Friday, January 1, 2021

2021 Bucket List and Goals

Happy New Year!

One of my favorite feelings is the fresh bloom of a new year. Yesterday I spent the day opening the windows, sweeping the floor and mopping with lemons, vinegar and oils. I shooed negativity out the front door and welcomed in happy moments, good health and peace. Today I will be cooking black eyed peas, mustard greens and pork for good fortune, prosperity and good health. I also sat down and made my annual bucket list.

This was last year's list:

2020 Bucket List Things I Did Do:
- Walk the neighborhood a few times a week 
- Begin some raised beds
- Bake those cinnamon rolls
- Many moments in front of the flickering fireplace
- Swim in the pool as often as possible
- Three random acts of kindness
- St. Augustine with the family (ended up with just Adam but we will go back one day with girls)

Things I Did Not Do:
- Take the girls to a play or concert (COVID)
- Plan a trip to Discovery Cove (too much money)
- Watch a show at the Garden Theater (had tickets but then COVID)
- Brew fire cider tonic (will try again this year)
- Visit Merritt Island bird sanctuary (still want to try this)
- Build a chicken coop (on this list for this year)

2021 Bucket List:

- Birds of Prey in Maitland
- Juniper Springs
- A weekend in Daytona Beach
- Bioluminescent kayaking in Titusville
- Mead Botanical Gardens
- Watch two meteor showers
- Bake meat pies
- Buy a large gnome
- Finish Lindsey's quilt
- Create a plant journey book
- Plant a spring garden
- Chicken coop
- Plant 2 rose bushes and a holly
- Track bird sightings
- Lose weight
- Brew fire cider tonic

I tried to make my new list COVID friendly with mostly outdoor or home-based things to do or see. I have a feeling it will be sticking around for a while.

I also would like to decrease wax and perfume purchases. My goal is to get my wax stash down to one three-drawer bin instead of the three bins I currently have. I want to keep my reading game strong. I would also like to focus more on my health this year.

What would you like to do this year? Do you make goals? Are you making resolutions?

I am wishing you and yours abundant good health, magical moments in nature, prosperity and security, as well as your heart's desire.


  1. I love how you made small bucket list points of pleasure and play. It has inspired me to to drop my should-centered, dutiful resolutions and think of a few of these. It's hard! I am not in the habit. And covid doesn't help. But one is I'd like to go cross country skiing (the kind where you just slide slowly over some flat terrain). To be continued!

    1. Thank you! I figured some baking goals and outdoor goals would be fitting for 2021. Cross country skiing sounds so wonderful!! I would love to try that one day. :-) I hope you can think of some small pleasures to try out. Let me know if you come up with any more. <3