Monday, February 1, 2021

Verdant Faerie: Botanical Perfumes

My friend Doreen is a talented all-natural perfume composer. She is also a talented aerial silk artist, writer and dreamer. Her posts on social media always make me smile and are welcome places to dwell. Here is a link to her blog and a link to her Etsy shop. She allowed me the honor of drawing a label for some of her scents and in return sent me some as a generous thank you. These are not for sale in her shop yet but I do know she is working on creating her website and I think she will be listing these for sale in the near future.

Stardust- Notes: Ancient resinous woods, powder-soft purring violets, fresh snowdrops, and a hint of dry pink pepper fluff.

The violets are tender and softly sweet. Their delicate faces are dappled in dew drops and surrounded by greenery. Watery and serene notes imbue the violets with freshness and a watercolor feel. As the scent settles into the skin the violets release their calming perfume with effortless joy. Stars, violets, and the faces we love, all imbued with the same essence, the same atoms, the same origin. A unity to revel in. 

Fancy French Lavender

A deceptively simple blend of authentic lavender suspended in organic oil. Exquisite blends of lavender absolutes and oils make my heart pitter patter. I spray a homemade blend of lavender, peppermint, rosemary, frankincense and fir on my pillow each night. This roller ball of lavender will get worn quickly, especially as a comfort scent and bedtime aroma. The lavender is jammy and evergreen, diaphanous yet full-bodied. It holds hints of rosemary in its heart. I am thrilled to have it on hand.

Woodwose- Notes: Agarwood and oakmoss, fire embers, gin.

I knew I would love this one. Afterall, it is named after a Sasquatch. Here in Florida we call those Skunk Apes. Well let me tell you, this beast is gorgeous (as I am sure he is no matter where he lives). The oakmoss is turgid with life, gilded with nuances of bergamot but then dusty with lichen as well. I simply love a good oakmoss. Threads of smoky fire and oud ruffle the edges and lend the suggestion of warm fur that holds the ghosts of campfires and cave fires where succor can be found. In the heart the gin adds a clarity that speaks of burbling cold creeks and juniper sap. This one will be a frequent companion on my skin. I am furry enough that he will feel right at home.

Rivendell- Notes: Soft woodsy sandalwood, fruit nectar, and a hint of green, fresh pine.

A Lord of the Rings based scent? For a girl who has the Hobbit theme for her ringtone? Or wears Shire shoes? Mmm hmmm. Already a fan. The fruits glisten on a silver platter set amid the airy ivy-clad arches of the magical elf dwelling of Rivendell. They smell faintly of citrus and dark berries and perhaps even something a touch creamy. Perhaps that is the sandalwood pulling through. It does have a creamy smoothness to it. The firs and pines are lovely mixed in as well. They begin appearing in the background after a few minutes of wear, slowly overgrowing the fruits. This is a beautifully refined woods aroma. 

Tres Patchoulis- Notes: Light patchouli, dark patchouli, and a 30-year aged patchouli.

Patchouli and I are very best friends. I like them all- earthy, dank, mineral, fresh, aged, sticky, dry, herbal and woodsy. This beauty starts with an almost fruity  and jammy sweetness to the patch. Like it is highlighted in blood orange nectar. In the heart the juiciness fades into a dusty rose hued patchouli bouquet. AS it settles the patchouli gets dustier and a touch earthy and dark with nuances of woods and bitter chocolate. This is wonderful and a treat for any patch lover.

Spirited Away- Notes: Cherry blossom, buttery almond croissant, soap bubbles.

This is one of my very favorite films and I love that Doreen appreciates it too. No-Face would be happy to wear this. The bashful and blushing sakura blossoms are made even more enticing by the addition of the tasty sweet almond essence. Rainbows of bubbles pop, releasing herbal elixirs curtesy of the soot sprites and Boiler Geezer, Kamaji. They clean away all the dirt and sadness embedded into the body. I was not prepared to love this perfume as much as I do. The cherry blossoms, almond and herbal soap combine to remind me very faintly of a Jergen's shampoo I used to adore, but this is much more lovely and thoughtful. Yubaba approved.

There are a few more perfumes I will be featuring from this collection in the weeks to come. I am so very happy for Doreen and her new adventures in perfuming. She is an amazingly lovely person and I am honored to know her. I hope you give her natural fragrances a whirl. Do you like botanical perfumes?


  1. Julie!!!! I love what you have written here! Every single word! Many many infinite thanks. I may have to snag some of these thoughts and words for the upcoming website (if ok) (credit to you). I love the art you created for the label. It is absolute perfection! You are an exquisite person and friend. XoxoXOxOxOxo

    1. You are always welcome to use whatever you wish. I am totally in love with these scents. I will message you later for the notes on the other four scents. I hope you are having an enchanted week!! Cheers!

  2. Oh, your photos are lovely too. 🧚‍♀️🍄💚

  3. Cannot imagine a more beautiful collaboration. Well done to both Doreen and you, two talented artists. Rivendell and Spirited Away are on my short list of perfumes to try.

    1. Thank you, Jay! I appreciate your kind words. <3 You would love both. They are airy magical beauties.