Monday, December 14, 2020

The Bathing Garden: Winter Order

I placed a small winter order from The Bathing Garden to stock up on some of my favorite mints in wax and scrubs. Shannon always makes incredibly lovely peppermint blends. I love them for the bedside at night in my small tealight warmer. The eight ounces scrubs were $9.95 and the clamshells were $3.95.

Arctic Moon- Notes: Icy peppermint and juniper breezes blended with hints of lavender. $3.25 and 2 ounces
I love this mold, it is such a beautiful shape and of course, beautifully decorated. This scent does lean more towards a watery juniper and soft herb aroma. The mint is very calm while the lavender is a bit fluffy and clean rather than herbal or medicinal. I think this one will melt in the kitchen after the holidays.

A French Country Christmas- Notes: Golden French vanilla layered with sweet fresh green balsam.
The sugared spruce layer is much more prominent than the vanilla layer but that vanilla is not shy flower. It is thick and rich and almost like a vanilla sugar cookie in its texture. I will probably try to pick up more of this beauty. 

Vanilla Snowballs and Peppermint Bows- Notes: Icy peppermint layered with creamy vanilla bean noel.
A top notch vanilla peppermint scent. This one is very cool and brisk on the mint and creamy sweet in the vanilla. Excellent bedtime melting.

Crystalline Spearmint & Peppermint- Notes: Sweet peppermint topped with sparkling spearmint.
This is an oldie but goody. I have had it countless times and will continue to pick it up any chance I get. It smells of candy canes and Wrigley's Spearmint gum in all the best ways possible. 

Fireside Christmas- Notes: Spruce, candy cane and sweet bonfire.
I really enjoyed this scent last year. It was a minty smoky fir scent that was exactly like a Christmas tree bonfire in the winter chill. But strangely this one smells completely different. I would even say that this is an accidental pour. It smells like the bubbling ginger ale effervescence of Faded Opulence with with a tiny hint of smoke. Not sure what happened. I am going to put it away though and see if it sorts itself. 

The Winter Prince- Notes: Frankincense
I love that there are real frankincense tears on the top as decoration for this. They will be nice to burn later on my incense warmer. This is a lovely frankincense scent. It has that lemony bright resin but also a faint creamy complexion. Lovely.

Aspen Village- Notes: Red cinnamon, bayleaf, scarlet berries, and woodsy balsam.
Gorgeous! Shannon knows how to blend a stunning scent. This one is more refined woods and evergreen with that bayleaf adding an mountain altitude. The cinnamon and berries are dry and velvety, almost like expensive potpourri. Love this.

Vanilla Snowballs & Peppermint Bows in scrub form is pure bliss. I am a sucker for minty bath goods. I live for the tingle. Shannon's sugar scrubs are still some of my very favorite. I am going to go ahead and say it... they are my very favorite. I always go back and I am never disappointed. They exfoliate gently but effectively and leave the skin feeling amazing.

Iced Peppermint Cordial is more sweet and candy-like than the creamier one above.

Do you enjoy The Bathing Garden? What collection or season is your favorite? Do you like the scrubs?


  1. Hi Julie! I love Shannon’s attention to detail and her scrubs ARE top notch. I tend to go with a borage oil or shea butter scrub since I have dry skin. This limits me a bit scent wise.
    I’m thinking about placing another small order and picking up French Country Christmas after seeing your post. I’m really enjoying CFTKR Christmas Time and they sound similar. I went out on a limb for that one and am glad I did. I’ve always been nervous about tree scents.
    I haven’t yet been with Shannon for a full year. I don’t know what took me so long to try her things! I’m looking forward to trying more of her lavenders. I’m searching for the elusive, perfect one. Question for you. Do you store her wax as is in the clams or do you take the bars out and bag?
    As a health care worker this has been one of the toughest years. I’m clerical staff at a hospital and it’s been kind of scary just to go in to work. Things like boxes from Shannon and posts like yours help keep me truckin’.
    Happy Belated Birthday and I wish continued happiness and health for you and yours!

    1. Hello Colleen! I have noticed she uses a wide range of oils and butters in her scrubs, usually highlighting a specific one each time. I am glad she has some formulas that you enjoy. <3

      Tree scents can be iffy (kinda like PineSol or something sometimes) but I think you will like French Country Christmas. It is really well done. If it is around after the New Year I will pick up one more. I love CFTKR. Are you going to make Carol's January opening?

      Shannon's lavenders are freaking amazing. I have fun test driving them all too but Magician's Bonfire will be my forever favorite, smoky lavender. I keep her wax in the clamshells. I know people have mentioned a plasticky scent (I have not had "skunk" clams from her though) and I do know that if I let them sit for way too long they do go soft with certain scents but that is just an impetus for me to melt them sooner. I guess I could rebag them but I often don't have a ton of bags on hand so I just keep them in the clams.

      Thank you SO MUCH for your dedication to the good health of others. You are greatly appreciated!!! It HAS been a tough year and I know it won't be going away any time soon. Boxes from Shannon truly are special gifts to yourself. Thank yo for the kind words and well wishes!! xoxox Stay well!!!