Sunday, November 29, 2020

Sihaya & Company: Sisterhood of the Moon Dream Box

 This box was sent gratis from Sihaya & Company in exchange for photographs. All opinions are my own.

Once again, my very favorite Sihaya & Company Dream Box is the Sisterhood of the Moon which comes in the month of October to celebrate Halloween. It runs $65 and is packed with indie and artisan small business goodness.

The Pickety Witch is one of my favorite Etsy makers. This enamel "Oracle" pin is perfect for backpacks, jackets or totes. I have purchased the Baba Yaga and mandrake tank tops from this shop in the past and they are fabulously made. The pin is normally $12 but everything in the shop is on sale until December 2nd for 20% off.

Sixteen92 crafted a limited edition perfume for this box. 
When the Veil is Thin- Notes: Autumn crocus, dusty frankincense, Balsam fir, smoked tonka, cold tree bark, blood red pomegranate, morning frost, brittle leaves. 6ml $14
In the bottle smoky green fir and resinous frankincense tears mingle with the crocus, which has an almost iris and saffron lean to it. The veil symbolism is illuminated through the gauzy silhouette of the fragrance's composition. On the skin a subtle sweetness emerges from the ethereal forest. Perhaps it is a combination of the tonka and pomegranate. Elegant, green frankincense is the material the veil is composed of where tender golden skeletons of leaves catch and fir needles stitch memories. When The Veil is Thin it dries down into the soft smoky tonka that carries notes of vanilla and woods. It is a stunning scent that I will look forward to wearing.

Paintbox Soapworks creates amazing glycerin soaps. I am also a big fan of the sugar scrubs and wax tarts.
The Clearing- Notes: Moonlit white patchouli falling on spicy dried leaves, heliotrope musk, and charred marshmallows. $7
This is a lovely soap. The white patchouli possesses a freshness, an airy herbal quality rather than a earthen darkness. The heliotrope musk is light and floral but only mildly so. The charred marshmallows are quiet. It is a beautiful, clean soap and it lathers easily and abundantly. I enjoy Paintbox's luxury glycerin soaps. They are indeed indulgent and lush.

Cattail Apothecary composes magical body care that smells lovely and feels indulgent. Last year for the box there was an incredible bath potion, this year a solid lotion was crafted. Visions of the Three-Eyed Raven begins with a base of shea and cocoa butter, olive and apricot kernel oils and infuses it with mugwort, mullein, cedar, cinnamon, clove, arrowroot and essential oils. It is used to moisturize skin and aid in vivid dreams ($10). I love cocoa butter as a moisturizer. The smell is soothing too. The cocoa butter, shea butter, and spices along with the herbs are wonderful. It reminds me of Baba Yaga brewing up a salve to ease her winter chapped hands in her warm cozy chicken-legged hut. I used this on my feet, hands and elbows. It soaked in easily and left a satiny soft sheen behind, as well as its evocative fragrance. 

I look forward to the Black Cats and Pointy Hats loose leaf tea from Dryad Tea each year. It is a delicious blend that tastes appealing warm or iced. The apples and soft spice are mellow. It tastes of autumn exactly. $7

I also love this four-pack of skull shaped sugar cubes. I rarely add extra sugar to my coffee or teas but when these quick dissolving handsome devils arrive I know I will be tasting some extra sweetness soon. Dem Bones sells these sugar skulls along with teas, coffees, and whatnots. $3.50 for a four pack

This hefty camp-style coffee mug is from Cryptostylis on Etsy. It is ceramic and normally priced at $18 but it currently 30% off for the holiday sale weekend ($12.60). Cryptostylis also designs artwork for apparel, prints, patches and more. They even sell tea.

No Dream Box is complete without the quintessential candle from Sihaya & Company

Sisterhood of the Moon- Notes: Gathered beneath the gibbous moon, we raise our arms to the sky. Amber, crackling fires, woody oakmoss, and warm vanilla. 8 ounces for $13

This is a previous review:
This candle burns by my bedside and smells lovely. Not overly smoky but you can tell it is a sweet amber and fire scent. It smells elegant yet cozy. The throw is about medium to medium-light in my bedroom. It is tunneling a little bit and not burning to the edges but it may be that I am not burning it for long enough periods of time too. I light it and burn it for about 3-4 hours when I get home from work until I go to bed. The glitter shimmers and dances when it is lit at night. I am enjoying this candle immensely.

I still feel the same way. It is a lovely candle that is easy to enjoy. I have since learned that with continual burning any tunneling evens out and ends up burning the whole candle in time.

The winter box is one sale for $70 and is Tudor themed. Check it out for a wonderful holiday gift!

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