Sunday, February 28, 2021

Ebb & Flow: February 2021

The highs and lows of the month. 

Sonoma Scent Studio Pacific Woods

Perfume Oil:
Arcana Wildcraft Tristan and Verdant Faerie French Lavender

Blood Moon Botanica Moon Dew

The Bathing Garden Brown Sugar Cream Rose

Sydney Grace in Defiance (I love their pressed pigment shadows as simple single washes of color).

Lip Balm:
Forever going to be For Strange Women Baba Yaga

Bedtime Prep:
Lavender witch hazel mixed with peppermint, lavender, fir, and rosemary essential oils sprayed liberally on my neck and pillow and belly. 

Candles From the Keeping Room Very Vanilla and Ultimate Vanilla

Bath & Body Works Twisted Peppermint and Nui Cobalt Designs mini candles

Wood, Willow, and Whatknots Witch's Brew at work in the morning before the students come in. 

Sumo oranges from Publix. They are the best orange ever. Super easy to peel, candy sweet, tart and juicy, no seeds.

Dram sparkling CBD in Sweetgrass and their switchel in Ginger Cinnamon.

Finishing up The Witcher with the last book in the series (halfway through), also reading Meditations on the Tarot, and a read Warm Bodies, and then the second book in the Mercy Thompson series. 

My Hero Academia anime with Scarlette. It is quite funny.

Ella, Louie and Leonard Cohen with some Bob Marley thrown in for jamming times. 

Our chickens to arrive! But it won't be until mid-April. In the meantime we are staining and building their coop. I ordered baby chicks from an online hatchery. Also awaiting spring break! WOOT!

If any of the chicks arrive dead. Yikes. Also dreading report  cards (which are due next week). Also dreading summer mosquitoes.

Quill and Arrow handmade leather journals. I am officially obsessed. I have four now. Some micro tiny and others decent sized with watercolor papers.

Maybelline Great Lash. I have only been wearing eye make up with COVID masking all day long at work. I honestly cannot remember the last time I wore foundation. Probably over a year ago. I do my eyeshadow, under eye concealer, mascara and sometimes liner. I ran out of mascara and I pretty much refuse to pay the ridiculous prices I used to several years ago for make up. I headed to Walmart and grabbed what looked to be a classic. It was a dud. I did move on to Maybelline Colossal Lash and it is better.

Hectic feelings at work. Had observation/evaluation. Time to make decisions. Lots of paperwork due. Standardized tests creeping up. Not sure if I have prepared them enough. 

Hanging out with my friend Giffe' twice in one month. Planting lots of flowers and native plants. Having a friend and her girls move into my neighborhood. Seeing my new niece grow and change online. 

How was your February? Any drug store mascara recs for me?



  1. I just have to LOL at the Great Lash! It has always been on all the makeup lists, cult favorites, my mom wears it.. I think I tried it like 3x over all my makeup wearing years and it is a complete shit mascara. Probably the worst mascara I've ever used and I've tried hundreds. Ha! Hot garbage! LOL
    Hope the chickens go very well! Hope all the school stuff goes very well! I'm always rooting for you. <3 <3 And YAY for all the girlfriend love! <3

    1. I thought I was picking a dead ringer for sure! LOL!! Boy did I learn! Thank you SO MUCH for the variety to try now. I am set for the whole year! I cannot wait to see which one works the best for me. You are the best.

      Thank you for rooting for me. I am rooting for you too. <3

    2. I hope at least 1 works for you, but hey, otherwise at least like 3 you know that don't work!! LOL Hey, I hate how picky some makeup can be, but that is just sometimes the way it goes. Buuut, here's hoping!!
      Also, dunno how involved your mascara search is, but when my lashes need all of the makeup help I use a regular eyelash curler, white lash primer that different brands make, mascara and then a heated eyelash curler after it's all dry. Maybe a bit of a regimen, but I'd rather do that for more of an eye than futz with falsies. ;) ;)

  2. My February was fast! And as of 2/11 I no longer have a teenager. I have a 20 yr old. Where does the time go? Speaking of Kyle, my brother is moving from Austin to New Orleans and wants Kyle to go move with him. I am uncertain how to feel about this. Uncertain on if I should push him? Him and his friends are still sitting here, in Hurley MS, since they graduated. None of them go to college, some have part time jobs. But I have tried telling Kyle that before he knows it he'll wake up one day and 10 years will be gone. I know he has the extra anxiety of worrying about cancer to go along with everything else but I just don't want him to waste his life. Hurley (Home) will always be here. I'll always be here so I think I am all for him going to New Orleans. I've just never seen a group of young people so terrified of making a (ANY) move in life. I keep having to remind myself that he's not me. I was just nothing like that.
    It'll be great having my brother closer Also it would be great having a place to stay at in NOLA lol
    Ohhhh exciting!! Can't wait to see pictures.
    I suggest a Shu Uemura eyelash curler and Lash Princess (False Lash Effect) by Essence

    1. February WAS fast!! Complete whirlwind. 20!!!! That is a game changer. I swear we don't get nearly enough time with our babies. You are such a wise and wonderful mama. I agree. Pushing your handsome chick out of the nest is the best gift you can give him. I know moving away form home (even if it was only 2 hours away) was the best thing that gave me wings. I learned so much more than my friends who stayed home. I have always wanted to visit New Orleans. I bet he would have some great experiences. I noticed a similar thing with my friend's 20 year old. She had zero desire to get her driver's license and was able to go to Stetson College but opted to stay home and do the local community college route. I know everyone has different paths but I remember wanting to get out of home so bad and so fast. But then again I had a lot of pressure at home. Perhaps this generation of moms has made softer and comfier nests that the chicks actually enjoy staying in. That is a nice thought.

      You will have to keep me informed about the fun things to do and eat in NOLA. :-)

      I will absolutely take photos!!And thank you for the recs!!