Monday, June 18, 2018

Obscurus: Bath, Body and Wax Tarts from Femme Fatale

These products were sent free of charge from Femme Fatale in exchange for photographs, all opinions my own. 

Femme Fatale Cosmetics is an Australian based company that sells indie products from bath and body to nail polishes, makeup to perfumes and even wax tarts. If you are looking for a new way to explore some really talented makers Femme Fatale is a wonderful outlet to do just that. Sophie, the owner of Femme Fatale recently debuted her own in-house brand of bath, body, perfume and home fragrance via a line called Obscurus. The Obscurus line is vegan, cruelty free and handmade. It has a dark edgy styling that features the arcane and mysterious. Today I have a sampling of various products to show you. Prices are in AUD, but I will put the US price in parenthesis after the product. I want to start with the wax tarts since I was totally surprised to see these in the box I was sent. The wax is soy and comes in the clamshell format.

Superstition- Notes: Citrus, agave and lavender with woody warmth, musk and amber. ($7.37)
This scent conveys what many oceanside fragrances attempt to capture but in a more realistic and refined manner. The citrus smells of lightly aged bergamot and paired with the lavender it paints landscapes of sunsets in Tuscany or glowing coastlines off the coast of France. I think it may be the agave that lends the salt encrusted atmosphere. It is a beautifully rendered aroma. Once melted, it performs a mercurial transformation, a bit of the sweetness in the citrus comes out and plays dreamily with the lavender. The amber and musk pulls through more the whole scent becomes elevated. One cube threw medium-strong in the bathroom and two cubes threw medium in the larger kitchen and living area. We had gone grocery shopping about an hour after I put this scent in the warmers. We came back and I started cubing a cantaloup I purchased and kept catching streamers of this magnificent perfume as the A/C would kick on and off. I finally realized it wasn't me (or rather my own perfume I should day), but Superstition. I want to smell like Superstition. It has a very elegant high class style.

Astral- Notes: White florals with hidden rose crystals and musk. 
An antique hand tatted bridal veil of tiny white and palest pink roses cascades back through generations of women, each with a fluttering heart of nerves stitched next to hope, youthful eyes luminous with ancient knowledge. The effluvia of gossamer roses floating like a trail of love's musk behind them. This is a gauzy pale rose that was utterly lovely to melt in the bedroom. Two cubes gave a medium-strong throw. The rose was not cloying, too peppery or overbearing, but wonderfully blended and softly sweet. Somehow it calmed me as I would float in and out of the bedroom as I was going about my evening routine. I discovered that this wax needs some nurture time while melting. Be patient and it will bloom and unfurl. 

Out of Body Experience- Notes: Freshly baked cinnamon buns drizzled with lemon and vanilla icing and a dash of orange zest. 
Sniffing this wax tart does indeed provide my senses with an out of body experience. Experiences of the past, Christmas mornings where cinnamon and clove pricked citrus fruits in a wooden bowl grace the same table as piping hot cinnamon rolls ready to make eager fingers and lips sticky with their sweetness. The vividness of the oranges and lemons and spice really liven up the comforting bakery aspects. This is not your typical Hot Orange Danish scent. I am saving this one to kick off fall. 

These lidded tubs are about 3 ounces and hold bath bombs called Tub Transmutation. They contain moisturizing almond oil and bloom in lovely shades of color. 

Agoraphobia- Notes: Sweet citrus bubbles and ginger ale, fizzing ripe red grapes, tart blood plums and lily. ($6.14)
My mouth waters when I open the lid and inhale this effervescent fruity libation. The ginger ale is unmistakable and forms the foundation of the brew. Sliced lemons and sweet sparkling grape juice join the ginger ale to create something I want to imbibe, but even better, I get to bathe in it. I am tucking this one away for an evening bath when I need an extra little pep, but I did use the next one...

Red Moon- Notes: Warm buttermilk doughnuts rolled in sticky sugar and oozing strawberry and raspberry jam. 
This is definitely an aroma I could get down on more in a wax tart format than bath and body care, but it is still well done. Tart and tangy raspberries merge with crispy fried donuts. In the tub this bath bomb fizzed and whirled with verve, turning the waters a candied watermelon pink tint. The fruits rose up out of the water and bakery notes dappled the steam. It was a fun bath and I will be looking to pick up some of these bath bombs in other scents that would be more my bathing ritual style. It was an excellent bath bomb and I like the way these are packaged. They make for easier storage than the spheres. 

Purge Potion is a thick consistency sugar scrub made from Australian cane sugar, grapeseed oil, avocado oil and shea butter. 

Tunguska- Notes: Forest greens with lime and winter berries, floral heart blended with ozone, green apple and musk. A crisp breeze and wilderness. ($10.65)
Tunguska takes the subtle perfume of evergreen and spruce from faraway woodland tundras and entwines it with ozone pulled in from the northern pole of the Earth's atmosphere. There is a stony chill wetness in the woods, but also an ethereal sweetness. Aquatic apples and airy limes. I love this scent. It is an illuminating scent, an olfactive representation of the teals, lime greens and pulsing indigo hues of an aurora borealis skimming over the snowy evergreen needles, reflecting and refracting like magic. 

I love the styling of this brand. The lids have stickers that reflect the scent within. Tunguska revolves around the phenomenon of the largest meteoritic impact that happened in recorded history. The shooting star is quite lovely but also hints at that event. I love it. 

The consistency of the sugar scrub reminds me of a lighter, more yielding version of The Bathing Garden's sugar scrubs. I can get a nice scoopful with my finger tips and massage it into my skin easily. Its medium sized particulate exfoliates wonderfully and the oils and butters aren't too heavy but add the right amount of moisturizing. It left my skin smooth and soft. I would happily buy this product and do plan on it.

Rota Fortunae- Notes: Jasmine, lily of the valley and rosewood blends with oriental spices and sweet citrus, mellowed with musks and vanilla. The capricious nature of fate. 
Though some say she may be fickle, she smells undeniably opulent. She is shrouded in a velutinous cloak of inviting jasmine woods. This is not tropical, heady jasmine but the ghost of jasmine long ago dried, a token from a former lover that lived a past life tucked behind the curl of an ear. Musky rosewood and the lily of the valley enhance that gossamer jasmine silhouette. Capricious Rota Fortunae is always welcome on skin and in my life. This would be amazing as a bath treat or bedroom fragrance. 

Check out this art! An arcane wheel of fate. Love. 

It is hard for me to capture the lovely subtle mica shimmer in this scrub but it is very nice. Not gaudy or over the top at all. Just right. 

I am impressed with the Obscurus line from Sophie of Femme Fatale. I can tell she put a lot of thought into her scents, ingredients and brand. I have not looked into the shipping yet, but the pricing of the products is more than fair with the exception of the wax tarts, those are a touch high when looking at market prices, but in my opinion not too high for me as I would pay extra for these types of boutique scents that blow me away. The packaging is top notch. The stories behind the scents add mystery and that extra level of detail I admire. 

Tomorrow I am going to feature Obscurus' Spring 2018 perfume oil line. Come by and check it out. 

Have you ordered from Femme Fatale? What lines do they carry that you love and I need to try?

Sunday, June 17, 2018

Sanari Candle Giveaway!

I have a nice surprise for you all this morning! I did a review of Sanari's all natural artisan candles out of California not too long ago (you can read it here) and now I will be giving one away to one of my readers! I am also happy to present you with a 20% discount code for anything on the site. Use code: TLC20 from now until July 17th, the website is linked above and here

To enter the giveaway of the winner's choice of candle please comment below with which Sanari scent you would choose if you won the giveaway and why a natural candle is something you enjoy or would like to try. Make sure your scent choice is correct because that will be the one you get, so go visit the site! Leave your email address so you can be contacted. One winner will be randomly drawn in one week, Sunday June 24th.

Good luck!

Saturday, June 16, 2018

23.5 N Skin Care from Beautibi

These products were sent free as a part of the Beautibi panel in exchange for honest reviews. 

Beautibi is an Asian skincare boutique that I have purchased from a few times before. I love their beauty boxes and sheet mask bundles. Through one of these boxes I sampled a few 23.5N products and quite enjoyed them, particularly the Oriental Beauty Tea Toner and the Peppermint Refreshing Facial Cleanser. I recently became a part of Beautibi's 5th Beauti Panel to test out 23.5N Rice Soothing Active Essence and Red Pearl Barley Brightening Treatment Oil.

The Rice Soothing Active Essence uses natural ingredients and is fragrance free. Rice ferment filtrate from sake production, oryza sativa (rice) extract and sodium hyaluronate are the primary active ingredients in this essence which brightens and soothes dull skin, particularly irritated skin. And mine is usually quite irritated at me. I wash my face with cleanser at night and use toner in the morning when I wake up, after performing those two rituals I applied two pumps of this product to my fingertips and massaged into my face for the past three days. It is a light liquidy gel texture and feels like soothing watery aloe going onto the face, but without the slickness or stickiness. Very hydrating feel to it. There is a calming sensation that comes from smoothing this onto my face. Three days is too soon to notice a visible difference but I have not had any adverse reactions to this essence and my skin does feel more mellow and clear without the redness I sometimes get in my cheeks and on my nose. My acne seems less angry. I took a before photo and will share it. No filter, no editing, natural light. Crazy hair. I will come back in two weeks for an after photo and share them side by side. 

For my morning routine, after applying the essence I have been massaging this Red Pearl Barley Brightening Treatment Oil onto my face. I like a brightening boost for the start of the day. Usually from here I add SPF and/or my tinted moisturizer with SPF from Nars. If I just do the SPF my face goes nude for the day and sometimes those are my favorite days. As a sufferer of acne I do feel more comfortable if my skin is as calm as possible to go without makeup, but I will regardless. The treatment oil uses red pearl barley, red quinoa, and red pomegranate to nourish the skin and is great for uneven skin tones. This feels amazing on the skin. I shake it up (as the oils separate) and squeeze a dropper full onto my fingertips and apply. The oils feel plush and soak easily into the skin, leaving it feeling and looking velvety. I don't think I have noticed any visible difference yet after three days but again, my skin is reacting well to it and it may be combining with the essence to make my skin have the results I noticed above. This smaller travel six is $10, which is a great option for giving it a test drive. The full size 30ml is $49. I quite enjoy the thoughtful products made by 23.5N. They are cruelty free, vegan, made with Halal standard and additive free.

I will report back in two weeks for an update. 

If you decide you would like to give some new skincare a whirl from the many high quality brands offered at Beautibi, you can do so from now until June 30th for 15% off with the code: JULIE15

Friday, June 15, 2018

Candles From The Keeping Room: Part 5 Samples

When you get an order from Candles From The Keeping Room, you not only get highly scented adorable wax, you also get Carol's generosity. She takes her time to double bag, tie and wrap in paper, each of her creations. She also graciously includes tons of sample. I love the way Carol makes samples in new scents that will be debuting the next opening or two. It allows you test out her news scents and decide if a bag will be joining your collection on the next ordering day. Given the sheer quantity of the samples I got with my ginormous order I am going to simply give brief impressions if that is ok. 

Sweet & Sassy reminds me of Bite Me. It is an effervescent cherry lime pop and smells sunny and vibrant. 

Mint Mojito smells exactly like the drink tastes. Fresh pulverized mint leaves with sparkling soda and white dry woods. I miss having a mojito from time to time and this is a great substitute. 

You Crack The Whip Type smells of creamy vanilla berries and a touch of floral perfume on the edges. Quite yummy.

Solar Power comes in the sunny flip flops and reminds me of mild melons and sweet fruits. A tropical melon based scent.

Scandal has that fruity floral aroma that reminds me of something I would spray in Bath & Body Works or Victoria's Secret. 

Hedonic Tonic, boy this sounds naughty. It is a citrusy concoction that has some bergamot in it. Brings to mind Lush type scents. 

Cucumber Lavender is a surprise favorite. Again, I normally don't care for the watery cloying aspects of cucumber but here they smooth out the lavender and are barely detectable. It smells refreshing and airy. 

Raw Sugar and Mint is instant true love. I said it. Bracing mint with just a hint of sweetness. The pinnacle of mint scents. 

Bourbon Rice Pudding pulls boozy with whiskey with a hint of powdery tapioca pudding to add milkiness. It works. I like it in a strange way.

Homespun Sugar Cookie is another cookie classic from Carol. Sugar cookies with vanilla mixed with extra sugar. It smells lovely. 

Suede and Lace just might be the most well blended leather I have sniffed to date. It is very soft and supple and barely there. The musk and vanilla amber tones are allowed to play star over the suede and it is perfection.

Grilled Peaches and Pecans are easily the cutest wee tarts ever. This is a nutty peach with nary a spoonful of sugar. Quite interesting indeed. I swear I can smell the grill marks without it being smoky or like a bonfire, but that hesitant charcoal presence is there. 

Gorgeous Grey Votive Type has a grapefruit presence with woods, amber and rose to support it. The tartness is just a hair too powdery candy tarts to my nose to let me enjoy it. 

Sorrel and Lemon Jo Malone Type formed into yellow flip flops is quite fun! This is a strongly herbal aroma with thyme, rosemary, green geranium and mosses tempered by zesty unsweet lemons and petitgrain. Very refreshing change of pace from all the sweet scents I tend towards.

Tiffany's Sweet Pumpkin Cupcakes comes in two vibrant mini bundt cakes and smells straight up delicious. Concentrated pumpkin flavors with thickly whipped vanilla frosted cupcakes. Doubly good.

Apple Martini, though I love Strawberry Martini, is not my jam. The apple is nice and plump with a watery green aroma but a touch too much. 

Black Code Armani Type is pure sexy man. A classic cologne scent with bergamot and a touch of dark guaiacwood. I will enjoy melting this one.

Hot Orange Bear Claw brings to mind the Hot Orange Danish that used to be so popular ages ago and mixes it with a stronger bakery note. 

Rose Cognac Sugar is a beautiful sugared rose aroma. Light on the cognac and smooth in execution. 

Deviant is another fruity floral perfume that features peony as the strongest player. 

Silk American Cream is a dupe for Lush's American Cream, a light powdery cream and strawberry musk that I used to adore. It is nice to have it on hand once again. 

Mandarin Tiki features the juiciest technicolor mandarin I have ever smelled. This one is an electrical summer scent.

Grapefruit and Mint is a pleasant combination to my nose. Quite unexpected. I like the uplifting aroma of this marriage of pink grapefruit and crystal clear peppermint.

Hugs and Kisses pulls pineapple and citrus along with flowers into another pretty fruity floral aroma. 

Teakwood and Coconut smells bloody brilliant. I love this scent. Chill coconut sunscreen merges with musky teakwood to make a divine beach house aroma. I need to melt this today. 

Queen B, sadly, possesses that cucumber version I do not care for. It does have a spicy sweet kick, reminding me of my beloved tamarind candy, but that aloe-ish cucumber is killing it for me. 

Twenty-Nine High Street Type has finally come across my nose!!! This is a Lush dupe, and I have not even sniffed the actual Twenty-Nine High Street, but Carol gets some of the best dupes so this is close enough for me. I have heard this is close to the scent of walking into a Lush Store and I agree with that. A hint of citrus, a hint of cotton candy and soft pillow florals and candies. 

Snowkissed Sugar Type is my favorite of the fruity floral perfume fragrances this round. It is very sweet and plush and pink smelling. 

Bamboo and Coconut punches my nose with heavy greenery. I swear when I first open the bag I smell freshly sliced green bell peppers but then it fades a bit and I get that bamboo and herbs. This one needs to be melted soon so I can get a better handle on it. 

Waikiki Beach Coconut Type sends images of summery tropical islands to my mind. A wonderful blend of coconut and tropical fruits and blossoms. 

Warm Vanilla Sugar and Cookies is quite yummy. I forgot how much I missed the musky beauty of Warm Vanilla Sugar and to mix it with cookies is quite genius. 

Wild Fig is simply lovely. A refined fig along the lines of a high end perfume house. Blended masterfully with amber and musk and plums and coconut. A gorgeous fig. 

Blackberry Ombre Popsicle is a pretty creamy fruity dark berry scent with a hint of coconut. 

My fingers hurt. But my nose is happy. So out of this bounty the ones I plan on seeking out in a full bag include: Mandarin Tiki, Teakwood and Coconut, Tiffany's Sweet Pumpkin Cupcakes, Sorrel and Lemon Jo Malone Type, Warm Vanilla Sugar and Cookies, Grapefruit and Mint, Wild Fig, Suede and Lace, Homespun Sugar Cookies, Cucumber Lavender and last but not least, Raw Sugar and Mint. See? See how many new scents Carol enabled me on! 

Which ones ring your chimes?

Thursday, June 14, 2018

Candles From The Keeping Room: Part 4 Woodsy, Herbal, Earthy

Happy Thursday and welcome to a day of outdoorsy aromas from Candles From The Keeping Room here on the blog. What is more earthy and outdoorsy than the wafting scent of patchouli? I believe these next three scents are all new to me from CFTKR. 

Vanilla Patchouli is a very mild mannered patchouli scent. It smells more of dusty vanilla woods and ambery musk rather than earthy patchouli. It is a pretty scent that gives a wonderful atmosphere to the home. It threw at about a medium in the living area and kitchen. Savanna commented on how pretty it smelled and pretty is the word we are going with here. 

Patchouli Chocolate gets the word mmmmmmmmmmm... because it is gooooood. This one strangely reminds me of a man. It is totally a burnished wooden chocolate with whispers of oak and tobacco and paired with the earthy salty tang of patchouli it is downright smoking. I will be getting this blend much more often. I swear I have sampled this before but it will not be passing under my radar neglected any longer. 

Patchouli Musk definitely smells fresh and clean for patchouli scent. In fact, if it wasn't in the name I don't think I would have pegged it for a patch. It smells of fresh air and powdery amber musk along the same lines of vanilla patchouli but less sweet and less earthy. I would say it is a nice white musk fragrance. It throws at about a medium-light in the living room and kitchen. I like it but I probably would not buy it again, which is just as well as I can't be buying everything again. 

Blue Cedar Lavender always clears my mind and brings me peace and calm. The lavender is velvety and softly herbal, the cedar is stately yet delicate. It is brilliant. And it throws nicely too. I simply love it. 

Woodland Festival captured my attention this opening. I am always trolling for scents with woods. This particular one touts patchouli, citrus, clove, mint, lavender, jasmine and pine. The scent is well blended despite all the heavy hitting notes. It actually has a sweet roundness to it that belies all the sharp, herbal and often times strong notes. The orange and jasmine meld effortlessly with the softwoods and remind me of a more Mediterranean woodland of the shore. It is a lovely fragrance. 

White Cedar Forest was one of my scent requests. I think it is really cool that Carol does that. And most times she will make just about everything that is requested if she is able to. White Cedar Forest, despite being one of my top wax scents, actually doesn't smell anything like it's name. It smells of cardamom sweetened coconut and vanilla musk. The woods are creamy sandalwood. This throws strong and smells fantastic. 

Swedish Dream Salt attributes its new life in my home, once again, due to the power of Carol's samples. With notes of cucumber, lavender, balsam, lime and salty ocean breezes, I probably would have passed it by (cucumber and I are on tepid terms). But I got the chance to melt this when Carol was sampling it and I fell in love with this fresh scent. Fresh and clean in a genre I am terribly picky about, much like fruits. This one lacks any artificial or harsh suggestions. It smells exactly like a seaside spa. The salty sea air does have threads of herbs and pines embroidered within it. 

Cedar Sage and Blackberry was another scent I requested. The blackberries are dark and plump but not overly sweet or juicy. They temper the green sage and cedar. It throws strong and smells even better once melted. Repurchase every time. 

Mulberry Home Interiors caught my eye because it reminded me of my mom. In fact, I bought this just for her. She used to have Home Interiors parties and PartyLight parties. She loved Mulberry and always liked to order Mulberry scented candles. This one is tart and sweet and smells like cranberries and mixed berries with sprigs of greenery for garnish. I hope she likes it. 

Smoked Vanilla somehow got past me for a good long while, I think. I saw someone mention it in a scent request list and my heart speed up! It is a dupe of one of my adored Bath & Body Works candles, Smoked Vanilla. I had this a winter or two ago and absolutely loved it. This one smells dead on. Smoky vanilla woods with a tonka bean warmth. Mama is getting another bag of this gem.

Pink Sugared Watermelon in a woodsy, herbal, earthy post? I know, I know. It totally "which one of these is not like the other" but I only have this one fruit scent so I had to stick it somewhere. This one is for Savanna as she is my watermelon girl. She LOVES watermelon wax tarts. This one brims with melon goodness and has the added pinkness of sweet cotton candy caramel sugar. Good enough to eat and perfect for summer. 

Of course, as usual, I would raid the Designer/Earthy/Floral category until my wallet ran dry but needs must. Smoked Vanilla and Chocolate Patchouli are two new top contenders and will become regulars in the line up. What are some of your favorite tart scents from Carol in this genre? 

Wednesday, June 13, 2018

Candles From The Keeping Room: Part 3 Holiday & Spice

Good Morning, friends! We are day three of Candles From The Keeping Room. Despite the fact I am mostly a seasonal melter I do try and pick up a few goodies from Carol's fall and holiday collection every time I order. Spices, adorable pumpkins and corn, great throw, all things I absolutely treasure in wax. The pumpkin shaped tarts run $6.25 a bag, which includes six pumpkin shapes and an ear of corn. 

Butternut Pumpkin, one of my very favorite pumpkin scents and a constant repurchase, is heavy on the spice but sweet with caramel, fruits and mellow almond along with the pumpkin. It throws strong and smells cozy.

Caramel Pumpkin Swirl possesses huge amounts of caramelized vanilla sugar and a tiny pinch of spice. This is one I buy from many vendors, but Carol's is one of the best. This was a repurchase. 

Pumpkin Wreath, another repurchase, speaks more to fall outdoors at apple orchards and pumpkin patches. The green tints of leaves and landscapes are sweetened by fresh ripe apples and cinnamon laced sweet pumpkins. A brilliant fall scent.

Pumpkin at the Fair is a first time purchase for me as I didn't look at the scent description before buying it. Turns out it is a great dupe for BBW's Pumpkin Pecan Waffles. I haven't had this scent in ages. It always smells of extra buttery butterscotch and pumpkin to me. Very decadent.

Apple Dumpling just might be my favorite apple cinnamon blend. It is highly juicy and with that tiny drizzle of pear nectar it smells even more vibrant. The spice is sweet and rich and fiery without being dry or cloying. 

Country Charm boasts notes of cinnamon, orange, clove, cranberries, green apples, raspberries, vanilla nutmeg and cashmere. It is an airy rendition of the spiced fruit aroma of a country gift shop. The cashmere gives it a veil of musk that keeps it from being too bold. I quite like it and would buy it again. 

Winter Wonderland holds notes of mint and pine. Why am I just now getting this one?? This will be a new winter go-to scent in those January months. It smells of sweet sugared spruce and snowy peppermint candies. It's perfect for my nose. 

Warm and Cozy sounded like how I would love my home to smell, so why not? It doesn't have much in the way of notes in the description but I smell sweet cinnamon and a touch of vanilla. It reminds me a little of Celtic Moonspice and Amish Quilt. Just a great cinnamon sugar staple. I look forward to trying this one out soon. 

Frosted Pine Noel is another new one for my melting pleasure. The pine is strong and a touch astringent but mixes wonderfully with the Vanilla Bean Noel. This is another winter winner. 

Country Christmas features that woodsy eucalyptus and camphor bearing bayberry. It really does smell like the woodland surrounding a cabin at Christmastime. A dash of spice and fruits adds a festivity to the fragrance. I don't think I have tried this one before but I would again. 

Peppermint & Cypress, yep, once again. I think this is the third or fourth bag and I seriously love it. It is a minty woods and greenery aroma that really opens my senses and makes me feel calm and my home feel clean and airy. I hope Carol carries this one for a good long time. 

That is my collection of holiday and spice scents from this most recent order. Do you see any that you love? What do you look to have on hand come fall or winter? 

Tuesday, June 12, 2018

Candles From The Keeping Room: Part 2 Bakery

Welcome to the kitchen! Today I will be serving up cookies, waffles, cupcakes and cobblers from Candles From The Keeping Room. Each 6 ounce bag of tarts is $5.95. Since I already set up the order last post I am just going to jump right in. 

Ultimate Waffle Cone is one that I was sold on earlier in the year. This was one of Carol's infamous free samples that hooked me in. She mixed her intense Ultimate Bakery with waffle cone and extra frosting. The vanilla cakes and cookies and waffle cones all merge into a bakery bliss with a tiny hint of sweet almond. Caramel and merest tiniest pinch of spice, just for warmth, adds to the nirvana. I would buy this every time I see it if I could. 

Buttercream and Snickerdoodle has a bunch of delicious notes like nutmeg and pralines, cocoa and vanilla, but it pretty much smells like a delicious chewy cookie. It kind of reminds me of molasses cookies. I don't get any spice if you are wary of cinnamon, which I think is normally in a snickerdoodle cookie, but it does have some nice golden vanilla depth. I am happy to have this new-to-me scent as an everyday cozy vanilla bakery. 

Olde Town Bake Shop blends buttery vanilla, fresh dough, gooey batter and sugared almonds. This is another newbie for my nose but the name caught my eye (it is spelled Old Town Bake Shoppe on the scent list- I think I would like a mash up of both, Olde Town Bake Shoppe... yez). The sugared almonds are not overly potent but I do think they lend a slight brightness to the scent. It almost smells like a cream pastry with some lemon zest and slivered almonds sprinkled on top and muted by a cloud of powdered sugar. It is a lovely bakery scent that is not overly bakery if that makes any sense at all. 

Sugar Cookie Latte is a repurchase and is my favorite coffee scent ever. Ever. Most of the time I find coffee in wax to be overly strong and somewhat bitter, but Sugar Cookie Latte is a nice balance of both sugar cookies and creamy coffee. This sugared coffee is flavored with mocha hazelnut and the cookie adds a bakery flair, like walking into a small cafe' to order some morning treats. The throw is nice and strong but not obnoxious. 

Spiced Sugar Cookie is a first for me and I quite like it. It is a different kind of sugar cookie. It has a stronger sweetness and less bready aspect. The sugared cinnamon is very low key and only adds a gentle warmth, no fire. The vanilla in this sugar cookie is strong and along the lines of royal icing. I cannot wait to melt this one soon. Maybe on the next rainy day.

Cookies and Cupcakes definitely has that crunchy sugar cookie and strong bakery vibe to it. My first time with this scent, but definitely not my last. Another great basic crowd pleasing vanilla bakery but with more cake shot through this one. 

Cookie Cottage aims to capture a weekend at grandma's cottage baking cookies with notes of ginger, cinnamon, molasses, vanilla, clove and lemon zest. Mmmmm... yes. Cookie Cottage does have a nice cinnamon kick and the ginger is peppy too. This is pretty much a killer gingerbread cookie aroma. Perfect for the holidays. 

Apple Cobbler Delight has been purchased and repurchased by me as often as I can. It is a spiced caramel apple scent that throws well and makes my home comfy cozy any time of year. To have it in these adorable apple shapes is just the cherry on top. <3

Vanilla Sugar Waffle Cone features wafer cookies and vanilla buttercream. This is my first time with this scent and it is yummy, plus those waffle shapes! I find it possesses a similar sugar cookie vibe as Spiced Sugar Cookie but less spice and way more creamy vanilla. Almost a marshmallowy vanilla. A winner.

Prairie Cake is a house blend Carol created that melds "old world fruits, sugars, creams, brown sugar and nuts." Those old world fruits have hints of tart cherry and are smoothed with buttery sweetness. It almost reminds me of a cherry cobbler but more cobbler and more stewed fruits than cherry. It is a unique tasty blend in my collection and I am happy I finally got around to adding it to my order. 

These were the majority of my bakery scents. A couple more might pop in the fall/spice/holiday post to come. I am really happy with these comforting scents. Ultimate Waffle Cone, Vanilla Sugar Waffle Cone, Cookie Cottage and Spiced Sugar Cookie are some of my new found favorites. 

What are some of your favorite bakery scents from Candles From The Keeping Room?