Wednesday, December 13, 2017

The Little Green Bean

Jay over at The Candle Enthusiast showed me these adorable little fellas a little while back and I fell in love pretty hard. Missy is the creative and crafty lady behind The Little Green Bean. She makes banners, pillows, wood crafts and of course, these gnomes. There is a monthly subscription service as well.

I would have bought every stinking one if I had my druthers. Thankfully, my druthers were left at the dry cleaners so I only bought three. Plus a mushroom. One of the gnomes was of the legless variety in a festive red scheme. The felted gnomes run about $28. The mushroom was about $15 and comes on a cross-section of wood with moss and buttons as dots.

These sweater clad ZZ Top gnomes were between $36 and $44 each (the solid one was on sale). I did have a 10% discount code that was given to me once I had some in my cart and then navigated away. I gladly used it and checked out not long after. 

Everything was packed perfectly and came in a timely manner. I scrunched up the stripped sweater gnome's beard. I just need to name them now. I might have the girls help me. 

I did spruce up a pine cone to add to the bookshelf decor. 

I am thrilled with the way my bookshelf turned out this Christmas season. And now with our new friends hanging about I have even more reason to stand and gaze at the books and their whimsical home and company. 

Any name recommendations for my fellas? 

Tuesday, December 12, 2017

Bath & Body Works: Fireside Candle

Baby It's Cold Outside is a cute name and a cheery label for Bath & Body Works' Fireside candle. This cozy woodsy and softly smoky scent is always a pleasure for me to burn. The cedarwood smells warm and velvety with nuances of mahogany. The embers glow with amber and wisps of smoke. The throw on this one is great. It scents my entire kitchen and living area. 

If you are a fan of Fireside, then this candle will be a treat to burn. It is cute and throws wonderfully. 

Monday, December 11, 2017

Melting Basket 112: Holly Jolly Scents

Festive wax melts from the previous basket that I would joyfully buy again: Beezy Marshmallow Fireside, LSC Cedar Wreath, CFTKR Sugared Strawberry Spruce and Citrus & Balsam, Tiffany Winter Dreams, Bohemienne Life  Pumpkin Forest, Candy Panda Winter Blanket.

Lasting Scent Candles- Magical Mistletoe
Lasting Scent Candles- Holiday Hearth
Lasting Scent Candles- Cranberry Citrus Balsam
Lasting Scent Candles- Christmas Tea
Candy Panda- Wonderful Christmastime
CFTKR- Spiced Cranberry
CFTKR- Dane of the Sugar Plum Fairy
CFTKR- Balsam and Citrus
CFTKR- Christmas Cabin
CFTKR- Mulled Wine
CFTKR- Plumberry Spice

If you are interested in hearing about any of these scents in depth, please feel free to let me know which ones in the comments or send me a message. 

We spent the day in Epcot Saturday. The World Showcase is a location I never tire of, especially around Christmas time. Germany always offers the most beautiful Christmas ornaments and I like to bring one or two (or three!) back every time we make it there. The first one I fell for immediately was this mushroom hat wearing gnome, troll, handsome mustached forest creature fella. 

The clip-on tall mushroom had to live on our tree...

and Savanna insisted on the feather tailed cardinal (which didn't take much insisting as I love birds too and it reminds me of the cardinals that live in our oak tree in the backyard). 

This Christmas is the year of the mushroom ornament and I love it. 

I neglected to show the bookshelf decoration in the home tour because I was waiting on a decoration order to arrive. It came and now my bookshelf is holiday dressed. I will feature these gnomes this week in more detail. 

The house is now decorated. I have to wrap presents and bake some goodies for the neighbors this week. And a few more gifts to buy. But I am happy and hopeful this holiday season. My first class is done and now I feel much lighter and ready to celebrate.

How are your plans coming along? Anything left to do? Are you excited or stressed? Hoping the former rather than the latter for you.

Saturday, December 9, 2017

Home for the Holidays: Christmas Tour

Hello, friend! Are you feeling the Yule Cheer? I must say that I am and it is nice. 

Creepy elves are perched in wait and stockings are hung from the counter with care.

The girls and I have been enjoying the advent calendar activities and treats every morning. So far we have strolled about our church's community light event, picked out and decorated our tree, read Dinosaur's Night Before Christmas, and received new hairbows. 

I am really excited about the tree this year and cannot stop pausing to linger by it and take in the ornaments. We have all our old favorites but I also inherited some Santa's from around the world glass ones from my great aunt who passed away. I love them. I have Santas from Norway, Mexico, Ireland, India, Africa, Germany, France and more. 

All I am missing are the couple gnomes I picked up online from The Little Green Bean which should be coming soon. Once they arrive I will put them on my bookshelf and take a picture. 

Netflix Fireplace is my jam. I cannot stop watching them. So cozy. All I need is a robe and a corncob pipe. What are your favorite types of ornaments? Do you do stockings? Advent calendars?

Friday, December 8, 2017

Scumugs Pottery

New plant (meet Gimli!) and a new pot in the family. I follow Rising Tides jewelry on IG (and yes you will probably see a haul from there in the future, she has a crystal and crescent moon ring I am drooling over) and the maker, Cherry, showcased a Scumug pot on one of her InstaStories. InstaLove. I headed on over to Scumugs and found this pot and brought it home to live. 

It has little drainage hole that will flow into the lower lip of the planter. The glaze is stunning. A dusty aqua merges with onxy while a speckled ivory banner pronounces "R.I.P." and drips with a silvery glaze on the edges like so many tears shed for the ghosts of plants past. The pot runs $32 which is quite reasonable for my tastes and shipped safely. 

Now, I am hoping the label is not a self-fulfilling prophesy because Toddles is awful interested in Gimli. 

Scumugs is having a pre-sale for these planters (there is one that pleads "Don't Die" that I just scooped up last night) right now. You can even choose your color glaze. I asked to be surprised. 

Between tongue-in-cheek planters, mushrooms, gnomes and fluffy cypress plants I am in hog heaven. Would you go for the R.I.P. planter or the Don't Die? 

Thursday, December 7, 2017

Vintage Chic Scents: November Restock

What's this?! A million bajillion multi-colored lights creating a bokeh effect?! It must be Christmas time! My annual let's-take-all-the-photos-in-front-of-the-Christmas-tree has commenced and the first wax vendor subjected to this mania is Vintage Chic Scents. Kirby was launching a pretty spectacular restock that featured a ton of wonderfully festive holiday scents and I was prepared... or so I thought. I had my wishlist, I set my alarm and then I realized the wifi was spotty where I was and the service wasn't much better either and I BOMBED it. My only main goal was Pink Twinkling Lights and it jumped my cart so fast you would have thought it never even existed. Enough whining. So back in I went and tried for more treats. This time I came out with a loaf (did you guess spicy bakery?! Ding ding ding we have a winner!) and a bag of blossom squares.

The loaf is in It's A Wonderful Life and Edelweiss ($17.75) which is another iteration of Kirby's brilliant spicy yet creamy vanilla laden bakery concoction. I love it. Edelweiss is a gingerbread cake with cream cheese frosting. I don't get any sourness from Edelweiss. I have had it in many blends and on it's own. I love it. Add that yummy subtle spice and heavy vanilla cake to It's A Wonderful Life (cinnamon clove nutmeg) and the spice is elevated a touch and it is made all the richer. This is not a fiery or nose burning cinnamon scent. It smells like all the best versions of a softly spiced vanilla frosted cupcake, cookie, donuts, French Toast or cake. It is brilliant.

Order of the Arrow ($13.85) is Kirby's Marshmallow Fireside dupe and I have never tried it. As an avid Marshmallow Fireside addict I felt the strong yearning to make sure I got to try Kirby's. It is a nice close dupe but a bit too acrid to be dead-on. Kirby's has that Bonfire Bliss sweet acrid ember thing going on, which is nice but not really Marshmallow Fireside. It is cut with thick vanilla marshmallows and it does smell stinkin' good on its own merits. 

I haven't melted either of these yet but I will here soon and add them to a melting basket. You can request a review of them if you wish when I do that post. 

Are your Christmas decorations up yet? Did you order anything from Kirby's holiday bonanza? DID YOU GET PINK TWINKLING LIGHTS?!!? Just curious, is all. 

Tuesday, December 5, 2017

Cosmic Cleanse ScentSations: Summer Pre-Order

This was the July 21st pre-order from Cosmic Cleanse ScentSations. I received the first shipment a while back but it came crushed and badly damaged. I had many casualties including a milk bath that was completely emptied over everything else and lids that were off and floating about the box. It was a nightmare. I can tell you what wasn't a nightmare... Heidi's response to my situation. She was an angel. I sent her photos and explained the matter and she quickly replied that replacements (including some labels) would be in transit. They arrived a couple weeks later and now I am just getting around to showing y'all what I picked up. This time around orders were not combined. I did place one larger order and then one smaller one for minis but tried to keep it two orders so shipping wasn't crazy.

I love Heidi's Unicorn Ashes (basically bath bombs that have been kept loose instead of packed and formed into shapes) so I figured I would like her Milk Bath too and I do. It is more of a creamy bubble bath rather than a milk bath. There is no scent so it makes for a great base to add other scented bath salts or perfume oils to. These ran $13 each. I add this first to my bath and it creates huge mounds of bubbles and it is CBD infused so it is great for when I have aches and pains from my cycle or just not feeling well. I would buy this product again in a heartbeat.

I love Heidi's products for sure, but it is sometimes harder for me to find scents I love. Her strong game is fizzy fruity sweetness and she does it well. She also does peppermint and lavender well but they are not often offered in more than one scent per release. This time the mint was in a scent called They're Heeere which blended Pink Sugar, marshmallows and peppermint. I love it. I probably like Hoochie's Palace a touch more with the lavender but this is pretty darn nice. I picked it up in a full sized scrub ($13) and two Miracle Budders ($12), of which I have already emptied one at the time of this writing. I love this stuff. It really does work for minor burns to take the pain away, soreness, improved complexion and soothing minor anxiety from my own personal experience and those of my family members.

I love the emollient formula of the scrub but I do wish it was glitter-free. I know, I am an old fuddy duddy, but I do find glitter rather annoying on the body these days. I feel like I find it everywhere on my face and bed and bath tub. I am not into clubbing (do they even call it that anymore?) so no glitter for me (unless I am going to a Ren Fair and need to pose as a fairy). 

Apparition in the Garden was another scent I gravitated towards in the full sized Miracle Budder. It is a Lush dupe that smells of soft musky florals like lily and jasmine, powdery and lovely. It makes for a wonderful spring scent. I like it in body care but I probably would not like it in a wax. It basically smells like a fancy soap.

In the minis ($3.75 each) I got a little bit more experimental. I picked up Thirt3en Ghosts which combines wildberry marshmallow and spun cotton candy. It smells incredibly good. The wilberries are candied and sweet and full of juicy sugary nectar. This smells like the ultimate berry flavored cotton candy. I should have gone full sized.

Donnie Darko is a fall scent that mixes up pecan pie, churros and whipped cream. I normally don't delve too deep into foodie categories in body care but I am finding I sometimes crave them in the autumn and winter months. Donnie Darko, believe it or not, doesn't come off as too foodie or bakery at all. It smells like deep caramel with just a touch of soft spice and loads of creamy vanilla. I do see where the pecan pie fits in. Almost like it is just that yummy gooey center of the pie without too much nuttiness. The sugary vanilla keeps it from being heavy. Love. 

Look at that pretty glitter! Yes, I can admire it in the jar and then immediately curse it on my skin. It is still pretty.

I did pick up a mini whipped soap in They're Heeere as well as one tin of Headache Be Gone ($7.50) and a lip balm in Janine's Pink Cupcakes ($4.00). I have not had a chance to try out the Headache salve since I am a wimp and immediately take Tylenol or Advil when I am in pain usually but I will force myself to soon. I have been using the lip balm and I must admit that I am not really digging it. It feels good on the first 5 minutes and then makes my lips feel even more dry very soon after. 

By and far I am in love with my order. I do realize that Heidi had some major struggles with the new jars and lids she tried out this opening and my heart goes out to her. I cannot even imagine how awful that must have been for her when they started malfunctioning. She handled it like a professional and showed exemplary customer service. I will be back for more when she opens for another pre-order in the future. 

Are you a fan of CBD infused products? I notice them more and more, even in the mall recently. Did you get anything from Cosmic Cleanse the last two openings? What scents and products of Heidi's do you love?