing peppermint.
I figured I would love this one. It smells exactly like the Extra Sleepy tea I drink from Celestial Seasonings. The peppermint is chilly while the chamomile and lemongrass lend a calming herbal greenness. The is almost something quietly aquatic about this blend that speaks of tea. Lovely.

Capistrano Beach- Notes: Cocoa butter, cashmere, sun tan lotion, vetiver, and sea salt.
This blend is creamy with cocoa butter and smooth with perfumed musk. There is a touch of seaside lingering in there with the seagrass vetiver and the murky salty air. It is a compelling scent.

Memento Mori- Notes: Black amber, frankincense, myrrh, and dark linen.
Serene and clean. A nice take on a fresh scent without being overly detergent. Those linens and resins really pair well together. This is a perfect spring cleaning day scent for my tastes.

Good King Winceslaus- Notes: Cinnamon sugared buttercream cupcakes, palo santo wood shavings, bonfire. 
Is it Winceslaus? Wenceslaus? I have no idea, but either way I am loving it. Chewy delicious snickerdoodle cookies and the smoky coconut woods scent of palo santo. Together they smell like nocturnal fireside comforts. Desserts and treats savored beside the flickering flames in winter.

Old Church- Notes: Incense, frankincense, dark woods, amber, and cotton tree. 
Divine. Probably my favorite scent in the box. The incense is softly smoky and resinous while the amber and woods impart a subtle sweetness and cozy warmth. It is fresh, elegant, and something I would wear in a perfume in a heartbeat.

Fall Vibes- Notes: Dried figs, whipped cream, raspberry black tea, cinnamon guiacwood, vanilla ice cream.
What a blend of notes. On cold I mostly get the raspberry tea, figs and creaminess. I melted two cubes in my warmer in the kitchen and they threw medium to medium-light. The scent was lovely. A creamy dark scent with that raspberry tea fruitiness lending some glimmers of magenta. 

Vanilla Crumb Donut- Notes: House blend donut hint cinnamon sugar.
A mildly sweet donut scent that reads on the light side on cold sniff, but there is a touch of tortilla chip on the edges. Need to melt it soon to see how it plays out.

Goose Down- Notes: Mangoes, lemon, white tea, light rain, cherry blossoms, vanilla lace.
Citrusy sweet mangoes and fruity white tea bloom to the forefront while the blossoms frame the background. It is a puckery and bouncy scent. Perfect for summer.

Sun Kiss- Notes: Fresh mango, pineapple chunks, fresh air, palm trees.
This is a greenery heavy scent with hints of banana, plumeria, and tropical fruits. The fresh air keeps this from being too much like a fruit salad and more of a tropical fruity-floral from Bath & Body Works. It is pretty.

Pink Moon Milk- Notes: Crushed raspberry, rose petals, vanilla bean, milk sugar, toasted pistachio cake. 
Reminds me of fruity cereal and milk at first, must be the raspberries and milk sugar combined with the pistachio. I don't normally gravitate towards milk scents but wanted to try one out. This will be fun to melt.

Lovely Loaf- Notes: Vanilla, candied ginger, golden raisins, dried fig, apple, cedarwood, swirling leaves. 
My oldest was doing geometry on the bed with me when I was going through these scents. She started picking them up and giving her two cents (she didn't care for the Pink Moon Milk) but she loved this one. She said it reminded her of our house during the fall time. Pretty good nose since she didn't even check the notes. It is a really nice autumnal scent. The apples and figs play beautifully with the leaves and woods and touch of vanilla. Great blend. Threw medium-light.

Amish Cinnamon Bread- Notes: Scrumptious baked notes of vanilla cinnamon sugar.
I love the cinnamon vanilla sugar spices in this one but the chippy bready note really does not sit well on my nose. I had a sample of this scent and melted it first and it threw strong but I did not come to like it. I will be gifting this to a heavy bakery lover.

Cocoa Butter + Peppermint- Notes: Creamy vanilla, cocoa butter, sweet peppermint.
My second favorite of the bunch. This minty creamy blend is like a mixture of buttermints and cocoa butter and I am here for it.

Green Tea + Apple- Notes: Green tea, apple, dry leaves, tangerine peel.
A lovely scent brimming with energy. The tangerine is on point and comes out to play first. Then the sharpness of the green tea lurks underneath like an after taste. This will be enjoyable to melt.

I really appreciate the innovative blends this house offers. You can tell the maker really loves playing with mixing and blending. They have quite a nose. I also love the shapes, offerings, labels and design. So far the throw has been hit or miss, but that is normal. Not all scents throw consistently. I will keep melting and enjoying these unique blends.

Do you have any favorites from Empire Alchemy Wax? What types of scents have you been craving? I am loving strawberries and apples lately.


  1. Definitely hit or miss throw for me, as well. Which is a bummer, cuz the blends make Empire Alchemy a top vendor for me. I just don't order often. There's a ton of blends I want to try, I just want them to perform well.
    I cannot recall if their current wax blend is only coconut wax based or if it's a blend with some soy or paraffin, etc.?
    I find luck using not too big of a piece of wax and using my hottest warmers for the best throw possible.
    Mother Hydra is one of my favorites, but has since been reformulated to Hermosa, (which I still have to try). It's a nutty, creamy shaving cream pistachio blend.

    I haven't been consistent in any wax melting scent genres- just throw in whatever I'm feeling in the moment.
    I have been craving and wearing my Eau de Shalimar perfume quite a bit lately. I rarely do that with scents.. I typically want to smell something new and different every day or even halfway through the day. Lol It's a much lighter, different take on the original Shalimar.. must be perfect this time of year, cuz I just keep spraying my Eau de Shalimar. :D

  2. And your photos are always top notch, but c'mon-- these shots are so gorgeous!! Good job, always!! <3

    1. Gotcha. Good to know it just wasn't me. I am melting about one ounce I think? I might try even smaller. I only have one hot plate right now but it is a HOT one for sure. I haven't tried in my tea light warmer though. I will keep an eye out for Hermosa then if I repurchase.

      Ooooo Eau de Shalimar! Sounds heavenly!!! I have had the original version but I bet the lighter one sparkles and feels like a gorgeous halo of scent. You are making me want to find a sample.

      Thank you so much for the kind compliments! I have been feeling a bit rusty all around. Crazy how much practice really does help. I think I feel limited in this house because the natural lighting is just not as plentiful. I will get the hang of it.