Saturday, December 10, 2016

Long Cane Primitives: RTS Sale

Long Cane Primitives is a wonderful vendor to place RTS wax orders with. Cindy was offering a 20% off pre-Black Friday sale so I grabbed a few mints while I am waiting on my Sniff My Tarts order (which I didn't realize I would be so fast and therefore, not take long at all). And shortly after that sale she had a 35% off sale. I missed that one though since I placed this one first.* The six packs were on sale for $5.20 and the four packs were $3.68, which both are less than $1/ounce. Actual shipping is invoiced after ordering. The TAT was a fast 3-4 days. 

Peppermint Marshmallow Dreams- Sweet peppermint, vanilla sugar, marshmallow fluff and coconut.
The description reminded me of another wax favorite of mine, Peppermint Coconut Marshmallow from Rosegirls. The added vanilla sugar makes for a sweeter version and the coconut is thicker and more bakery leaning. I like this blend for sure and will buy it again. 

Pink Peppermint- Pink Sugar and sugary peppermint.
How could I pass up pink peppermint when it is in stock and on sale?! I cannot. It would be sacrilege to do so. I am glad I did not. Though more sugary and pink with a touch less mint than I am used to, it is still an excellent variation. Definitely still minty and wonderfully relaxing.

Peppermint Swizzle Sticks- Cool crisp peppermint and vanilla. 
What a great scent! I will certainly be melting this over the winter. Icy and cool peppermint with a soft vanilla sweetness. Certainly mint heavy and great for mint lovers.

Pink Peppermint Serendipity- Serendipity, pink sugar, peppermint and vanilla.
Cindy's serendipity is fabulous. And strong. It features prominently in the blend but the mint and pink sugar tone down the tropical coconut and cherry and make it more candy like and invigorating. Love this combo. I think Tiffany's carries a blend like this too called Serendipity Splash. Love both of them.

I received two free samples with this order:

Frosty Blue Ribbon Cookies- Blue Ribbon Cookies blended with cool mint and fluffy marshmallow.
Strong sugar cookie, crunchy and bready with added vanilla sweetness and the icy tingle of chopped up candy canes mixed in. 

Spearmint Noel- Spearmint and Vanilla Bean Noel.
Cool and refreshing spearmint with extra creaminess. She has a Spearmint Buttermint Candy Fluff scent I would love to try too. 

If you have not tried Long Cane Primitives yet, I highly recommend Cindy's wax. Wonderful throw, great scents and good customer service. And hey. That 35% off sale is still going strong. Go check it out, man!

*Ok, so I didn't technically miss it, because after writing this I went to the site and grabbed Spearmint Buttermint Candy Fluff and a few others at 35% off. 

Friday, December 9, 2016

Advent Calendar 2016

I post this every year, but for the sake of festivity and continuity, I shall once more. 

This is a felt advent Christmas tree I made several years ago that the girls and I use to count down to Christmas. The ornaments are wee pockets that hold either a slip of paper with an activity on it or a tiny gift. 

This year the pockets have/will include:
- A pair of fun socks (at Montessori the kids take their shoes off in the classroom so socks are the uber accessory)
-Pokemon cards
-Buying the Christmas tree
-Decorating the tree
-Baking cookies
-A nighttime boat parade in Naples
-Watching a Charlie Brown Christmas
-Hot cocoa and popcorn 
-Roasting hotdogs and marshmallows over a bonfire in the backyard
-Looking at Christmas lights with Aunt Lindsey
-The Candy Cane story
-The Nativity story
-Buying gifts for a child in need
-Making Magic Fudge
-Pop-Pop's Christmas Party
-Lights of Lakeland
-New Christmas pajamas
-Lakeside Christmas tree gazing with GiGi
-Snowman pizza
-Christmas Eve brunch with MiMi and PaPa
-Christmas Eve with GiGi and aunts
-Winter Wonderland display in Tampa
-A pocket nightlight

Some of these we have already done. This morning the girls opened a sweet little gift Deb sent them, Pokemon and Shopkins <3 They loved it! The Pokemon had a Flametalon Break card in it and the Shopkins were cute little handsoaps and lotions. Thank you Deb! They loved them.

I also wrapped up all their Christmas books and placed them under the coffee table and each night they pick one and unwrap it, and take turns reading it out loud with me. They love this new tradition. 

Do you have any holidays traditions that have commenced? Any fun activities you grew up doing that I should add to the tree this year or next? I have a couple free days open during the break before Christmas. 

Thursday, December 8, 2016

Bonjour Wax Co.

These products were provided free for an honest review.

Bonjour Wax Co. is run by a sweet and creative lady named Mandi who currently operates out of Jacksonville, Florida. Mandi started her business so she could spend more time at home with her daughter. Having quit full time teaching myself to do such a thing at one time in my life, I can relate. 

Mandi enjoys creating geek related samplers and themes, some including: Harry Potter, Stranger Things and Doctor Who. She uses palm wax which is relatively unique in the wax world. There has been some controversy over the use of palm wax due to deforestation and loss of orangutan habitat, but when asked, Mandi assured me her palm wax comes from sustainable sources. Her fragrances are phthalate free and even uses essential oils (which are costly!). She runs all aspects of the business herself while her baby girls naps or at night.  

Single 2 ounce scent shots are $2.25 each. This one is in Massages! Treat Yo' Self! It smells fresh and clean with an aquatic lean. Almost like a milder, yet soapier version of Cactus & Sea Salt. I cut this in half and melted in the guest bathroom and it gave off a medium-strong scent. 

Eggo Waffle shapes in the name Eleven. Does it get better than this?!

Eleven has notes of Pumpkin and Pecan Waffles and a dash of coffee and syrup. I could be way off, as I don't see this scent description anywhere, but that is what I get. It smells like the coziest morning. All three gave off a medium-strong scent in the kitchen.

Idris & Petrichor caught my heart before I even opened it. Idris hit me in the geeky feels twice. Once for Doctor Who and a second time for The Immortal Instruments series. Then petrichor, as it is the scientific name for the scent of rain. And does it really get more geekier than that for a fraghead?

With notes of rain, juniper and fresh air, it is the perfect cleaning day scent. Spa-like and relaxing. An open the windows kind of feeling. 

And its lovely lilac shade coordinates with the washi on the bag. Details like that make my heart pitter patter.

A couple of cute Christmas scents are up next!

Santa! I Know Him! bursts with vanilla sugar cookies, caramel and creamy decadence. An incredible sugar cookie scent. It threw strong in my bedroom. 

Gingerbread Latte features gingerbread, spices and steamed milk. No coffee here and I am cool with that. I love the extra kick of nutmeg in this gingerbread cupcake type of scent. She offers clamshells in this scent too for $5.75.

This is the Christmas at Hogwarts Sampler and I danced a waltz like Neville Longbottom when I spied it. This was listed as $12.00 and included 6 scent shots.

Two adorable Chocolate Frogs. Watch out! They only have one good jump in them. This smells like milk chocolate magic fudge, no not Cornelius Fudge, but that Magic Fudge that you make with Marshmallow Fluff. Normally I am not into chocolate scents in wax, but I will give this one a go. 

Every Flavor Beans smells like an Easter basket overflowing with Starburst, jelly beans, Skittles, and all the fruity tart chewy candies you can dream up. 

One simply cannot have a Harry Potter sampler without Butterbeer. I have experienced a few different variations of Butterbeer in wax form, but this one is the most sharp and boozy. For some reason I almost think there is a shot of Fire Whisky in this Butterbeer, a la boilermaker.

This one almost made me tear up. No really. Look at that sweet statue. This scent is Godric's Hollow and evokes a snowy day. Really it almost has a Christmas aroma to it. Cinnamon and spice, soft fruit and the comforts of a home denied the poor Potter boy. 

Polyjuice Potion has a fun description: leeches, knotgrass, strawberries, raspberries and soft florals. It smells like a bath bomb or bubble bar I might buy at Lush. Which means I like it. 

And the finale, The Yule Ball. Boughs of spruce, balsam and firs grace the chilly Great Hall and add festivity and places for Doxies and Cornish Pixies to roost. Love. 

She included two samples as well! 

This lovely snowflake smells like rich vanilla. Maybe a vanilla butter fudge type of scent. Yummy.

This peach little heart has beautiful scroll work on the other side but I just love the frosted crystallization of palm wax when it dries. Not sure what all is in this but I pick up peaches. Like a peach Bellini drink. I enjoy it. Nice and sweet with a little tartness. 

With samplers that feature Festivus, Stars Hollow, Christmas Vacation, and Doctor Who, I can see myself ordering from Mandi at Bonjour Wax Co. in the future. And often. There is a flat rate shipping of $6.95 per order. Have you melted palm wax? Do you enjoy some pop culture in your wax?

Tuesday, December 6, 2016

Nail Polish: Cirque & KBShimmer

I bought some nail polish. It has been a while since I have indulged in my polish passion. Probably not since Cult Nails and Rescue Beauty Lounge closed up shop, did I really buy much polish other than one bottle here or there that caught my eye. 

Until I saw this Cirque collection based on gemstones. Cirque has been around for a while, at least several years from back when I first got into RBL and some indies. I picked up these shades for my first ever Cirque purchase:

Tanzanite, a deep and bright purple-blue but the holo doesn't come across as sparkly. It ends up reading more silvery white. 

Paraiba is a bright green leaning aqua that shines nicely but not over the top like the last two. 

Morganite is a dark champagne shade that shoots off sparks of fiery lights in the sunshine. Love this shade.

Smoky Quartz leans just a touch too black for my preference, I was hoping it would be more smoky brown but I still love it. 

All these colors wear like glass on the fingers. Perfectly easy to paint with and levels to this incredibly smooth surface that almost feels like the top coat is built-in (although I do still use a top coat). They were $13 each and shipped quick. I bought them directly from the Cirque website

KBShimmer reeled me in too with their holiday release newsletter. 

I ended up splurging on these two shades: Haute Mess and Bling In The new Year. They ran $9.25 each and I ordered directly from their website. I see that they are still running their holiday gift with purchase promotion too. I enjoyed the consistency of these glitters, they built up nicely and wore wonderfully. I like to layer Haute Mess over Bling In The New Year. 

My eyes keep lapping up the beauty that is the Cirque Holiday collection. Particularly Halcyon, which I do not have a true rose gold yet. 

Have you bought any nail polish lately? Whose holiday collection are you loving?

Monday, December 5, 2016

Satin Suzie Scents: Christmas Samplers

Ho ho ho! Somebody went back to Satin Suzie Scents for seconds. There were around five or so Christmas samplers offered recently for $15, containing ten two ounce scent shots. I grabbed Santa's Got A Brand New Bag and the Winter Wonderland samplers. She will be closing for a holiday break from December 16th- January 2nd. The samplers are sold out now but I will review the scents since they are still being offered. 

These samplers arrived in cheerful Christmas tree cello bags, tied with burgundy and evergreen raffia. A note detailing the inspiration behind the sampler accompanied the bags. 

The first one is Santa's Got A Brand New Bag.

Roasted Chestnuts- Interesting. It pulls a little caramel and toffee but there is a dryness that does remind me of nuts lurking inside. It has creaminess and sweetness too. 

Pumpkin Nog- Oh yum. This one is good. Spicy pumpkin puree with a little butter rum and cream. I wish there was a coffee creamer that lasted like this. 

Oh Sugar! Cookie- A classic sweet sugar cookie. This one is chewy and full of vanilla extract and topped with buttercream frosting. Love it. 

Christmas Cedar- An arid and hazy cedar blended with dried orange peels. There is a slight crayon undertone but I am thinking it will burn off when melted. 

Havana Mornings- Coffee! This actually is a pretty nice coffee. Normally I get all bitter puppy toes with coffee in wax but this one has a roasted espresso bean vibe that I am digging. It is sweetened with sugar and maybe a dash of cream. I am thinking I will melt this one. Nice!

Pop's Pipe- Cherry almond to the max. There might be a thread of tobacco weaved in there but the cherry almond dominates old Pop's pipe. 

Peppermint Noel- Yes. I know I appreciate this one. I reviewed it in my initial Satin Suzie Scents post if you wish to read more about it.

White Out- There are plenty of festive notes listed in this one but a moist cedar is what I pull out of this overall. It has a watery note in there that is difficult for me. 

Berry Bellini- A  succulent dupe of Bath & Body Works' Cranberry Pear Bellini that my mom and I loved years ago. Made me nostalgic just smelling it. I will save this for the new year.

Christmas Love- This was a Yankee candle dupe I melted and enjoyed. I mostly got a sweet brown sugar sweetness that smelled like the cozy comforts of home. 

This is the Winter Wonderland sampler. All the woody scents in this one had me plopping it into my cart.

Another Roasted Chestnuts tart.

Cup of Cocoa- Tootsie Roll Swiss Miss. Not sure if I will melt it. Not really into chocolate in home fragrance. 

Nutmeg & Ginger- I very much enjoyed melting this one. Nice throw and lovely spicy scent. More pumpkin pie spice than anything but wonderful. 

Cranberry Festival- A sweet and slightly tart, softly spiced, cranberry scent. I like this one a lot. It reminds me a little of Dessa's Spiced Cranberry scent. One I would order again. 

Christmas Eve- A milder, more relaxed version of Winter from Bath & Body Works to my nose. I love the evergreen forest and light campfire smoke in the distance. A lovely winter aroma.

Frosty Pomegranate- Candy sweet pomegranate laced with a teensy bit of minty coolness. My nose fights with mint and fruit together most of the time, but it is a well done scent and one I can easily pass on for someone else to enjoy. 

Oh Christmas Tree- This is that delicious sugared spruce I love with vanilla sugar crystals sparkling on the boughs. Adore.

Winter Woods- Creamy sandalwood and whisper soft cashmere woods. Delightful!

Snow Day- This almost reminded me of Winter from Bath & Body Works too so I went the closet and opened up my Winter and compared this to Christmas Eve and back and forth. Christmas Eve still represents Winter better but Snow Day has more of that resinous edge that Winter has but without the citrus and incorporating cinnamon instead. It lends a wonderful wintery aroma that I cannot wait to experience.

Peppermint Noel was in this sampler too. Now I have two! Yipee!

Bernadette kindly sent two free samples with the sampler order in:

Pucker Up, Sweetheart- Oh my. I want to straight up eat this one. Ultra gooey vanilla cookies with just a dollop of sweet lemon cream. Incredible.

As You Wish- I really like this one! Mac apples are creamed with Vanilla Bean Noel then deepened with sticky brown sugar. And having just watched Princess Bride for this first time this year, I love the name!

I am very happy with my Satin Suzie Scents order. The TAT was only a few days, the scents are excellent and the customer service is top notch. I will be back. Have you tried Satin Suzie Scents yet? If you would like to read about more scents from this vendor check out Furianne and It's Always Something blogs on the sidebar. 

Sunday, December 4, 2016

Bath & Body Works: Cinnamon & Clove Bud Candle

White Barn's version of Cinnamon & Clove Bud features notes of sweet cinnamon, clove buds and freshly ground nutmeg. It smells more woody and dusky than sweet and bakery. I love it. Reminds me of a more rustic version of Celtic Moonspice. The throw was medium in my large living room. The flames were strong (I mean look at those tall strapping lads!) and it burned beautifully. I would not hesitate to pick up another one of these. 

If you enjoy spices this one would be a must try. Normally priced at $22.50, I bought this one for less than $8 with a sale combined with coupons. 

Saturday, December 3, 2016

Melting Basket 79

Last week was my Thanksgiving Melting Basket and after melting all the scents I honestly must declare that I would happily repurchase Every single scent I melted. To recap, those were:
CFTKR- Pumpkin Wreath
CFTKR- Butternut Pumpkin
CFTKR- Frost on the Pumpkin
CFTKR- Spiced Cranberries
Satin Suzie- Pumpkin Pie
Satin Suzie- Nutmeg & Ginger
Sugar & Spice- Pumpkins in the Fire/Cinnamon Sticks
The Bathing Garden- Victorian Midway
Country Lane Keepsakes- Picking Pumpkins
What yummy scents they all were! Let's look at my first Christmas basket of the season.

CFTKR- Winter Cabin
CFTKR- Christmas Cabin
CFTKR- Country Christmas
CFTKR- Tigs and Berries
CFTKR- Mulled Wine
CFTKR- Fig and Cassis
CFTKR- Christmas Wassail
Dessa's Homespun Scents- Smoky Mountain Berries

Another CFTKR heavy basket. I am sure you know by now that I love Carol's holiday offerings. If you would like me to review any of these scents, please let me know which ones and I would be happy to do so!

I have been waiting for ages to post this adorable Gryffindor snowman that lives in Hogsmeade. How cute is he and his wee owl companion? 

How are your holidays beginning?

We bought the tree last night and today we will decorate it. The girls have started enjoying the advent calendar and our nightly Christmas book reading. I think the house is pretty much decorated and ready. I just need to find a way to hang our stockings. I was thinking one of those stocking stands for the floor. 

I still have a few more presents to buy but I am pretty much ready to start wrapping and baking and sipping eggnog and peppermint teas. 

What are most looking forward to this month?

P.S. Bath & Body Works is having their $8.50 candle sale today!