Friday, December 25, 2020

Candles From The Keeping Room: Winter Opening

Good morning! Merry Christmas! This is easily going to be the strangest one yet as I am sure it is for many this year. No annual Pop-Pop party for us. No Christmas with Dad's side of the family. And mom is prudently staying home as well. So it is Adam, the girls and I having quiet nights by the fire (thank goodness a cold front blew through!!!) and some fried turkey, mashed potatoes and mac and cheese and whatnot for Christmas dinner. We will watch some movies and maybe do a puzzle or so. At first I was sad but now I am kind of relieved. Going to soak in the quiet while we can. 

Anyway, I did stalk Carol's Facebook page for Candles From the Keeping Room to make sure I made her last opening of the year. I popped on the website as soon as it launched and grabbed a handful of waxy tarts and blew outta there. The tarts are $6.75 a bag and still some of my very favorite around.

Strawberry Spruce is a repurchase. I love how the juicy berries fit alongside the soft sweet spruce so perfectly. Comforting and cheerful.

Twisted Strawberry Juniper is new to me but sounded like something I would enjoy. It is a tart and citrusy aroma with slight herbal tones from the lavender and juniper. The strawberry sweetens it up nicely. This will be great in the summertime.

Strawberry and Pearls is one I had in a sample a long time ago. It is Fresh Picked Strawberry with vanilla and floral musk. It is a pretty scent, a strawberries and cream perfume that I wouldn't mind wearing.

Very Vanilla is a repurchase. I started melting my other bag and loved it even more melting than on cold sniff (and I LOVED it on cold sniff). You can say I am officially obsessed. It is a strong throwing vanilla scent that straddles the line between fresh vanilla, a touch of sugar cookie and vanilla extract. It is rich but not bakery, sweet but not cloying. 

Vanilla Pinecone is different. It is almost like marzipan woods. There is vanilla but it is pasty and thick, almost like putty. It softens up and sweetens a bit when melted. it throws about medium to medium-strong. Still on the fence if I will repurchase this one or not.

Pumpkin Firewood Type is a forever repurchase. Love this combo of mildly sweet pumpkins and gently smoky fireside. It is very enjoyable and highly recommended.

Marshmallow Fireside is another forever purchase from Carol. Hers is strong throwing, sweet and sticky with that marshmallow and just a touch smoky from the fireside. Excellent blend of a true favorite.

Vanilla Pumpkin Marshmallow yet again another brilliant rendition that is a repurchase and will continue to be. Creamy vanilla and sweet pumpkin swirled together with minimal spice but a whole lot of love. It throws strong and smells incredibly cozy.

A Christmas extra was included generously in the form of a prim cuttable in one of my favorite scents: Apple Clove Butter. YUM!

Homemade Apple Pie is an easy repurchase. I had so much fun sampling many of Carol's apple pie scents a little while ago that I decided to grab one more of this one. A delightfully sweet and softly spiced fried apple dessert. Not much crust or bakery and I like it just that way. 

Baked Apple is a classic and a repurchase. I find this one to be more nectar sweet than the one above. There is a definite spice to it but also a crunchy sweetness like coarse sugar sprinkled on top. 

Country Gift Shop is the quintessential "welcome home" scent for me. It is the warm fire of cinnamon, the sweetness of plump berries and the bowl of fragrant potpourri that sits in a glass bowl on grandma's coffee table with a proper doily underneath. I love it.

Royal Sugar Cookie is one of the original sugar cookie scents I tried when I got into vendor wax and I was blown away by how delicious it was. I am not the biggest bakery fiend but I do appreciate a good sugar cookie. This one is strong, crunchy and full of vanilla.

Plumberry Spice and Dance of the Sugarplum Fairies were two of my favorite Christmas scents right after Citrus and Balsam. It is a wonderful mix of spruce, balsam and ripe sugared fruits. Repurchase always.

Spiced Cranberry is one I get a craving for every now and again. It tends to be about a medium thrower but is such a cheerful scent. Just like a fat cinnamon stick in a homemade pot of cranberry sauce. Tart and warm.

Lingonberry Wreath is one that I forget that I love. I have purchased this before but it has been a while since I have had it on hand. The berries are very tart, almost sour, like currants and cranberries and pomegranates. There are other notes in there like grapefruit and violets but for the most part this is a tart juicy wee berry.

Frosted Pine Noel is one I enjoy. The frosted pine portion is vibrant and sharp with eucalyptus and a touch of mint alongside the pine needles. The vanilla bean noel serves to add a breath of sweetness to the mix. 

Balsam Boughs has an evergreen an eucalyptus base but smells more soft and sweet than Frosted Pine Noel. I melted this one from a previous purchase and loved how strong and beautiful it was. 

Free samples! As you guys know by know Carol has an incredibly generous sampling offering. She packs the love in there. 

Twigs and Berries is a dry woodsy scent with a hint of grassy vetiver.

Fireside Type is soft and musky with a touch of sugared warmth. Not smoky at all.

Tonka and Oud is like a tonka bean lollipop. Think candied vanilla woods.

Brazilian Bum Bum Cream has to be one of my most unfavorite names out there for a scent. But hot damn if it doesn't smell amazing. It is a tropical musk with vanilla and sandalwood and hints of wild florals. 

Caramel Pumpkin Swirl Type is a solid yummy caramel scent.

Pumpkin Pizzelle is a lovely chewy cookie with caramel and pumpkin aroma. I forgot how much I enjoy Carol's pizzelle scents. 

Apple Pie a' la Mode is a creamy vanilla ice cream with a touch of apple pie in the background. I am going to love this one. 

Cotton Candy Skies Type is a strong cotton candy with a dash of Skittles and other sweet and sour fruity candies thrown in.

Fairy Godmother is a fruity floral with a pink almost bubblegum vibe.

Cookies and Cupcakes came in the most adorable teeny tiny cupcake and cookie mold!! It is a classic staple of vanilla cupcake and sugar cookie combined. Not overly sweet and not frosting.

Bibbidy Bobbidy Boo is a tart fruity melange of fruits that leans into the sorbet territory. Lovely!

Fruiti Jelly Bean Type does kind of remind me of those Starburst jelly beans that come out at Easter time. 

Vanilla Ice is perfectly chilly and creamy sweet.

Giggles is a tropical take on a fruity floral. There is a tang of citrus and pineapple lurking in there I think.

Raspberry Ale is wonderfully boozy with ale. It is a berry hops filled delight. Reminds me of one of the very first tarts I tried called Beer Wench. Loved it.

Blueberry Thyme is very herbal... almost minty with it. Not sure I can pick up the blueberry on cold very well.

Rose Water and Apricots is plump with the peachy scent of dried chewy apricots and the softness of rosewater. Pleasant!

I look forward to melting these guys over the coming months. I am setting some aside for a giveaway next week. Carol has a post for scent requests if you are looking to get something specific in her next opening. Did you pick up anything from this winter opening? Do you plan on ordering in January? I might pick up a few things but I do have some goals to set for next year. Reality is always there waiting to pounce. 

Wishing you and yours a safe, healthy and happy Christmas and holiday season.


  1. A hefty old CFTKR haul is just what the doctor ordered sometimes.
    Very Vanilla-know who gets jazzed for a decadent, non-bakery vanilla? This gal. Noting it.
    Pumpkin Firewood is awesome, marries my two scent loves of 2020: fireside anything and new crush (when well blended) pumpkin! Hope Carol restocks that one before next fall so I can snag a bag. Vanilla Pumpkin Marshmallow too, although I have never got in candle form because it's a touch too sweet.
    I found Lingonberry Wreath almost too tart and sour for me, enjoyed the Frosted Lingonberry sample I received more.
    And Carol got the Brazilian Bum Bum Cream too! I like it, but don't quite get the hype yet. I am trying in a couple blends this week, so reserving judgement. Haven't tried the namesake product, but I could smell how it lends itself well to bodycare.

    Pumpkin Pizzelle sounds yummy, I only got one Pizzelle sample a while back, will note that one for future purchase too. The spiced berries sound festive and fun as Christmassy melts; has Carol brought back Citrus & Balsam recently? That one is gorgeous. I've also been craving the Spiced Cojito one, of late. Creamy, spicy and woods all day long.
    Enjoy these juicy melts; not sure if I'll attempt the next opening or hold off. I have so many half-filled bags of Carol's wax as it is. What are you hoping to see return from Carol's line-up?

    1. Right?! I rarely feel COMPELLED to buy wax but when I do it is from Carol. The Very Vanilla is one of my new favorites this year. I can see how the Lingonberry Wreath is a touch too sour and sweet but since I rarely do fruity it is refreshing for me when I am in the mood. I have never smelled actual Brazilian Bum Bum smells like but this tart is pretty nice. It would be a small doses scent for me but I do like it.

      Citrus & Balsam is my forever love for the holidays. I am still slowly meting the last bag I have of it. I have not seen it back on the site in ages and I keep forgetting to request it. Spiced Coquito! I forgot about that one! Carol has SO MANY scents it is hard for me to keep them straight sometimes. More often than not I look for old loves and then just randomly pile whatever else sounds good in my cart. No rhyme or reason.

      If I had to think of something to get from next opening it would be: Apple Pie Ala Mode, Alpine Frost, Blue Cedar Lavender and Very Vanilla if she has them.