Thursday, January 19, 2017

Melting Basket 84

Wax I melted in the last basket that I would buy again, turned out to be: SMT Enchanted Forest/Pink Sugar/Frosty Pine, TBG Belladonna, Deadly Gardens, Cemetery Keys, Satin Suzie Peppermint Noel and Berry Bellini, Kringle Kringle, FP The Gloaming. 

Glitterati- Pink Marshmallow Fireside
The Bathing Garden- Magic Green Soup
The Bathing Garden- The Smitten Diaries
Long Cane Primitives- Pink Serendipity Peppermint
Long Cane Primitives- Caramel's Perfect Autumn
Sniff My Tarts- Pink Sweet Lavender Marshmallow Cake
Sniff My Tarts- Pink Ultimate Bakery Waffle Cone
Candles From The Keeping Room- Mistletoe and Ivy
Candles From The Keeping Room- Blue Cedar Lavender
AmbiEscents- Snowball Donut Holes <3 gift

Drop a comment if you want to see any of these reviewed in depth, please. 

Friends, meet Boopers. Boopers, these are friends. Boopers is an albino Rosy Boa; a wee fella, he is about 12 inches long and about the girth of my ring finger. He is Scarlette's new companion and is as sweet as pie. 

Owning a snake was not a concern. Any time Adam found a baby snake outside, he hollered for the girls and they all took turns petting it then he would release it back. He is pretty savvy about whether the snake is venomous or not. Of course, venomous ones do not get picked up. 

The only thing that was a wild card was feeding. Luckily, there are frozen mice so all you have to do is thaw, warm and dry. Scarlette even picked up with the tongs and feed him all by herself. So a win as far as I am concerned. (She loved mice, rats, hamster, gerbils, rodents so I was unsure how well that would go over and we talked about it constantly before she picked a snake as her next pet).

Just wanted to introduce you to our newest family member. Did you ever have a snake or reptile for a pet as a kid? Hope you have a great day!

Wednesday, January 18, 2017

A Secret Forest Patisserie: Artisan Lollipops

A Secret Forest Patisserie is run by Vanessa, a talented artist and confectionary out of L.A. who crafts the most beautiful lollipops I have ever seen. They taste amazing too. Vanessa paints her creations on formed marzipan, adding sparkles, florals and gold flake along the way. Lollipops are sold in sets of three usually and range in price from $15 to $36 a trio.

A perfumer I follow in Instagram shared a photo of her cherry blossom pop and I swooned. Immediately I began window shopping A Secret Forest's website and building a cart for Christmas gifting. The silver mouse lollipops are the largest of her lollis, about the the width of the palm of my hand. The girls got these in their Christmas stocking and Scarlette already devoured hers. I saved the third one to photograph for you guys. And mayhap for my own tasty pleasure. You can select the flavor of your choice for certain designs and this was one of them. I chose a simple strawberry for the girls. ($36 for three x-large lollipops)

These holiday bluebirds are stunning. They are flavored in sugar cookie. I have not tasted these but plan to soon. I have one set aside for a giveaway that is currently happening on my Facebook page. ($21 for 3)

I bought a few Christmas themed pops for tying on packages: snowmen, Rudolph and Clarice and gingerbread houses. The snowmen are flavored in peppermint marshmallow and tasted minty delicious ($21 for 3), the reindeer in natural peppermint ($21 for 3) and the gingerbread houses in gingerbread ($30 for 3). The gingerbread houses blew me away with the level of detail and pure cheerfulness. I loved eating it. The gingerbread flavor was more sweet than spicy and mellow yet delicious. Eating the actual marzipan gingerbread house was my favorite part though. The chewy almond flavor and the sweet crunch of the decorations satisfied my sweet tooth.  

The girls also got a Lucky Cat lollipop in strawberry in their stocking as well. ($18 for 3)

When browsing her actual website make sure to just scroll through all the lollipops and not just click on collections or you will miss a lot of fun things to look at. Her Halloween and Valentine's lollipops are divine. I am dying to try her Marie Antoinette one, and a moon, and a lavender bud, as well a few others. I ordered several lollipops and it took a couple weeks to get them since she crafts each one by hand. Make sure you message her if you are wanting a certain amount for an event. She also does custom orders and can do rushes. I had a great experience and will be back for sure. 

I do recommend gifting the lollipops as soon as you get them or at least within a couple weeks. After about a month the clarity does cloud as is the nature of sugar and candy. They still taste amazing but just won't be as crystal clear. She also has premium flavors you can add to your lollipops like elderflower and organic plum for an extra charge. 

I am in love with artisan candies and these fit the bill for beautiful sweets to both enjoy and gift. 

Tuesday, January 17, 2017

Pearl Rose Candle Co.

My friend, Amanda, at Thrifty Polished sent me a quick message the other day that a vendor was having a really good sale over at Pearl Rose Candle Co. And I figured at $2 a clamshell (for some), I couldn't pass it up. So I placed a wee order on December 30th and it arrived about January 5th. 

Cabin in the Woods ($2 sale priced) is a dupe for Bath & Body Works Leaves, though it has a slight creamy caramel dollop of Cider Lane. I love the design on the clamshell. Three cubes in the kitchen and three cubes in the living room threw a solid medium. I quite enjoyed this one.

Sweet Dreams ($4) blends lavender and sugar cookie into a lovely delight that is sweetened with cream and sugar. I melted three cubes in two warmers each (used the whole clam) and it melted in a large area about medium-light to light. I mostly picked up a dry vanilla with a subtle floral that hinted at sweet lavender. A pleasant scent but probably not one I would buy again.

Winter Wonderland ($2 sale prices) is a sweet pine scent. It threw medium-light in the larger living area and kitchen. I love how pretty this one looked. 

Starlit Night ($4.50 for a 4 ounce bag) purports to be a Lush Twilight dupe (which I quickly threw in my cart! Twilight! Yay!!) but sadly it is nothing like it. The lilac is crazy strong in this blend and little wisps of the sweet lavender I know and love are swallowed whole by the springy florals. I melted half a bag in my bedroom and got a medium throw. It was a nice scent for a bulb flower lover. It had a hyacinth and daffodil air to it. But not a Twilight dupe. 

A free sample in Love Drunk, which is a Love Spell dupe, is a little sweeter and less cloying than the actual Love Spell to my nose. I quite prefer it over the real deal. 

- Decently fast shipping
- Offers body care
- Cute product
- Offers subscription boxes
- Fair shipping price ($4.75 for my order)
- Free samples

- Some dupes are not even close to original scent
- Strange pricing... some 50% off clams were $4 while some were $2 and some 4 ounce products are $4.50 while some 3 ounce products are $2.00
- Not much stock or scent variety

The throw varies widely but it can with any vendor depending on the scent oils.

Overall, it was a nice experience. I may visit again when there is more stock available and if there are scents in that I really want. 

Monday, January 16, 2017

Warmed Wax: RG, SMT, TBG and FP

Rosegirls Apple Puff Pumpkin Pie was a gift from sweet Sandra at Finger Candy. I remember loving Apple Puff Pastry something fierce a few years back so I was thrilled when this arrived one day in an informal wax swap. I would think adding pumpkin pie make this mac apple blend a little more spicy and creamy sweet but instead it went... not that way. The mac apples were extra fruity sweet and there was a touch of cinnamon but I kept getting that cannoli/biscotti dry crunchiness that I just don't like. I love many, many scents the Rosegirls create but their cannoli and biscotti are not two of them. The pumpkin did contribute a depth of scent and I got a medium throw, but would not be a repurchase. Thank you for letting me try it, Sandra!! <3

Sniff My Tarts Pink Sugar/Frosty Pine/Enchanted Forest was wonderful. I forget sometimes in my exuberance for wanting woods and pines and trees to sprout from my warmers, that they sometimes need to tempered by sugar. This was a nicely balanced blend. The Pink Sugar softened and sweetened the sometimes screechy pines that can be found in Frosty Pine and Enchanted Forest. The breath of mint freshened and cooled the scent as well. The throw was about a medium. It perfumed my living area and kitchen perfectly. Repurchase/re-blend. 

The Bathing Garden Deadly Gardens smells incredible. One of those that is hard to capture in words. Sweet and furry from the tonka bean, grassy hay sweetness from vetiver and a little sugared rose petals sprinkled on top. Overall, a beautiful scent. I cut one of the tiny bricks in half and put half in the kitchen and the rest in the living area and got a medium throw for several hours. Repurchase, but two bricks this time so I can melt one in each warmer. 

FuturePrimtive The Gloaming, which refers to the twilight time of day. Love that word. It is one of the best marshmallow fireside type of scents ever. But this is not a dupe in any way. There are crepuscular trees, brisk autumn air and mountain mist surrounding the toasting marshmallow ritual. I love it. The throw in my bedroom was medium-light but I didn't mind. I enjoyed the uniqueness of the scent to buy it again. This was an autumn release scent and is not guaranteed to return. Though I will stoop to beg.

Pending order update: The Bathing Garden Winter and Valentine Collections (small), Rosegirls (small), Wonderberry (one scrub), Lasting Scent Candles (small) and Handmade in Florida (one bar soap). I also have one cat lipstick (Paul & Joe from Beauty Habit), and two small sheet mask orders (Ulta Leaders in Solution mask BOGO sale and Beautibi Friday the 13th sample deal). 

I will be posting a giveaway on Facebook this week so keep a weather eye peeled for that if you are interested. Do you have any pending orders of any type?

Sunday, January 15, 2017

Mediheal Black Label: Black Mask

This Mediheal Black Label mask came from Liz in Korea a little while back. It is aimed at trouble skin, which is what I own, and perfect for me, containing salicylic acid and triclosan. The mask was black and felt very soft on the skin. It was not the typical paper sheet, but more of a cottony thin fabric that reminded me of those extremely nice hand towels you can find at expensive restaurants in the bathrooms to dry your hands on, then toss out. It fit my face without any alteration needed and contained a nice amount of serum. After about 20 minutes of wear I removed it and rubbed in the excess serum. It felt emollient and slightly oil based. My skin lapped it up and I woke up the next morning with a wonderful clarity and dewy glow. Repurchase.

These can be purchased on the Asian beauty site, Imomoko, for $1.50 each and are well worth it, though the site does say there are 2/pack, there is only one in there. The 2x at the top left is translated into it being a dual purpose mask, not that there are 2 inside. At any rate, I bought one more and a few other masks from Imomoko. Have you ordered from any Asian beauty sites or Imomoko? 

Saturday, January 14, 2017

Bath & Body Works Candle: Vanilla Snowflake

Vanilla Snowflake is a candle from Bath & Body Works that I have eyed several times over the years. The idea of coconut and vanilla is a favorite, but every time I whiff it on cold I was just not that impressed. Enough ladies on IG raved about this one this year that I figured, what the hey. And I bought it. 

It burned well. Great pool. Strong flames. Even a healthy throw. But the scent just fell flat. I get this artificial plastic undertone from the coconut vanilla and it just bores me.

I will still finish it up for candle burning sake, but I will not be repurchasing Vanilla Snowflake.

Friday, January 13, 2017

Mermaid Treasure: Forest Book

Olga at Forest Book creates stunning jewelry. Her pieces are one of a kind, a little rustic whimsy meets modern flair. She utilizes textures, stones and metals to build wearable art. I do have one of her gorgeous pendants that I bought used and just adore. But this post is about a simple chain I purchased using some Etsy gift certificates that my sister gave me for my birthday and Christmas. 

I needed a necklace to sport a few pendants I own that are chainless. I wanted something handmade that reflected the artistic silversmithed jewelry that I favor. I chose Olga's silver disc oxidized chain in 24-26" for $42.00 and $5.75 shipping. It arrived quickly and packaged beautifully. Look at that business card photo. My mouth waters.

This chain is amazing.

If you look closely you can see each wonderfully oxidized disc has textured lines around the edges.

I have already worn this beauty a few times with a moonstone pendant that I love, but it looks very stylish on its own as well. Olga currently does not have this chain option in her Etsy store but there is a diamond cut ball chain I wouldn't mind getting. This chain will probably return as she does use it in some of her necklace creations. 

Do you wear chains naked? I mean without pendants, of course.