Thursday, November 5, 2020

Wylde Ivy Perfume: Jack's Woods Collection

These perfumes were sent free for reviewing purposes. All opinions are my own.

The following perfumes are part of Wylde Ivy's Jack's Woods Collection which may disappear sooner rather than later. These five scents are all components of a magical tale that Ashlee wrote herself and is quite enchanting.

Jack's Woods- Notes: Smashed pumpkin, dry autumn grass, charred wood, black peppercorn, grated ginger, smoked nutmeg, allspice berries, ambered musk, dry tobacco leaves, and a hint of woodsmoke in the cool breeze. $30

Jack's Woods are certainly evocative of a rich and luxurious fall experience. The top notes of warm pumpkin flesh brushed with shades of sweet hay and grass lift immediately from the sprayed wrists. This earthy sweetness is quickly emboldened by smoky and peppery spices in the heart. I could envision this scent working equally well on a guy or a girl. The pepper and ginger soon tumble among cured tobacco leaves, leathery and golden. I love how this scent is woodsy, smoky and earthen with a touch of spice. The dry down really does smell like a chilled fall evening with woodsmoke, hay and something magical lingering in the air. Perhaps even delicious.

Gingerbread Cottage- Notes: Warm gingerbread and weathered wood, toasted clove and nutmeg, dried tonka beans and vanilla pods, black peppercorn and corn husks, and a sprinkle of sugar musk. $30

I have had several variations of gingerbread scents and this one is the most unique. This is not the rustic dry and peppery, yet papery gingerbread of yore, but a true gingerbread cottage with wood carved filigree accents, rose petal pink hues in the garden and on the shutters, but also a secret dwells within. The vanilla, tonka and sugared musk feature first. They slowly allow glimpses of creamy woods and fluffy sweet gingerbread to peer through the mullioned windows. The dried leaves and corn stalks standing sentinel by the doorframe add cheer but there are also furred things lurking under the porch. I love Gingerbread Cottage because it wears like a black vanilla lollipop: dark, sweet, delicious, but also a touch unexpected. It is a great good scent.

Dead Woods Bonfire- Notes: Fire roasted pumpkins dusted with cinnamon and clove, charred oud wood and sandalwood, molten amber, sweet wood ash, and a hint of leather. $30

This is the one I wore first. It sounded like something I needed on my skin right away and I was not wrong. Initially there is a chewy dense blast of pumpkin spiced treats that rest like citrine jewels in the baker's window display, however a touch of smoky woods creeps in rather quickly. This is where things warm up and become extra enticing. I am a sucker for well played fireside scents. Sonoma Scent Studio's Fireside Intense is one of my very favorites. Dead Woods Bonfire plays right along that line but with a touch more sugar and wearability. The smoke is perfection. It doesn't remind me of BBQ, nor is it acrid or bitter. I love how the oud and sandalwood and leather combine to create smooth and sultry smoky perfume. The pumpkin treats and soft spice fade into a memory while the bonfire smolders on. It dries down into a gorgeous vanilla woods amber. 

Stone Circle- Notes: Cold October air on mountain stones. Black amber, aged sandalwood, ozone musk, dried vanilla pods, a touch of moonlight and magic. $30

This one I knew would be special. A vanilla and sandalwood amber with ethereal touches of chilly air, finely ground sugar, and a lone lily petal. This smells like a sweet treat left behind as an offering on a cairn by an icy burbling creek. Or perhaps a fairy lure on the outskirts of a quaint Welsh village shrouded in fog and shadowed by mystery. Either way Ashlee captured the elusive cold magic of standing stones and the sweet memories and altars left there over the ages. Stone, sky, sweet and the ghostly breath of long ago dried irises. I will be wearing this one down to the dregs quickly.

Mist and Moonlight- Notes: Swirling tendrils of sheer vanilla, white amber, benzoin, aged cedarwood, roasted tonka beans, pink peppercorn, and moonlit musk. $30

If Stone Circle is forlornly beautiful then Mist and Moonlight is sweetly haunting. The vanilla and resinous amber are made gauzy through the lifting effects of the pink peppercorn and airy cedarwood. Cottony sweet clouds of vanilla trail along the skin light-footed and sylphlike. This is a brilliant floaty vanilla scent to wear during fall and winter when delicate and gossamer things can be appreciated all the more: snowflakes, chilled breaths, and mist in the moonlight.

This is easily my favorite collection from Wylde Ivy yet. They are all extremely beautiful scents and evocative of that bridge from fall to winter in their own special way. I look forward to wearing them often. 

Are you feeling the pull into winter? I have never decorated for Christmas before Thanksgiving in my life but I have a strange feeling that this year I will. 


  1. Wow, each fragrance sounds better than the next! Amazing collection!!

    I'm definitely typically in the camp of no Christmas anything before Thanksgiving. I like to give every holiday and season their time. Buut, last year there was like a snowstorm just before/on Halloween, so I declared 2 Decembers and got Christmas everything rolling early.
    This year, it snowed too early in October, so I think I'll be doing the same type of thing this year.
    Christmas is my favorite and having it only about 3 weeks or so of the year isn't good enough for me.
    I pulled out my turkey decorations and 2 mini tinsel trees the other day and it's weird having them up together, though. Lol I listened to some Christmas music while doing laundry yesterday. That was nice, but weird. Lol I'll take Christmas-ness as it comes. Haha
    Enjoy if you begin some Winter/Christmas vibes before the typical time frame. We should enjoy what makes us happy!

    1. It was easily my favorite Wylde Ivy collection to date. I loved every last one of them.

      I have never set up Christmas until the day after Thanksgiving but this year I most certainly will. I understand the snow moving in would make you want to get going! I would totally feel that way too if we had snow LOL! I drove past a few strip malls that had the Christmas decor and lights up on the lampposts. Christmas music is playing on the radio station. So many friends are putting their trees up. I even saw some light up in our neighborhood. So I figured tomorrow is the day I will be going into the shed and pulling out the holiday goodies. :-)

      You are absolutely right. Now is the time to do those little things that make us happy. Now if I could only get a cold snap so I can light the first fire in the fireplace of the season. <3