Sunday, January 31, 2021

Ebb & Flow: January 2021

The highs and lows of the month.

Solstice Scents Hidden Lodge

Perfume Oil:
Nocturne Alchemy Opal Vanilla

Future Primitive Inches Lane

Sugar Spider Blue Marshmello and Peppermint Schtick

Body Cream:
Blood Moon Botanica Pitch Pine Hand Cream

Future Primitive Dark Carnival

Skin Care:
Forest & Fjord Sea Silk Face Cream

Bath and Body Works Twisted Peppermint (in bedroom)

Bohemienne Life Mistletoe scents

Mermade Magickal Arts frankincense tears

Amber studs by Arrok Jewelry

Franklin-Christoph: Fortis Sling Bag. I am not typically a purse hound but I do buy a new one about every five years. It was time for a new one. I found this maker via IG and Pitch Pine Pottery of all places. I love my new bag.

Pickled radishes (they are spicy and smell like farts), Slim Jims, Oreos. You know... just cutting life short.

Dram sparkling water with CBD, coffee, tea. Not enough water.

The Witcher series, on the second to last book. I read that before bed in the evenings. In the morning while I drink coffee I am reading Meditations on the Tarot. It is quite moving. 

Instrumentals, Phantom of the Opera, anything Enya, Lord of the Rings/Hobbit soundtracks, fireplace crackles

Gardener's World

Whittling old man tree spirits.

Savanna's birthday, Spring Break, and the next cold front so we can have a fire in the fireplace again.

The unknown factors of my job once the school years ends.

The cheap batter powered candles that came with a remote from Amazon. They come as a set of 10 and I adore them. 

Victoria's Secret panties. After wearing them for the past two decades I am over them. The feel like saw blades cutting into my inner thighs and my bits are always falling out the sides. I need comfy panty suggestions, please. 

The lows of COVID: teaching during COVID, isolation during COVID, lack of travel during COVID, mental health during COVID. 

Having a job. Having a comfy home. My husband. My girls. Flowers, books, creating things.

How was your first month of January? Come at me with your undies recs. 


  1. Following comments for the recs. I wear dyed cotton granny panties from etsy, lol. There's a few handmade on IG (whiskeydogwares, sister.nettle) I would like to buy from but looking for mainstream options.

    1. is a contender. will keep you posted if I buy.

    2. I am ALL ABOUT COMFORT! I heard good things about whiskeydogwares. Sisternettle sounds fun. I bought one bra and panty set from Lucky Sew and Sew but the material and edges feel a tiny bit scratchy. I didn't realize how finicky I was about textures and fabric.

  2. I'd love try Arq or Pansy. They are so expensive so I'm kind of hoping the giant granny style will filter down the the Gap. Their undies are soft and indestructible, and always on sale.

    1. I will have to take a peep at these. I have been wanting to try Thinx too but they are crazy expensive. I just want something I don't have to pick wedgies with, that feel comfy, and if I mess them up I won't shed a tear.

  3. Hot Mango Undies on Etsy is currently having an underwear preorder. Soren is very active on Instagram. I am looking to order some period underwear from them next week when the cropped tanks are going to be added on. This would be my first time ordering.
    Mana Mama on Instagram I follow for underwear.. I'd love to order period underwear from her. I think she does regular underwear, too, but I'm not positive. She's currently on vacation.
    Viragoesduds on Instagram makes underwear here and there.
    Calico Alchemy on Instagram makes underwear.
    I've been following all those makers mostly for period underwear or other clothing. I've never personally purchased from any of them yet.
    I had to unfollow some makers who sell one pair of underwear for $70-$120. I want to support as much slow fashion as possible, but I'm not a millionaire! Ha!

    My sis really likes Target underwear selection and fit.

    1. Period underwear are always on my list. I will check this maker out for sure. Thank you, April!! You are a fount of knowledge!

      Ummmm over $50 for a pair of underwear is definitely OUT of my price range. I don't mind spending a little more for quality and handmade but there does come a point when it passes my threshold.

      Target is always a good answer. :-) I do need to head there this weekend any way.

      Have a great week!

    2. Thank you!! You have a great week, as well. <3
      I'm new to following underwear makers, but I'm interested for eco, effective period underwear and I'd like some regular underwear as well..
      I recently tried Victoria's Secret panties after I hadn't in quite awhile, (my old pairs really held up well over the years) and I've found the quality just isn't the same anymore. I'd like some pairs that last! Lol I'm not into making more trash than I have to. ;)
      I used to purchase underwear from Kohl's, but that was more in the fun, Junior section many "moons" ago. Haha