Friday, March 24, 2017

Lasting Scent Candles: January Pre-Order

I placed a small order with Lasting Scent Candles back in January. Most of these are repurchases and I will not be going into their scent in any great depth since I have in the past. Some that are new to me I will, though. I purchased 2 ounce scent shots for $2.65 each. Shipping is a flat rate of $9.75. Pam hustled hard through some sickness to get these out to her customers. Her hard work and diligence are appreciated. I hope she is enjoying a much needed rest right now. 

Sweet Kisses, divine cakes covered in frosting and sweet kisses, a slightly ambiguous description but I love it. It is a heavy hitting vanilla scent with a touch of richness from a caramel tone. Love it.

Cream Filled is a fried donut filled with lemon cream and topped with powdered sugar. It is seriously one amazing smelling lemon bakery scent. Heavier on the tart yet sweet lemon curd but with enough donut to know it is a baked good. I melted half of a 2 ounce scent shot in the kitchen and it threw medium-strong. I wanted to eat it.

Purple Haze combines Mint Mallow Creme and lavender buds. Purple Haze was a new one for this opening. And it does not disappoint. Mint Mallow Creme is a strong throwing creamy spearmint scent, add in some of LSC's incredibly lovely herbal lavender buds and I am sold. 

Passionate smells fantastic! A lavender patchouli blend that is sweet, honeyed and refined. Passionate folds in orange blossom, sandalwood, sweet neroli, agave nectar and woods with the lavender and patchouli to create an elegant scent that is perfect for the bedroom or even a sophisticated home atmosphere. I normally get a nice throw from this one.

Amber Lights is another new one at this opening. It is a golden amber and vanilla cream blend. I got one of each this time but two of this scent. It is more amber than vanilla for sure but enough vanilla to round of some of amber's sharper edges. It smells a little musky, a little incense and a little woody and immensely beautiful. I hope this one comes back. 

Fire Roasted Strawberry, yet another newbie, takes strawberries dips them in marshmallow goo and roasts them over a campfire. How could I not want to try that? On first sniff it is mostly ultra sweet and sassy strawberries but further inhaling reveals those pillows of toasted marshmallow. I don't get much campfire on cold but that may come forth more when melted. 

Blackberry Ren Ten is a tall glass of iced tea brimming with blackberry syrup and slices of candied plums floating on top. It is tart and dark and the tea pulls through nicely. There is a slight juicy grape tone to the blackberries and plums and I love it. Realistic and delectable. 

Serenity twines lavender and Green Mint Confetti (not sure what all is in that but it smells less creamy and more candied than Mint Mallow Creme with that spearmint twist). Overall Serenity has a similar vibe as Purple Haze but more sweet and sugary and less herbal to my nose. It is lovely and I picked it up in the Aroma Mist too. 

Bliss is an old time favorite of wedding cake, vanilla cream and a small smattering of lavender. A repurchase every time. 

Southern Belle takes LSC's decadent wedding cake and tops it with sugared white flowers. The effect is very subtle and smells incredible. Mostly dense moist vanilla cake with just a teeny hint of peonies and delicate florals. Love!

Serenity Aroma Mist is $6.75 each and lasts a very long time. We use Savanna's Aroma Mist every other night and it is still going strong months and months later. This one will be for my vehicle. The scent is strong and one pump will last hours in a small space.

Free Samples in:

Mint Mallow Creme, an ultra creamy spearmint delight. Almost creme de menthe in feel. 

Candyland Dreamin' is another one a adore. Lavender and mint and sweetness. I melted it before bed the other night and it threw medium-strong. 

Did you pre-order any Lasting Scent Candles? What are your faves? Are you going to try and get in on the RTS from this pre-sale? Those loaves look soooo gooood!

Thursday, March 23, 2017

Warmed Wax: Rosegirls, FP, SMT

Rosegirls Save The Drama For Your Mama melds Pink Sugar and Monster Cookie at about a 50/50 ratio on scent. Half a muffin (less than 2 ounces) threw strong in the kitchen area. The Pink Sugar is nice, but for some reason the Monster Cookie is way too bready and crunchy for me nowadays. I love it mixed with Marshmallow Smoothie (Fluff Puff blends) but on its own I could use this just a hair more cream. No repurchase. An old favorite that has moved on. 

Rosegirls Mango Sorbet/Strawberry Shortcake/Vanilla Crunch Donuts is a custom blend my friend Sandra came up with and she was super kind and sent me a slice. The mango sorbet is amazing, bright and juicy, but the strawberry shortcake gets a little... well... Strawberry Shortcake doll on me. Added to the vanilla crunch donuts and it is a nice berries and cream type of scent. But that shortcake keeps throwing me off with the slight artificial edge to it. It threw at a solid medium to medium-strong in the kitchen. I liked it but probably would leave out the shortcake next time. 

Rosegirls Raspberry Sauce/Mango Sorbet/Marshmallow Smoothie is from Sandra's order too. Boy howdy did this one hit a home run! Mango sorbet and raspberry are meant to be together I think. And the marshmallow smoothie just thickens it up with vanilla gooeyness and rounds it out. Strong throw. Repurchase for sure if I could. I do have a pie in Raspberry Sauce/Mango Sorbet/Gilligan's Brew in the works so that will certainly satisfy this craving I think. 

Rosegirls Peppermint Coconut Mallow threw medium-strong in my bedroom. First and foremost a creamy coconut blend with a chilly haze of candied peppermints surrounding. Giligan's Brew, Rosegirls coconut, is my favorite coconut out there. It is creamy but not bakery, tropical but not sunscreen. Sweet and mellow with no weird after taste. One of my favorite Rosegirls scents. Repurchase. Hoping my half a pie will last a little while.

FuturePrimitive Sylph is a duo of lavender and marshmallow. This one ounce scent shot throws strong in my bedroom. Tiggy's lavender is a dream boat, herbal and slightly edgy. Sweeten it with vanilla marshmallows and I am on cloud nine. As this one melts past the four hour stage it does change and become more berry flavored cough syrup for some reason. I don't hate it but I usually pour it out around then. Repurchase. And I have.

Sniff My Tarts Blueberry Noel/Vanilla Bean Noel/Marshmallow Noel turned out to be one of the best blueberry scents I have melted to date. Well... maybe tied with Americana Wafers. This threw strong in my kitchen area and smelled of blueberries in syrup with vanilla cream. The blueberries were so bright and juicy they almost had a grape lean. The vanillas and marshmallow kept the blueberry from being overbearing (though it still shone through plenty enough). Repurchase? Yep! I have it on my SMT wish list. 

Speaking of SMT wish lists... what is on yours? I hear they may be opening pretty soon here... maybe in a few weeks? Less? Who knows! But I do know that I have some blends I am contemplating. The one above and a few repeats like Lord of Misrule/Peppermint and Cinnamon/Dragon's Blood/Butterbrickle. But here are some other scent combinations I am kicking around:

Pink Sugar/ Sandalwood (had this from Rosegirls forever ago and been missing it)

Tuberose and Jasmine/Pink Coconut/Marshmallow Noel

Beer/Apple Cinnamon/Orange Clove

Sweet Pumpkin/Sweet Cream/Cream Soda

Dragon's Blood/Sandalwood/Barbershop 1920

Sweet Lavender Marshmallow Cake/Sugared Violets/Pink Sugar

Sugared Violets/Marshmallow Noel

Pink Sands/Pink Coconut/Sandalwood

Blackberry/Violet/Vanilla Bean Noel

Sandalwood/Marshmallow Noel/Indian Sandalwood

The more wild ones will be the small frosted cookies but others will probably be no-fuss chunks. And I want to try some single scents in the piped hearts. I am still tinkering and I want to see what other new scents Amy and Donna roll out. Please share your blends!

Wednesday, March 22, 2017

Super Tarts: March 8th Order

Super Tarts haul in the house!!! I had to look back on my blog to see the last time I bought from Super Tarts and it was almost 2 years ago, the Leon Day Sampler. So what made me pop over and place a massive order from Super Tarts out of the blue? My beautiful blogger friend over at The Melt Down blog, she was the catalyst. All her amazing clams in scents that called to me. Normally, the sometimes over the top blending turns me away but there were so many scents in stock on March 8th that I found quite a few I wanted. There was a very short (one hour I think) coupon code for use on Women's Day but I was too late for that. No matter, I found plenty to bring home. Each clamshell was $4.00 and shipped out on the 15th, about one week after ordering. Shipping for 12 tarts was $12.53. The scent descriptions are included on the label which is fantastic.

I made my choices by going through the scent categories, mostly mint, manly and earthy tags. I ended up with three tarts from the Lord of the Melts. Gosh darn I love my geeky fandoms. 

Treebeard (I love Treebeard and the Ents)- Notes: Cream soda, cantaloupe and a touch of pine. 

I am going to try hard to not imagine what I feel like characters that are near and dear to my heart would actually smell like, otherwise I would have a hard time with this. On its own merits, this turned out to be a really cool scent. (And hey, Treebeard is a cool guy) The cream soda doesn't appear to be very fizzy but does have that mellow Butterbeer sweetness mixed in with fresh melon and tempered with soft woods. Overall I am delighted at how well blended it is, neither the melon nor the pine or soda stand out. Looking forward to melting this. 

I love the detail that went into these clamshells. The crumbles inside the layers is a nice touch.

Sam's Shire- Notes: Fresh cut grass, watermelon, rock candy. 

Old Samwise Gamgee, a true friend and green thumb in his own right. If anyone should smell like a summer garden it is Sam. The plump and sweetly aquatic watermelons sidle along with the meadow grass quite nicely. I do pick up a little lemon tartness that smells a little odd, but maybe it is the rock candy. 

Dwarf Warrior- Notes: Patchouli, orange zest and blackberry. 

Awww sweet, fierce wee Gimli. His banter back and forth with Legolas was one of the highlights of the books and movies. This one may also be a highlight of the order. Great things come in small packages. The patchouli and oranges had me thinking it may smell like Karma form Lush, but now I am thinking I was wrong. The oranges smell like Squirt or Crush and the blackberries are candied while the patchouli is not head shoppy or dark at all but lightly musky and smooth. 

I watched "Once Upon A Time" for a while there on Netflix but once Regina killed Jiminy Cricket and Cora came to Storybrooke I left off of it. So I have no idea who Merlin and Hades are as far as the show is concerned. But Maleficent was one I was admiring pretty hard on The Melt Down Blog. 

Merlin- Notes: Silver birch, cashmere and vetiver.

I love wizards and I love birch and vetiver. How could I pass this one up? It is magical to my nose for sure. Overall it smells clean and slightly masculine but not in a boring cologne or Axe body spray way. The vetiver is grassy and a touch smoky while the birch reminds me of mahogany. The cashmere lends an enchanting haze of amber and vanilla musk to the scent. I need more of this tall drink of wizard. 

Hades- Notes: Fireside and blue sugar.

I have had a love/hate relationship with Blue Sugar. I had a Doctor Who soap in it from Ballyhoo years and years ago and loved it to pieces, I have had it mixed with Pink Sugar from The Melting Fairy and hated it. Now I smell it with fireside and I feel like I am about to lose my gourd over it, it smells so incredible. Like, I roll my eyes and purse my lips as I inhale, kind of freak about it. What sorcery is this?! Soft anise tinged musk mixing with sugar crystals and smoky embers... is that marshmallow in there? I am dying. I want more. Please. Let me pay the ferryman to get me across the River Styx because I need more Hades. 

Maleficent- Notes: Dragon's blood, rosewood, dark amber, clove and rose jam.

I kind of wish Rose Jam had been left off. Because really, that is what hits my nose and hogs all the room. There is an earthiness whispering around the Rose Jam but it really doesn't stand a whole heckuva chance. Maybe some musk and woods from the amber and rosewood (GOSH I love rosewood), but I don't get any clove at all on cold sniff. 

My family and I just watched Guardians of the Galaxy for the first time last month and we are sold. We hooted and hollared through the whole thing. These two from the Galwaxy collection caught my nose.

The Collector- Notes: Blue sugar and sweet peppermint cream.

Blue Sugar alert. Losing my head over it again. Blue Sugar and peppermint cream are a dream, I would say this is slightly heavier on the Blue Sugar. And if The Collector smells this good I will gladly wipe down his tanks anytime. 

Groot- Notes: Creamy vanilla, sandalwood and driftwood.

Yes. Sandalwood bliss. Soft, smooth and creamy perfection. This sandalwood makes me curl my toes. It reminds me of the Pride & Prejudice scent I had from Two Timing Tart forever ago. A little clean, very mellow and filled with vanilla laced woods. Mmmmmm.

Twilight's Forks- Notes: Fresh air, oak, citrus, golden amber.

Eh, it is alright. It smells like that one Autumn Day scent or something that always reels me in by the description but never quite makes it for me. It smells like fresh air and leaves. But not in any authentic way but in the way candle makers interpret it. A little artificial. Not bad by any means but not one I will buy again. 

Dr. Doom- Notes: Lord of Misrule and vanilla bean.

I love this one. Lord of Misrule is already a favorite, a little earthy but mostly sweet and musky with heaping of vanilla... add more vanilla cream and I am one happy Doomsday camper. 

Bad Santa- Notes: Cinnamon sticks, peppermint and satin sheets.

Satin Sheets is one of those fragrance oils that is different depending on the company it is purchased from; it can range from a chocolate vanilla floral to a fruity floral with sandalwood. This one I think leans chocolate version but then I smell fruits in it too. Definitely flowers. Sadly this one does not translate well for me. I was hoping for a spicy mint with some woods but I get mint and fruits and spicy strangeness. I am not sure if I am even going to attempt to melt it. I am sure someone out there loves this though. 

Moody- Notes: Black cedarwood, rain, juniper berries.

Constant vigilance! I am glad my eye spied this fragrance concoction. Mad Eye Moody offers a beautiful rendition of woods and dew and forest life. The cedarwood is not pencil shaving cedar but more dry pine wood. The rain lifts it and rounds it out. I cannot say that I can pin point what the juniper berries offer... but it all works together to create a lovely Acadian forest. 

Free sample:

Modern Family- Notes: Cucumber mint, apple slices and lemon wedges.

Hm. It is interesting and unique but not sure if I like it or not. The cucumber is throwing it all off for me and I am not sure I like the lemon version here, it is mighty powdery and harsh. I think I decided to pass. 

Overall, I am thrilled with this Super Tarts order. The scents that stood out to me as favorites of this order are Hades, Dr. Doom, Groot, Treebeard, Merlin, Dwarf Warrior and The Collector. I think Maleficent and possibly Sam's Shire may grow on me. 

Have you ordered from Super Tarts lately? Which Super Tarts scents are your favorite? Do any of these ring your chimes? 

Tuesday, March 21, 2017

La Petite Ferme Goat Milk Soaps

These lovely little chunks of La Petite Ferme Goat Milk Soaps reached me via my friend Jean as a gift. I love that this vendor is another Florida based gem. The owners, Patricia and Michel, create cold process soaps using the milk from their Nigerian Dwarf dairy goats. Their soaps can be used as shampoo bars or shaving bars too. Patricia is not only a dairy goat farmer and soaper but she is also a licensed aesthetician and reiki practitioner. 

Amber Sandalwood is scrumptious. Heady amber accord that reminds me a little of leather and musk, blended with golden honeyed woods. Makes me want to lather up and take a bath right now. A 2.5 ounce bar is $4 and a 5 ounce bar is $6.75. 

CHI SensiClear Facial soap is formulated with soft exfoliants to help aid sensitive and acne prone skin types. Citrus Sinensis and Citrus Paradisi essential oils, Dead Sea clay and rosehip powder are some of the skin loving ingredients found in this bar. A 2.5 ounce bar is $4.50 and the 5 ounce bar is $8.00. This face soap lathers beautifully, bubbling and frothy. The soft grains of clay exfoliate gently if using the bar directly on the face. I like to get the lather in my hands and use that wash my face too if not in the mood to exfoliate. It cleans thoroughly and rinses clean. There is a slight tightness but I lather up with serums, ampoules and lotions anyway. This is my current face soap in my shower.

Dragon's Blood blends amber, myrrh, sandalwood and a touch of patchouli. It smells fantastic. Deep, rich and loamy with earth and resins, this scent relaxes and soothes. A 2.5 ounce bar is $4.00 and a 5 ounce bar is $6.75. This is soap is a dream to bathe with, lathering wonderfully with a little hand friction. It slides silky and mild over the skin to clean and perfume the body. Swarms of bubbles grow and fizz from this bar of delight.

La Petite also offers soap bundles and sample sets. 

There are tons of scents to choose from and various formulas as well. I will definitely be back for more. Thank you Jean for sharing these soaps and this vendor with me. 

Are you a fan of goat's milk soap? 

Monday, March 20, 2017

The Bathing Garden: February Scent of the Month

The Bathing Garden releases one scent of the month on offer from the 1st through the end of the month and in case you are eyeing pretty much all iterations of the scent offered, the scent bundle is the way to go. There is a 6 week TAT for these so sadly, this particular fragrance, Blackberry Fudge, is not longer up but in the even Shannon releases this scent again I decided to go ahead and post about it. The bundle ran $28.50 plus $7 shipping and contained a full sized scrub, a full sized lotion, a clamshell and a half dozen egg shaped tarts in an absolutely adorable carton. 

Blackberry Fudge- Notes: Sweet candied blackberries blended with vanilla brown sugar fudge.
What an excellent blackberry in this! Sweet, slightly tart on the tail end and no floral or perfume notes to be had. The bouncy blackberries are swirled with thick, creamy vanilla butter fudge. It has almost a bakery density to it. Savanna had a friend come over while this was melting and exclaimed that it smelled like cupcakes in our house. Sadly, I let her down. No cupcakes in here. It threw medium to medium-strong in the high ceilinged living area and kitchen. It would probably blow me out of my bedroom so I doubt I will melt it there. 

The scrub is gorgeous. I love that the lone blackberry candy in the center has one tiny red sprinkle on it. That tickles me for some odd reason. I have been rubbing my way through my Ever Night scrub so this one will probably be on deck next since I opened it and since I used some of the lotion too. 

Same densely packed sugars that exfoliate the skin effectively and offer a healthy dose of aroma. Shannon's scrubs are some of my favorite. 

The lotion in this scent is not really wowing me. In the lotion format it becomes too milky and watery for my liking. I adore the formula so much though, I will use it up at any rate. It is cool to the touch, with a pudding stiffness that soaks into the skin wonderfully easy. There is a light sheen of moisturizing oils left but they eventually soak in pretty quickly. I will be using this up with glee over the next month.

This offering had me ordering pretty darn fast. Look at this egg carton. 

It holds half a dozen egg shaped tarts scented in Blackberry Fudge (there is a Golden Egg carton under the Spring release but I need to lay my nose on that scent before I buy 9 ounces of it). The label on this is cute but I am not sure how I feel about that egg/chicken pitcher (?). He is a funny looking guy.

Look at these. Will ya just look at 'em?! I think the brown dotties are bits of vanilla bean pod shavings but I could be wrong. They look like beautiful delicate Robin's eggs. They have flat bottoms which makes them nice for posing and they weigh 1.5 ounces each with a few 1.6 ouncers thrown in there. I melted a whole egg with great results. About a medium to medium-strong throw in a large room. 

There were a few free samples in the bundle, some Easter egg shaped tarts that I gifted to my sister and this mini scrub in Life Is A Circus (white birthday cake, blueberries, raspberries, strawberries and blackberries).

I do have a nice Circus and Spring order that should be coming any week now. This one was placed two weeks prior to that one. Did you buy an Bathing Garden eggs? Scrubbing up with anything good?