Sunday, April 23, 2017

DSH Perfumes: Gekkou Hanami, Foxy & Become the Shaman

These were sent free from DSH Perfumes for an honest review. 

Gekkou Hanami- Notes: Exotic yuzu infused sake, sakura blossoms, neroli, and soft woody incense.

"Star gazing in the moonlight"

Grapefruit blossoms floating on a crystalline surface of sake welling from a bamboo cup. The heart of Gekkou Hanami delves even deeper into the bamboo, jade and plush, pierced with sakura blossoms that smell of magnolias on warm breezes. The base rises from the flesh as emerald scaled cedar leaves and lemony golden incense musk. A delight for the senses. 

Foxy- Notes: Fur accord, spiced boozy top and rich ambery dry down.

My skin pulls the spice to cardamom with spiked aldehydes and gin soaked leather. The fur accord is no joke. Shockingly realistic. Animalic pelts, castoreum and again, the leather hide underneath. After some time the leather does take on a rotted wood mustiness but then the amber breaks through, resinous and gilded. This is a sly one. Wild and untamed. Not for the feint of heart.  

Become the Shaman- Notes: Palo santo, copal, tobacco, sappy milkweed.

I have come to realize I adore palo santo. This is the second fragrance in a row that I have worn (Blood Moon Botanica Coconut Silk) that contains it and I adore that coconut mint and woods scent that wafts up from palo santo. Combined with smooth tanned and leathery tobacco leaves and the creamy lilac scent of milkweed sap, this scent is good medicine indeed. The dry down pulls a little resinous with fronds of incense smoke curling into itself. Love this magical brew.

Pricing of these hand crafted creations of Dawn's range from $6 samples to anywhere about $160 to $240 full bottles depending on the ingredients and scent chosen. She offers many concentrations of scent at many sizes and price points. Of these three I am considering adding Become the Shaman and Gekkou Hanami to my collections. I still need to pick up Matsu and Voices of the Trees. 

Have you tried DSH perfumes yet? She has quite the catalog of scents to choose from. 

Saturday, April 22, 2017

MoonaLisa Ostara Goddess Bag

A few friends alerted me to the phenomenon that is the MoonaLisa Mystery Bag. Traditionally, the mystery bags are several full sized items sold at a discounted rate from overstock of previous releases, but this Easter the MooCrew created three fragrant themed bags of new product to choose from and the earthy/herbal/woodsy Ostara Goddess bag was for me. It was $40 plus $10.77 shipping for a mystery bag with 6 full sized items. 

It arrived in this lovely screen printed muslin bag with beautiful trinkets embellishing it. 

I opened the drawstring to reveal this lovely assortment of fragrant products. 

MoonaLisa's glycerin soaps showcase beautifully swirled colors and artful embeds cut into generous proportions. I would say this chunk is between 8 and 9 ounces, they usually run about $8.95.

Ostara- Notes: Cedarwood, lavender, rose, clove and a touch of Dragon's Blood.
Crikey, this was made for me. In the bar soap, herbal lavender and clear cedarwood billow out of the wrappings. A dusting of dried rose petals and the familiar earthen comfort of Dragon's Blood lie in wait underneath. 

A 4in1 Fine Bubble Wash in Gaelic Mist, a sweet rain like scent according to the notes listed, brought forth a bountiful bath of bubbles last night. The scent reminded me of my baby washing days, that mild soapy and powdery sweet of Johnson's Baby Wash. Maybe not a duplication, but definitely the scent memory that was spurred on. I can see this being a great shampoo. Not sure on the original pricing on these... I want to say around $11 or $12? I am kicking myself for not posting pricing consistently in the past on the old blog. I had purchased a 4in1 years back during a Yule release and did not list the cost. Ah well... hindsight and all that jazz.

The Potion Lotion came in the scent of Mon Petit Bijou. I couldn't find a scent description for this but my nose picks up a lemony bright yet earthy blend of patchouli and Nag Champa. Maybe some lime in there too. Quiet the scent. I find I am loving it. The lotion potion feels plush and satiny on the skin. I love the absorption and softening properties. A wonderful year round formula. Again, not sure on the cost of the Lotion Potions. Sorry folks, my investigative skills are lacking... I cannot even find it surfing the web. I would guess at least $10?

I was, of course, thrilled to see this clamshell from MooScents included in the bag. I think you guys know I am fully on board with these wax tarts. The fact that it is scented in Ostara is just the shining star on top. In wax form, Ostara pulls that Dragon's Blood a little closer and outlines it with the effluvia of cedar and bite of gorgeous herbal lavender. Gosh darn I love this. Clamshells cost $5. 95

Guava Guava Goddess Nectar Lip Balm proved to be another great surprise. I don't think I realized MoonaLisa made lip balms. Guava Guava Goddess contains a blushing pink ultra soft pearlescent sheen and looks lovely on the lips. A satiny type of texture and shine. I has a nice slip and feels moisturizing on the lips. They can be bought for $4.79 each and I would happily pick one up again, as the guava scent is nicely strong and very tropical and vibrant. There is a slight sweetness too if it gets on the tongue. I do get a tiny oily coating from the gloss but I think it helps with the slip. 

A 3ml glass bottle of perfume oil in Persephone was tucked into a blue tulle drawstring bag. I believe these perfumes oils are around $12.95 and come in either 3ml or 5ml depending on ingredient costs. I could not find any notes on Persephone so I am going to run this one down blind. I actually enjoy doing it this way from time to time. So feel free to ignore me if I am off, I am just telling you how it smells to my nose. 

In the beveled glass vial I pick up a sweet lemony haze of honeyed powder. Wet on the wrist and the crook of my arm, the lemons deepen from spritely zest into lemon curd. There is a resinous amber hue floating about that brings to mind frankincense. Frothy bouquets of honeysuckle and jasmine crest like waves into the lemony sea. All the while that soft powdery honey lends golden sweetness. 

I am happy I picked up the Ostara bag. I love all the scents but especially, Ostara herself. It was a wild gamble to pay for full priced products blind and I may or may not do that again but it paid off this time as I will happily use up all these products. 

How do you feel about mystery bags? Tried any MoonaLisa lately that has brought you joy?

Thursday, April 20, 2017

Rosegirls: March Pre-Order

Rosegirls' March Pre-Order had a scent line up that pushed all my fragrance buttons. I wanted to grab one of everything but contented myself with getting only what I felt I couldn't live without and then went on to split a pie with my blogger friend Jay over at The Candle Enthusiast. Here is the pricing break down: half pies $20, bags $10.50, muffins $7 and shipping is a flat rate of $10.

Alice in Slumberland is a blend of lavender, cotton candy frosting and honeydew. The sweet lavender that Rosegirls uses is nice. Neither herbal or medicinal, not sharply detergent, a little mellow and sweet. I brings to mind lavender Snuggle liquid fabric softener. It goes great with the juicy honeydew and softly sweet cotton candy frosting. I cut these slices into thirds and melted a piece in my bedroom warmer and it gave off a luscious honeydew and lavender filled throw at a strong level. Thrilled to have more to melt. Now... don't be getting all excited thinking I have melted any of the rest and can tell you about throw. Because I am legit hoarding the rest. At least for a little while. I want to pet my pretties.

Rosegirls Garden/Raspberry Sauce/Vanilla Bean Noel was a trio I blended in my very last custom order from Jenny a couple years ago. I eventually melted it up and was left without this deliciously gorgeous scent in my life. Sad face. But my friend Liz suggested it as Jenny was taking a poll for scents to include in the next pre-order and it made it! I ordered two sets of muffins and they smell just as lovely as I remembered. The tart and sweet raspberry sauce is the strongest with just a breath of soft blooming rose infused in the syrup that drapes over a cloud of vanilla cream. Yes.


Cookie Dough Waffle Cone Wackadoodle is all about that cookie. Thick chewy vanilla bean cookies, crispy thin sugar cookies, royal icing frosted cookies and vanilla pizzelles arrayed in neat rows under glass cases in the local bakery. Walking into an old fashioned ice cream parlor where fresh pressed waffle cones sit like a neighborhood of tee-pees on the marble countertop. Baking cookies with mom in the kitchen and scraping out that sneaky lump of raw cookie dough before she sees you. All these aromatic memories and experiences wrapped up these cupcake liner etched wax muffins. A great vanilla bakery scent.

Cool Beans, an oldie but a goodie, takes sweet lavender and vanilla bean noel chunks and pours peppermint all over them. Well. It used to. For some reason I think I smell the vanilla bean noel as the overpour? Either way... it smells amazing as usual. Minty, creamy, and sweet. This will be a bedtime melt for sure. 

Escape to Neverland is one I bought for sheer summer factor. It combines pineapple, orange dreamsicle, raspberry and vanilla ice cream. Normally, I shy away from any and all pineapple scents but I was craving this one for some reason. It has that creamy tart Dole Whip essence with added vibrancy from the oranges and raspberries. It smells like something I would want to drink frozen on the beach.

Jay picked up a bag in Fresh Cucumber and Pink Sugar so I asked if I could swap a chunk with her to sample it. Mmmm MMmm! I am glad I did. Cucumber tends to be too watery for me but that Pink Sugar really takes it to a new level. It is very strong and sweet and relaxing. I am glad Jenny didn't name it Pink Cucumber though...

That is my March pre-order. I skipped this most recent pre-order (though I KNOW I will be kicking myself for not getting at least the half pie in Peppermint Coconut Marshmallow- but guys... I am gearing up for a big giveaway soon... so it is all for you.) Did you order in March? Did you order at this last opening? What did you get? What Rosegirls scent are you missing in your life?

Tuesday, April 18, 2017

Mermaid Treasures: Gather and Flow

Ashley Willemain's Etsy store, Gather & Flow, held a circular moonlit mountainscape that I have been yearning to own and wear for almost a year now. After firmly placing it on my bucket list for the year and deciding to go to the mountains on vacation this summer once again, I could resist the siren song of the mountain necklace no longer. 

The necklace arrived in a rustically beautiful box wrapped in a handsewn fabric strip and tied with a thin whip of leather. It took about two weeks from time of purchase to arrive. Each piece is hand sawn and hand made. No casting or short cuts here.

I adore the little hand sewn muslin pillow she created on which to lovingly lay the necklace.

This is a more delicate piece that I aim to wear fairly often. I think it would be nice for layering too. It hangs on an 18" chain that has tiny striations etched into the links to add texture.

Ashely is very easy to work with and offers layaway plans and custom creations, even if you want to use a stone you already own. Her communication is excellent. She messaged me right after I purchased to let me know when it would be mailed out. Chain length sizes can be altered too. I found the whole experience wonderfully pleasant and I am already eyeing the matching moonstone ring. And check out the mountain range and wolf moon necklaces.... stunning.

Do you enjoy the mountains?

Monday, April 17, 2017

Perfectly Posh Bath and Body Care

These products were provided free for an honest review from a Perfectly Posh consultant, the link included directs you to her specific webstore.

Perfectly Posh is an MLM company that produces and sells bath and body products that use high quality vegan components that incorporate essential oils and trendy natural ingredients, all while being made in America. When browsing the catalog of personal care items, this Beach Blanket honey, sea salt and sugar body scrub jumped out at me. It touts a citrusy vanilla coconut scent and that seemed just like what I have been craving lately. The scrub is in a glycerin base with coconut shell powder as part of the exfoliant. Other ingredients: sugar, sea salt, honey, coconut oil, SLS, silica, coconut powder, jojoba seed oil, fragrance, panthenol, polysorbate-20, citric acid, tocopheryl acetate. 

It does smell reminiscent of the beach. Juicy oranges and fresh cracked coconut greet the senses. The texture feels viscous. The scrubbing power is high. The coconut shells do not disintegrate like sea salt or sugar scrubs so you can keep scrubbing and scrubbing as long as desired. It is on the rough side so caution might be needed if you tend to be rough and tumble in your scrubbing habits. Great for the feet. It did lather up in a foamy manner and rinsed clean, leaving behind softened skin. A nine ounce tub is $24.

Face Masks:

Cackle Spackle- A charcoal based mask, heavy with spearmint (which smelled amazing) but I think the magnesium in it was a little much, as it lent it a slight burning sensation. I only kept it on for about 3 minutes, it recommended 5-10. I rinsed it, the charcoal being a wonderful exfoliant, and it left a smooth tightened skin surface on my face. No irritation or redness was detected. Two ounce squeeze bottle is $19.

 Pineapple Pick Me Up- A jelly-like glycerin and pineapple based face mask that is meant to be worn 5-10 minutes. The glycerin seems strange for a mask, maybe it is meant to be more of a cleaning mask? There are fruit enzymes that act as acids breaking down the dead skin layers. The scent was pure sweet pineapple and quite refreshing. There was a soft numbing sensation while being worn (the enzymes perhaps?). It dried clear and a little tight and rinsed well. The enzymes left my skin soft. Two ounce squeeze tube is $19.

Lotions and Hand Cremes:

Beach Blanket-  This is a hand creme but I admit that I used this on my legs after using the Beach Blanket scrub. The scent was more mellow and less juicy and clear in this lotion than the scrub. A nice lighter consistency than the body butters, more like a summer lotion texture that feels more aquatic than buttery. It absorbed easily into the skin without any greasiness. A 3 oz tube of creme is $9.

IndiGo Girl- A whipped body butter scented in sweet violet and plumberry. The scent was pleasant if a little light and generically sweet. The texture felt nicely thick and moisturizing, similar to a body butter from Bath & Body Works. Great for a post-shave treat on the skin. An 8 ounce tub is $22.

Snuggle Buddy- An amber vanilla floral body butter that is very thick, with a waxy lean and nicely moisturizing. The scent is a light and pleasant warm musk scent. I could see myself getting more of this one for winter time slathering. An 8 oz tub is $20.

Overall, I enjoyed my Posh pampering experience. I do find the prices to be on the higher end of the spectrum but for the body butters and the scrub, I would splurge on one every now and again. They would be nice for gift giving sets as well. The branding is vivid and youthful and the scents are crowd pleasing.

Have you tried Perfectly Posh? What has your experience been? Any favorite products? 

Sunday, April 16, 2017

Happy Easter

Happy Easter!

May this day be full of peace and love for you and yours. 

Saturday, April 15, 2017

Melting Basket 92

Wax from the last basket I would happily spend money on again include: CFTKR Mediterranean Garden Spa, LSC Blackberry Ren Ten, TBG Faded Opulence, MooScents Candied Strawberries, Blueberry Black Tea, SMT Pink Peppermint, Super Tarts Treebeard and Sam's Shire.

Sniff My Tarts- Blueberry Noel/Vanilla Bean Noel/Marshmallow Noel
Rosegirls- Spearmint Swizzle Sticks
Lasting Scent Candles- Bliss
Lasting Scent Candles- Winter White Cake
Lasting Scent Candles- Butter Mint Candies
The Bathing Garden- Chestnuts & Pinecones
The Bathing Garden- Vintage Circus
The Bathing Garden- Nights At The Circus
Candles From The Keeping Room- Strawberry Noel Fluff
Candles From The Keeping Room- Strawberry Parfait
Candles From The Keeping Room- Three Wishes Tea
Candles From The Keeping Room- Winter Ambrosia
Candles From The Keeping Room- Serendipity Marshmallow Delight

If you would like to know about any of these scents in more detail, performance wise, I would be happy to review them just for you. Let me know!

The itch to be by water again is fizzing through my veins. We had our one beach day during spring break, but now that the weather is starting to heat up the girls and are on the hunt for bodies of water. Except lake swimming. Lake swimming in central Florida in summer is bad news bears.

With only a month and a half left of school I think the time for plotting and planning the summer time adventures has arrived. Once I get a list going I will share it here. But honestly, I am woefully behind on reviews so I need to get my butt in gear and start working on some of those.

And while I am writing and sniffing and slathering on product... my heart will be calling out to the gulf shores. 

Are you craving a particular scenery or activity? Is the mantle of winter and spring finally falling from your neck of the woods?