Wednesday, July 18, 2018

Witch Baby Soap: Bath Bombs

Told ya there would be more Witch Baby coming. I picked up five bath bombs. There are a few Life Flower bath bombs left but I tend to save those for when my period is slamming me. These are my fun time bath bombs. 

Candy Quartz- Notes: Pink cotton candy. $10
This is my kind of cotton candy. It has a bite of chewy vanilla tonka to it along with the candy floss. There is a rose quartz inside this bath bomb. The pink mica shimmer is beautiful on this bath bomb and happily it does not create a glitter bomb. This beauty fizzed energetically and made the waters smell like the most delicious sinister cotton candy. The crystal quartz inside revealed itself to be in the shape of a heart and is the cutest dang thing ever. I would repurchase this in a heartbeat.

Psychic- Notes: Amber and lavender essential oil. $7.75
This is a repurchase for me. I quite enjoyed it the last time I had it. Amber that runs more musky than resinous, paired with calm lavender vanilla. 

Dragon's Blood- Notes:Dragon's blood resin. $8
A light floral dragon's blood that floats about with incense and carnations. I believe that is a quartz embedded in the top, or it could be a citrine... I can't really see it that well yet until I use it. 

Blood & Milk- Notes: Blood orange and coconut. $6.50
A smooth coconut milk with powdery light flowers echoing behind the tropical creaminess. Not too much orange on cold sniff but it does lend some depth.

Death- Notes: Blood red apples. $8
Dried MacIntosh apples. This bath bomb made an incredible bath experience. The yellow and black coffin exploded into a frothy maroon explosion once it hit the water.

It made for a fun bath that I would love to experience again. 

I look forward to using the rest of these over the summer. 

What are some of your favorite bath bombs?

Monday, July 16, 2018

eNVie Parfum

eNVie Parfum is a perfume studio that falls under the umbrella of the House of NA, which also houses Nocturne Alchemy. eNVie perfumer, Emerson Hart, orchestrates symphonies of scent and even refers to his role as a composer. The hallmark of eNVie is the use of high quality ingredients utilizing classical perfumery with an eye to ethics and passion. In my opinion this is a high end niche perfume house with a focus on perfume oils. This house has a signature scent that is the muse and inspiration for many of its creations: Saphir.

Prices for the 25 ml oils run from $225 to $300 each, which is reflective of the rarity of extracts used. I am not a stranger to purchasing expensive perfumes, but certainly not blindly (well, usually). Samples of these scents can be obtained through Ajevie but I like eNVie's travel set option so that is the route I took.

eNVie Parfum celebrated their first anniversary in May with a 15% off coupon. My fancy had been tickled by the double 5 ml travel set for some time now, so I knew I would splurge for one once the sale was teased on their Facebook page. 

The Ensemble de Voyageur Deux set includes two 5ml bottles from most of the house's fragrances, except the exclusif line, for $90.00. The choice of a blue or red velvet box can be made. 

Bleu Saphir- Notes: Blue chamomile absolute, labdanum, Siam benzoin, Blue Sumian lavender, coral wood, blue cypress, blue yarrow absolute, blue tansy infused in blue amber and Saphir. 

I have a bit of a love affair with anything "blue" from The House of NA. I find it to have nuances of ethereal sweetness and a dreaminess. If a lunar resin was discovered and burned in some otherworld altar, moon incense, that is what the "blue" reminds me of. 
Freshly applied to the flesh, silver hued lavender and syrupy chamomile and tansy float up on a softly smoky cloud of vanilla. Gauzy, sky blue. The herbal top notes drift deeper into candied indigo labdanum and crystallized vanilla amber. Satiny, cobalt haze. Bleu Saphir settles down its twilight life by smelling of Saphir. While the sweet resins and vanilla have a strong presence they manage to wear light as dandelion wishes. The Bleu Saphir lingers like an aura around the skin, with a personal sillage that must be approached rather than approaching others. Blue heaven.

Saphir- Notes: Egyptian musk and musk resin purified into natural notes of blue balsamic amber, sweet papyrus oil from Cairo and Siam benzoin that hints naturally of occurring warm and pure vanillin. 

This is the muse. This is the house signature scent that I knew I needed to experience. If Bleu Saphir focuses more on the herbs initially then weaves into a sapphire nimbus before becoming Saphir itself, then the original Saphir is its creamier more tangible companion. Sugared vanilla and balsamic amber open up this beauty, a slender touch of spice and woods. Saphir rolls around on the skin like resinous butter. Smooth, well blended euphoria. When I dream of a perfect vanilla, this is what it would smell like. The benzoin and amber, musk and papyrus all merge into this beatific vanilla accord. Wood hued, amber laden, creamy vanilla deliciousness. I will be using this all. Every last drop. 

This scent absolutely can be worn on its own, but it can also be layered with other eNVie fragrances. 

I will admit I was very much pleasantly shocked to see such a generous sample included with the order. It was almost like mind reading too when I saw it was Santal. Sandalwood is my weakness.

Santal Saphir- Notes: Sweet Australian sandalwood, heartwood, Mysore sandalwood infused into Alexandrian sandalwood with fine drops of Indian oud, palo santo infused sandalwood and Saphir. 

Creamy luxe sandalwood, sanded smooth but just with that soft catch of nap left in the wood that makes it feel as if it is caressing you back when you run your hands over it. Sandalwood incense and vanilla resin. The ultimate vanilla sandalwood scent. It is luxurious and refined, raw in its power and beauty. I am utterly smitten. Prudence would say that I graduate to the 5ml and bring Patchouli Blanc along for the ride but my heart years for the big bottle already. Saphir and Santal Saphir? A girl can dream. 

What high end perfume have you made lovelorn coos of adoration at? Did you ever capture your elusive fragrance?

Saturday, July 14, 2018

Vacation Wax and Plans: Savannah, Georgia

Time for the yearly tradition of sharing what smell goods will be packed for our summer vacation. The past few years have seen us headed for the mountains. I tend to crave cabin-esque woods, spice and coziness when staying in the mountains. Savannah seemed to warrant something a little different. A southern town shrouded in mystery and history needed some more austere fragrances.

I packed:
Bath and Body Works Palo Santo candle
Bath and Body Works Incense candle
Ten Digit Creations Wicked Lovely
Ten Digit Creations Rosewood & Amber
Dessa's Homespun Scents Harvest Moon
Candles From The Keeping Room Warm & Cozy

I think the candles will be just the ticket. Check out my new hot plate!! It is an old school 24 watt with the handle on the bowl that I missed having. I found some at a local gift shop and picked up two. 

Some things on the agenda for Savannah, Georgia:

The Old Pink House (dinner)
17Hundred90 (dinner)
The Pirate's House (dinner)
A Lowcountry Backyard Restaurant (lunch)
Sandfly BBQ (lunch)
The Collins Quarter (brunch)
Huey's on the River (brunch)
B. Matthew's Eatery (breakfast)
World Famous Breakfast Club (breakfast)
Tybean Coffee and Art
The Coffee Fox, Cotton & Rye and Leopold's Ice Cream are on the list too. 

Salt Marsh Kayaking at Hilton Head
Bonaventure Cemetery Tour
Ghosts and Gravestones Tour
Tybee Island Lighthouse
Tybee Island beach fun (that is where I found this baby cuttlefish)
The Book Lady bookstore
Graveface Records
River Street 
Cathedral of St. John the Baptist
Forsyth Park

Mostly eating, walking, shopping and exploring. 
What are some of your favorite things to do in Savannah? Best place to eat? 

Friday, July 13, 2018

Witch Baby Soap: Holy Smokes Bath Potion

I ran through all my bath salts and found myself missing the glorious bath potions from Witch Baby. Got lucky perusing the website and there was one sitting jar of bath potion sitting pretty so into the cart it went and home it came. 

Holy Smokes- Notes: Palo santo, sage, frankincense, myrrh. $20 for 16 ounces
Smoky incense billows out from the jar with arid sage and the specters of the trees within which the incense was born. There is a touch of vanilla powdered milk from the coconut milk powder, milk powder and tapioca that gives it the rich milk bath silkiness, but that part doesn't really affect the overall aroma once it hits the water.

Opening the metal lid to the glass jar reveals a generous stick of palo santo buried within the heart of the potion. I was not expecting that and it was a pleasant surprise. I drew myself a nice hot bath that night and the potion resulted in the most magnificent milk bath. Silken, bubbling with incense smoke and herbal sage, tender flower petals and tiny leaves curl about the surface of the water. 

Holy Smokes is currently sold out, but that doesn't mean it won't come back. I have some Witch Baby bath bombs coming up in a post here soon. 

What Witch Baby product is your favorite? Do you like milk baths?

Happy Friday the 13th!

Wednesday, July 11, 2018

Mermaid Treasure: House of Epicurus

My sister Darby and I had an open Monday so we took the girls to an oddity store in Ybor City called Dysfunctional Grace Art. It was everything we could have wanted and more. There were bones and skeletones of various species, taxidermy and haunted portraits, herbs, crystals and bugs, strange medical equipment and curios from around the world. There was also a jewelry case. 

The House of Epicurus is touted as "jewelry made for wizards" and is run out of Tampa by Laura Sefkow. Laura silversmiths amazing pieces, many of them vaginas, and some really cool stone, skull and raptor talon pieces. She mostly sells her work through Dysfunctional Grace, where I saw the ring above gleaming in the case. I had been desiring an open band ring for ages but had not landed on the right one. Until this fortuitous Monday. 

This silver handmade ring features onyx and jade stones with abstract design. It is easily adjustable and wears like a dream. It was $90. 

I will be back to Dysfunctional Grace. Savanna left with a Spinosaurus tooth but wants a raptor claw necklace (not an actual claw but a cast of one). Scarlette left with some stones and gems. I left with the ring and some bugs and a glass box. I left the tiny hanging bat but hopefully he will still be there waiting on me to bring him home. 

Tuesday, July 10, 2018

Twisted Wonderland Perfumery: Candle and Bath Salts

This Twisted Wonderland Perfumery order was a long time in the making. I have been following Rae and her fragrant concoctions for a while now. I love the dark fairy tale fantasy world that she crafts with whimsy. Twisted Wonderland offers perfumes, soaps, body care, home fragrance and more. After many trips to the website and much window shopping, I decided upon a candle and some bath salts. My products arrived quickly and packaged well. A nice tasting lollipop and a wax tart were generously included. 

"Soak Me" Bathing Salts in Keep Your Temper sounded like just the thing I was looking for once I read the notes. These bathing salts can be purchased in any scent of your choice for $11.50 for ten ounces of salts. They come in this really cool plastic frosted apothecary jar with a spoon and a cork lid. 

Keep Your Temper- Notes: Eucalyptus, herbal lavender, a sprig of spearmint and a little hint of toasty marshmallow. 
A sinus clearing bright and sharp eucalyptus greets the senses. I love how powerful it smells. The spearmint is the perfect partner for this scent, adding just a touch of minty sweetness. The bath salts made for a relaxing and fragrant bathing experience. Skin softening and calming. The green glitter and mica was very bright and did have to be cleaned up from the tub but it wasn't difficult. Personally, I am very much the old lady when it comes to glitter and shimmer in my bath but the girls loved it so they will finish this off with relish. 

Unicorn Party- Notes: Goji berry, blueberry, red raspberry, pink spun sugar and sweet vanilla. ($2.75)

I was surprised and delighted to see a scent shot in the box as a free sample. I LOVE how beautiful this wax it. That tie-dye is rad. The scent is just as groovy too. It smells of blue raspberry sno-cones and piles of cotton candy. It reminds me of the blue raspberry Blow Pops too. I remember always getting those at the skating rink. I went whole hog and threw the entire shot in my bedroom warmer and it threw strong and sweet and I loved it. I would purchase it in a heart beat. 

Look at that awesomeness.

The candle can be ordered much like the bath salts, in that you can list your scent choice in the comments when you check out. The woodwick candles are at the bottom of a drop down menu and run $15 for a 9.5 ounce candle.

Black Heart- Notes: Dark patchouli, clove and caramel pipe tobacco.
This smells even better than I imagined. The smoky black patch and dried tobacco merge perfectly and the added woody yet warm clove makes it bliss. This is how a handsome man with a black heart and a tailcoat might smell. Or a succubus in a red dress. 

The candle comes in a black glass container with a metal lid. It was beautifully decorated. It lit easily but the flame did not last very long at first. After some tinkering (cutting away the wax, pouring some off here and there) I was able to get it going eventually. I did contact Rae when I couldn't get it to form that first pool and she did offer a refund but I wanted to work on it and knew sometimes these things happened. It did end up churning along and when it did, it threw nice and strong. 

Despite the rocky start, it ended up being a stellar candle. I will happily buy it again. In this exact scent. I hope this scent becomes wax tarts eventually too. I want everything to smell like Black Heart. 

I am very happy with my first Twisted Wonderland experience. Rae was very sweet and responsive to my questions and her products show how much she cares for her creations. That Black Heart though. You need that smell. 

Have you tried anything from Twisted Wonderland? Any recommendations?

Monday, July 9, 2018

Fortune Cookie Soap: CYO Liquid Shampoo and Deep Conditioner

Since I enjoyed the small hand sanitizer order I placed with Fortune Cookie Soap for Savanna's Lord of the Rings birthday party, I signed up for their newsletter. I read about a CYO (Create Your Own) shampoo and conditioner event and knew I wanted to give it a go. The CYO Deep Conditioners ran $14.99 with up to three scents blended and an option to create your own name. Regular Deep Conditioner releases are $12.99. I think these are about 2 ounces or so. The CYO Liquid Shampoo was $13.99 (regularly $11.99) and is 9.5 ounces. 

The Liquid Shampoo formula is very nice. The CYO version is a beautiful pearlized sky blue and nice and thick in consistency. It is easy to pump out but has some viscosity to it. The shampoo lathers up wonderfully easy and cleans my hair of product without drying it out. The fragrances are strong without being obnoxious and linger quietly in the hair after it is dried. 

I knew straight away I wanted a shampoo and conditioner set in Middle Earth. 

Middle Earth- Notes: Warmed Longbottom leaf, frosted silver birch atop the Misty Mountains, blue juniper bushes of Pelennor fields and subtle hints of citrus. 

I loved this scent on first sniff in the hand sanitizer and would buy it in just about any format. It is a sweet tobacco aroma with shades of summery orange slices and woods. It will be perfect for the transition from summer into fall. 

The Deep Conditioner does come in a small amount but a little goes a long way and it is recommended for use 1-2 times a week, much like a hair mask. It contains argan oil, aloe and proteins. I appreciate how soft and moisturized my hair feels after I use this. Once a week is good enough for me with this product. 

I have been having a major love affair with Blue Sugar. I created a blend I named Hagrid. 

Hagrid- Notes: A handful of peppermint Pepper Imps, the subtle sugary anise tones of herbal tea (Blue Sugar) and the earthy tang of patchouli, freshly picked from the Forbidden Forest.

Hagrid and I are birthday twins, December 6th babies, we have a love of creatures and a soft spot for loyal friends and good professors. He is my very favorite person in Harry Potter. If I could spend a fall evening sitting by his fire, sipping tea and chatting, I would be happy as a hippogriff. Alas, I cannot but I can happily create a smell that will make me think of him. The Blue Sugar features prominently with accents of cool mint and deep patch. I love it.

The results I get from this shampoo and conditioner combo make me happy. My dry, thin curly hair is softer and more shiny. I will be alternating this with my Future Primitive shampoo and conditioner. 

Do you have any favorite Fortune Cookie Soap scents? I am new to this company and any scent direction would be fabulous.