Monday, July 6, 2020

Sixteen92: Spring Release, The Golden Age

This post is woefully late but heck. I took the time to take the photos so I had better go ahead and take the time to talk about them. This is my very last Circle subscription offering from Sixteen92, Claire's spring release. I decided to let my Circle subscription to lapse. I have so much perfume and really, being tempted by more probably is not wise. I know I will continue to purchase perfume but lessening my exposure to amazing scents seems prudent at the moment. I am tinkering with doing a perfume collection post this summer but I am not sure if any camera has a wide enough lens.

The Golden Age spring scents are a 20's art deco, roaring indulgence inspired by the silverscreen actresses whose starlight lit up the stage. Many of these are still available for purchase in oils and as a sampler set.

Jean- Notes: White gardenia, Mexican tuberose, sparkling aldehydes, ginger ale, passion fruit, coconut water, silken musks.
In the vial summery gardenias cup gentle breezes within their warm creamy petals. On the skin the ginger ale fizzes up to the nose under the power of crisp aldehydes. a breath of the coconut water accompanies them. The gingery bubbles give way in the heart to the mango and lime hued passionfruit. It must be said that the frilly gardenias and creamy rich tuberose linger all the while, from start to heart, blooming more and more, expanding like fragile fractals. Jean was made for the summer heat. Jean wears a white bikini and gauzy linen pants. Jean is sultry and stunning. She dries down into a citrine musk then a simple fresh white musk.

Bette- Notes: Angel food cake, floral honey, marshmallow, pistachio, French vanilla, loose black tea.
An afternoon tea, fresh from the glass. Tea, cakes and honey. On the wrist fluffy spongy cake, light as clouds and studded with crushed pistachio, is served with a garnish of honey drops. The black tannic tea dwells in the heart of this perfume and presents itself soon after the cake is served. The tea is sweetened with the honey too but here it possesses a velvety vanilla after taste. The drydown creeps into baklava territory with the flaky pastry dough layered with almond hued pistachio pieces and drenched in honey. The vanilla lingers here still in the end, a lush addition to the almondy musk. Bette is a gourmand dream. 

Greta- Notes: Secluded garden walls, turned earth, quiet sidewalks, citrus groves, soft linen, sunlit jasmine, warm dew.
Stone, rock and clean musk when sniffed from the sample. Applied to the skin, a quiet clean perfume announces itself. A bit of the sandy rough stones and rocks emerge, and the barest whiff of crystal clear citrus too. A heart of tender sterile soil is turned over to nourish the faint wisps of jasmine. Greta is a natural beauty, slinky and shimmery, clean yet natural. She is a day spent gardening and clipping fragrant vines, loose hair absorbing the sunshine and wind, bare hands infused with soil and blossoms then washed clean, a delicate bead of salty sweat twinkles on the brow. Skin, blooms, musk, clean earth, very clean, until that is all that remains... clean. I enjoy Greta very much.

Marlene- Notes: Alba rose, copal, bearded iris, scarlet lips, flushed cheeks, davana, plum syrup, gin fizz, smoke.
From the slim vial the aroma of vintage red lipstick arises, redolent of silken iris, powdery rose and golden beveled tubes that have oxidized into a brassy patina. On the skin a similar mirage plays out with the red lipstick and iris flowers, the rose blossoms a touch brighter but the nod to Coty Air Spun vintage face powder lingers. The powder drifts off from the heart to reveal sugared iced tea and plummy plump roses, maroon and dewy. It dries down into the roots of iris and the ether of musk. It is a beautiful scent.

Louise- Notes: Sultry amber, red ink, black kohl, night blooms, tonkin musk, wormwood, soft suede, glistening strands of pearls.
From the glass tube I pick up booze and a smidgen of leather. Fresh on the skin this scent is a leathery dream. There are nuances of smoky ink and charred wood within the sepia suede. In the heart, purple datura and black orchids hold sway and have the nectar and strength to hold up against the leather. As the nocturnal flowers fade the hazy brume of wormwood slithers in like a smoky brown fog, warming and mysterious. 

The Golden Age- Notes: Pitted dates, dried cherry and raisin, rummy caramel, flowing brandy, golden amber musk, roasted coffee, dusted stained glass, old books.
Intriguing while sniffing from the bottle, warm roasted coffee with cherry and chocolate nuances and spiked with a shot of liquor. On the skin the roasted coffee and dried fruits smell like pleasant aperitifs served in a dark drawing room. Gentlemen and ladies sip brandy from snifters and sugared almond offerings rest in shallow cut crystal dishes around the room. Laugher burbles from settees and corners of the parlor. The heart moves from refreshments to more cerebral pursuits, the conversation is guided by favored books, warm and dusty. Caramelized musk with cherry-almond nuances lies between the pages of the cherished books. The Golden Age is plush and sweet, a caramel musk delight with a breath of gilded books and low lit lounges. I love it.
This perfume was not available for purchase, but was the full sized gift for Circle members for the year. 

I am missing out on The Circle this year. I hope I can hop back on next year. I needed a small break from temptation. I do still have my Resurrection perfumes to look forward to. I hope they arrive soon, but I totally understand the delays. 

What notes are you loving in perfume? What house are you gravitating towards right now?


  1. Gee Louise, those sound absolutely heavenly!
    Ususally in summer I'm a beach scent junkie, but moving from Houston to Massachusetts, summer is so different here. Cool, fresh, still growing can and blooming. I'm craving green scents, which I never have before. I wish I had nabbed Arcana's "Witches Run a Farm Stand in Oregon" last autumn. I am intrigued by Wylde Ivy house, Green Lady. I'd love to try Solstice Scent's "Sea of Gray" on the cooler seashores here.
    It's interesting how much a change in location hit my scent cravings!

    1. They are very nice!

      I loved fall in Massachusetts but I bet spring is gorgeous too. One of my favorite green scents is Arcana Garden Witch and Arcana Raven Rock. I have Witches Run a Farm Stand and don't mind sending it to you if you want it. I wore it once or twice. It is very nice but I truly need to pare down a little. Just send me your address. :-) Green Lady and Sea of Gray are lovely too! Send me that address.

  2. Ooh, thank you! May I send it to you in an Instagram message?
    I hope someday you will write a blog post about that epic collection, if you haven't already!

    1. <3 Look for the collection post tomorrow! YIKES!!!