Tuesday, October 29, 2019

Wildroots: Natural Deodorants

My friend, April, featured seom Wildroots products on her IG account a while back and their deodorant caught my eye when she mentioned that it was the only one she uses. 

Lately, deodorant has been an issue for me. The naturals I had tried in the past have been failing me. Handcrafted Honeybee wasn't keeping the smell at bay and Dirty Goat was a crumbling texture nightmare. I love Blood Moon Botanica's roll-on deodorant but an $18 glass dram lasts me about one month and the restocks are not consistent. I don't mine sweating, but the smell and the wear have to be pleasant for me and I need to be able to get my hands on it when I need it. In comes Wildroots. Which, somewhat ironically, have since temporarily closed shop while the husband and wife team who runs the business and makes the goods relocated to Salt Lake City. BUT I swear they announced they will be reopening in late fall. 

On to the goods.... I picked up two types of deodorant: the Herbal Deodorant in Coconut + Clay ($14) and the Sensitive Deodorant in Juniper + Citrus Mint ($14). I ordered both on August 1st and they came fast. I have been faithfully using both since, alternating which type based on whimsy. 

Both come in a glass 2.5 ounce container and are very creamy and melt into the skin easily without reside or chalkiness. Both have controlled arm pit funk and lasted all day long. The sensitive has a beautiful wild and woodsy, clean herbal citrus scent and I love it. It is baking soda free.

The Herbal charcoal and coconut one is a touch more mellow in scent but just a lovely as the sensitive version. I feel like I try to wear this one when I know I will be doing some heavy duty sweating.

A little goes a long way and with daily wear I have dug about half way into one jar and about 1/3 of the way into the other and it has been almost three whole months.

I will be back for more once they open. I will be tempted to hoard in case they ever decide this is a venture they may want to leave one day. 

I am now tempted to try their other goodies.

Off topic, but now I am looking into facial toner. Lately I have been only using witch hazel but looking to change it up. Do you use toner? Any recs?


  1. <3 <3 Ohh Julie, AWESOME that you gave Wildroots a try! <3
    I have been using the sensitive formula for many years now. I still like trying other vendors' formulas and scents, but Wildroots deo has been my standby, I can always count on to work well and great. I only reapply if it's an especially strenuous, sweaty day.
    I know we all sweat and smell differently, so what works won't always be the same for everyone. But, I'm delighted you gave both versions a try. <3
    Megan has been making herbal b&b products for quite a long time now. I think I purchased my first scrubs from her about 9 or so years ago when we worked on a veggie farm together. She's had all her babies and big moves throughout running Wildroots and I really, really admire her. She's kept consistently beautiful and effective products and is always transparent on shop closing and when she hopes to open back up. I'm looking forward to open shop again, but imagine settling in may take a bit yet. ;)
    <3 <3 <3

    1. You always lead me in a great direction. I am happy you featured them.

      Wildroots is definitely my new armpit holy grail. I am glad to her you have been a happy customer for so long. I hope their move goes smoothly and everyone settles in. I will be patient for sure for this good stuff. Are there any other goodies you like from them??

    2. I've tried quite a bit from Wildroots. I'm currently using the heck out of some salves and balms- calendula all purpose balm and both cooling and warming salves on various parts of my sore, achy body.
      I love using the facial oils in addition to facial creams from other vendors, like I combine in my hands upon application.
      I really like the body butter, the foot butter and lip balm formulas.
      I've tried facial mists and cleansers, powdered masks, sugar scrubs, body oils, a ton of pregnancy, baby products during those precious times, aromatherapy rollers..