Tuesday, May 22, 2018

The Redolent Mermaid's 4th Birthday Giveaway!

Four years!
1,223 posts
Top Posts: Tutorial of Paper Piecing and Fandom Quilts, Serge Lutens Water Lip Colour, and Witch Baby Soap
friends made
memories recorded
amazing things smelled

I am hosting three giveaways. One here for all the items above (and more!), one on my Facebook page and one on Instagram. 

Thank you Julia at Arcana Wildcraft, Freja at Nocturne Alchemy and Tracie at The Candlemart for all contributing to this giveaway. <3

The following are a few of my favorite things and I wanted to share them with you as well:
Arcana Wildcraft 5ml perfumes in Bonfires At Dusk and Filthy Viking
Nocturne Alchemy 5ml perfume in Crystalline and 2ml in Bastet's Amber
Timberwick wood wick candle in Ember Glow from Hannah's Candlemart
Blooddrop Froth Milk Bath and Merci No. 141 5ml perfume
Solstice Scents whipped soap in Lavender Vanilla
ArtiSun natural deodorant in Lavender/Tea Tree
Lasting Scent Candles Aroma Mist in Pink Sugared Spruce
Sunshine & Ravioli bookplates
Candles From The Keeping Room Fresh Picked Strawberry
Glitterati, three chunks of wax in various scents
Alchemic Muse Hair Mist
Dame Perfume samples
Bohemienne Life wax samples
Adagio tea tin
Handmade pottery tea mug
and various wax samples

Hannah's Candlemart gifted ALL my readers a coupon code for 15% off that will never expire. I love their variety of wax and especially love the Timberwick wood wick candles. 
Use code: REDMERMAID15

This giveaway is open to all US readers (I have an international giveaway on my IG account). To enter this giveaway please tell me one of your favorite skincare items. I just made my first ever Paula's Choice purchase for some trial sizes of her retinol goodies and a sunscreen for summer time. 
After commenting, please make sure to follow commenting so when the winner is announced you can claim your prize. If it isn't claimed in 24 hours from announcing, then a new name will be drawn. 

A winner will be randomly drawn on May 29th. 

Monday, May 21, 2018


Hey there. I just wanted to pop-in and let you know that I will be taking a small break for about a week or so. The last week of school is this week and it is a tad hectic. I am also using my free time to quilt for my sister's wedding and I really don't have the extra time to post like I want to at the moment. I do have some wax and bath bombs and such to share, plus when I return I will have a nice giveaway to post (in a few days) I hope. The blog's 4th birthday is May 29th. But in the meantime I need to be sitting in front of my sewing machine every chance I get. 

It is raining here. Peaceful and maybe a touch melancholy. But rainbows and good things to come. 

How are you doing? 

Friday, May 18, 2018

Sixteen92: Spring Collection Order

Claire released an opera themed spring collection for Sixteen92 and though I know nothing about opera, I found a scent that had my heart singing a passionate aria. While I was placing that particular scent in my cart I also decided to try out the Texturizing Sea Salt Hair Mists. 

I chose Mercy Lewis and Black Sugar for my scents. I adore the honeyed almond and floral musk beauty of Mercy Lewis, and Black Sugar has been on my radar for ages. The mists are $9.50 each and contain coconut oil, dead sea salts, aloe vera and mallow root. It is recommended to use either on damp hair for scrunching and styling or on dry hair to add texture and separate the locks. I used Mercy Lewis first on dry hair to refresh my curls after the second day of washing. It didn't dry my (already naturally dry) hair and it worked wonderfully! I used it mainly on the ends where my hair tends to frizz and be overly dry and avoided my scalp which tends to be oily. Ah the joys of thin, damaged, dry curly hair. I didn't notice the scent lingering too much but it was nice and fresh smelling.

E Lucevan Le Stelle- "And the stars were shining" from Tosca by Giacomo Puccini, 1900 
Notes: Dark earth, night gardenia, starlit cobblestone, ambergris, galbanum, tree moss. 6ml for $14

From the vial wafts a foggy blend of diaphanous earth and elegant gardenia. Dampened onto the skin the gardenia unfolds into a sharp white and green blossom. The galbanum adds the greenness and a touch of tuberose lingers in the gardenia. As it settles in, the breath of soil and moss rises up to smooth the sharp edges of the heady white flower. The cobblestones are real and offer their smooth worn coolness to the perfume. What sets the stars in my eyes is the ambergris drydown that adds a touch of salty suede to the stunning bouquet of gardenia and moss. The scent as a whole has a dreamy haze overlaying the whole fragrance, like viewing it through the scratched lens of time. I am very happy with this aroma and will wear it joyfully this summer. 

Free sample:

Mein Herr Marquis- Notes: Violet macarons, silk tulle, pearlescent powder, orris root, heliotrope.
Initially this violet beauty brought to mind Bruised Violet, another Sixteen92 violet fragrance, but this one has more vibrancy than its brooding shadowy sister. Orris root offers its dark leathery hues and heliotrope does its apricot and floral nectar thing, but ultimately this is all about the violet. And she is beaut. 

I believe the first shipments for The Circle will be going out soon and I am stoked to be a part of it this year. What Sixteen92 goodies do you love experiencing?

Wednesday, May 16, 2018

Twilight Alchemy Lab: Bath Oil and Perfume

Twilight Alchemy Lab is an off shoot of Black Phoenix Alchemy Lab that crafts oils for body, bath and more. I picked up a bath oil and two other oils to use. 

Moonset- To be used to clear your mind of noisome thoughts, relax your conscious inhibitions and increase receptiveness. This bath formula includes mugwort, clary sage, bay laurel, organic lavender oil, lavender absolute and yarrow oil extracted from plants grown in the TAL garden. (4 oz $30)

This bath oil smells amazing. It has a minty coolness that reminds me of eucalyptus or menthol or camphor. The invigorating steam that rises from the hot bath water when this is dripped in lifts the spirits. The herbs and lavender and sage all mix to calm and delight. I am extremely content with the bathing ritual born of this oil. 

Fire of Passion: 2001 Private Stock- Notes: Cubeb and 17-year aged patchouli. (5ml $40)

This is quite possibly the best patchouli centric oil I have encountered. I dab some behind my ears and fly off into the ether. It smells of fecund earth and aged herbs, slivers of smoldering kindling and a silvery edge of metallic iron. It is a patchouli lover's dream. When I wear it I sniff myself constantly. This is geared towards being a aphrodisiac and it does ignite some fires but I just love it for the scent itself. The cubeb is a plant related to pepper and does have a peppery and camphorous tone to it. I will use this one sparingly. 

These are both sold out at the moment but the bath oils do get restocked from time and time and various oils are released in the Etsy store as well. Do you like bath oils? A new one from Nocturne Alchemy arrived at my house and I cannot wait to wallow in it. 

Monday, May 14, 2018

Bohemienne Life: Wax Crack

What?!?!? Wax?!?!?! Yes. Yes ma'am, indeed. Kyme has been restocking some Wax Crack here and there at Bohemienne Life and I saw the desire to pick a few bags up. Thus, I did. Her Wax Crack comes in a 5 ounce bakery bag for $5.00 each. Affordably priced, superb wax in divine scents with a quick TAT. My kind of shopping.

Tobacco- Notes: A warm, sweet, smoky, comforting melange of vanilla, patchouli and honeyed pipe tobacco.
This smells of honeyed tobacco and a shot of bourbon to my nose. It has a boozy quality that I love. Sweet and a touch dark with the ebony edge of patchouli. It threw at a solid medium in my bedroom. An excellent tart.

Twisted Hard Cider- Notes: Baked apples, cinnamon, clove, caramel, nutmeg, butterscotch, oak barrel, whiskey and toasted marshmallow. 
Yum. Velvety spiced apples and rich vanilla caramel and woods. This one will be brilliant for fall melting. I am going to stash this one away for a fall treasure to encounter later. 

Cedar Honey- Notes: A blend of cedar woods and sun warmed honey.
I fell in love hard with this one. The honey is sweet and thick with an almost caramel lean to it. Add the cedar woods in with the sticky drops of honey and I am in hog heaven. I will be keeping an eye out for this one again. One chunk of brittle threw medium-strong in my bedroom.

Fraser's Ridge- Notes: Blackberry, peach, raspberry with a hint of violet grounded with earthy patchouli.
This is one of the best dark fruity-florals I have encountered. The floral is not much at all, but the violets and patch ground all the sweet and over-ripe berries and fruits perfectly. This is juicy and plump, ready to be bitten into. There is almost an effervescence in it on cold that reminds me of a fruity mead. It melted with a medium-strong throw in my kitchen and living area. Gosh how I have missed this scent. 

Soap Samples:

Raven's Myst is one of my favorite blends that Kyme makes and in soap it is still just as spectacular. Spiced woods and musk with a frothy lather.

Coconut Rose was a surprise hit for me. I love the creaminess of this one as far as lather goes. It is super soft and supple. The scent is stunning and perfect for these hot spring/summer days. The coconut is milky and softly sweet while the rose is youthful and vibrant. 

Lullaby is the last soap and it smells just like that Lush almond marzipan scent... is it Rock Star? No! It is Snowcake! Yeah. This smells just like Lush's Snowcake. Not my fave for sure. But the girls will use it up.

I love my order from Kyme to pieces, as usual. I will be keeping an eye out for her restocks. I am over the moon she will still be making some goodies here and there. What Wax Crack is your favorite? 

Sunday, May 13, 2018

Hand to Earth Ceramics: Planter and Cup

I admit this... I am a stalker. A class "A" creeper who constantly checks in with Deanna of Hand to Earth Ceramics to see what she is up to. Because I truly admire her work. It resonates with me. She restocked recently and I was stoked to be able to finally snag a pink moon piece in the form of a planter and a mountain and moon scene cup. 

I love that the strawberry moon is sandy textured and loaded with dimensional details. The color really pops against the gauzy bluish greens and ivory. 

This planter has a nice capacity. It is about medium sized I would say, and includes a drainage hole. I love the precision of those feet. The etchings of the plant life are lovely.

When I was checking out with this guy I got excited. Moonlit mountain scenes are my jam and I didn't have one by Deanna. What surprised me most about this gorgeous striated cup was that the combination of clear glaze and cloudy plants with the azure ombre made for a jelly like appearance. I love how squishy it looks and it feels so smooth and glassy. 

Check out this beauty! Those details. My heart. 

I have been sipping my smoky pine teas out of this fella and dreaming of the mountains. We won't be going there this summer and I am already pining for them. Savannah, Georgia will be our destination this year but the mountains will always be calling. I am thinking the Blue Ridge Mountains need to be visited next. 

What mountains do you love? What are you sipping? Are you sipping from anything special?

Saturday, May 12, 2018

Mermaid Treasure: Gather and Flow

Ashley at Gather and Flow forges beautiful silver pieces with a focus on the natural and great detail. I have one of her mountain and moon necklaces that I love to wear frequently. When I noticed she came out with the mountain and moon(stone) shadow box ring a while back I immediately fell in love. I had planned on treating myself to this ring once I had lost a certain amount of weight, and even though I have made gains in reclaiming my health I had not met that number goal. Ashley convinced me to go ahead and treat myself though. Life is too short and this ring is just right for me.

I love the dainty size of the ring and gazing into it helps assuage some of the blues I feel at not seeing the mountains or getting to visit them this summer. I can carry them with me where ever I go.