Tuesday, October 15, 2019

Sihaya & Company: Ember & Mallow Candle

Sihaya and Company candles have been burning throughout my house for the past couple months. Ember & Mallow is currently on rotation in the sun room and might just be my favorite Sihaya candle to date.  

Ember & MallowNotes: Vanilla marshmallows over a smoky autumn bonfire. $12

A beautifully rendered smoky toasted marshmallow scent with amber highlights and woodsmoke shadows. As much as I love Bath and Body Works Marshmallow Fireside, Ember & Mallow beats it hands down. I not only want this wafting about the home but also all over my skin. Which is why I picked this scent up in the body lotion and body scrub Sihaya did in collaboration with Paintbox Soap Works. This candle throws strong and burns evenly over time. Trimming wicks is a must or the flame will be towering. 

Christina is raising her candle prices by $1 beginning today I believe. Though I paid $12 I think it will now be $13 but in my opinion it is well worth it. I will be back for this one again and again. 

If you could only buy your candles from one place for the rest of your life... where would it be from?


  1. I need to get through more wax before I purchase too much more, but I really, really, really need to try Sihaya & Company candles. And they have wax melts, too, right? I don't know why I haven't ordered yet.. probably because I want to try every scent and can't choose just a few to start out with. Haha What a wonderful problem to have!
    BBW Marshmallow Fireside is wonderful, have you tried their Bonfire Bash body care? It smells intoxicating, but I haven't purchased any. (I should take a look if Paintbox Soapworks products are still up in this scent. You make everything sound so amazing and necessary. ;D ).

    1. I hear ya. I am pretty much on a low-buy/no-buy for wax tarts. I have Bohemienne Life, Rosegirls and CFTKR hauls to post. I have been busy. I have amassed quite the ridiculous Sihaya and Company candle stash. I swear I have at least over a dozen scents. I try to only blog them as a burn them but there are a few I never got to featuring. I have not tried the Bonfire Bash line. I will see if I can swing by and sniff it soon. If you like MF then I think would appreciate Ember and Mallow. I should review the Paintbox goodies. <3

    2. <3 I look forward to your forthcoming reviews, posts, etc. I know what you mean, I'm behind on IG posting and probably think I won't follow through. lol It's fun, but a bit time consuming. I always appreciate and love reading others' thoughts.
      Anyway, happy melting and burning to you. <3 Enjoy the great smells of the season we're getting into here now.