Monday, February 22, 2021



My garden was starting to look pretty wane. The brief blooming of the bulbs has passed and the time for trimming had arrived. I cut back my roses and hedges (Adam always says I denude them but they grow back even more vigorous), as well as the crepe myrtle and other random shrubs around the yard. So it looks pretty barren right now.

My violas are running out of steam but the sweet alyssum is happy still. I got the urge to hang out in the yard most of the weekend. I built a third raised bed garden and filled it with soil. I planted potatoes in the deepest tier. 

I also planted several clumps of two types of lavender. They don't do the best around here but the ephemeral time that I get to touch and sniff them is worth it to me. 

Thank you for all the underwear recommendations. I ended up buying one pair from Whiskey Dog Wares to try and three pairs from Hot Mango Undies (one being period panties). I am excited to give these babies a test run once they arrive. I am tired of riding in the Pinto. I need the cushy Cadillac seats. 

What I have been loving lately:

- Lifting heavy things

- Doodling again

- Fine line markers and pens

- Tinctures

- Collecting seeds and acorns and random nature things

- Rain

- Robins

- Organizing the craft/sun room shelves

What have you been up to lately? Look out for another Arcana Wildcraft post this week and a giveaway to go with it.


  1. Beautiful, beautiful photos!! I so love hearing about your gardening, yard, growth, etc. :D
    We are so freaking buried in snow here in WI. It just doesn't stop! We're finally getting some 20s-30s temps which is such a welcome from the single digits/negative temps we were having for about 2 weeks.
    I'm still salty about all this damn snow, since we didn't have a white Christmas. I know Winter is a doozy, but a white Christmas always helps me be more ok with the rest of Winter. Grrr... LOL oh well!!
    Yay for underwear!! I do hope they work out for you!
    I ordered a coordinating tank bra and hi waisted boii short undie from Hot Mango.. going small my first order to check out the sizing on my body. I sized up a bit, so I can always alter if need be. I still have so much baby weight to lose that I don't want to invest in too many pairs at my current size. Double win that the under garments double as swimwear, which I intend to also wear as such! I'm excited!
    What I've been up to lately is really trying to breathe, relax and exist more calmly.. I am not good at that. :P
    I have been making more of an effort lately to do a daily movement body exercise and that has been helping so very much! I love to exercise, I just haven't found a groove since having children and more prominent health issues. I need to make this stick, though! Trying to give myself grace and compassion through it, too.

    1. Thank you! I decided to take my camera outside with me for once instead of the pruners. I hope spring comes quickly for you guys. It has been one crazy winter. I would be salty too. No white Christmas but a miserable January and February is no bueno.

      I hope the undies work out too. You are much wiser than I at only doing one pair to see how it goes!! LOL! I THOUGHT I was being smart about it with Whiskey Dog but then all common sense went out of the window when I saw the Hot Mango patterns... that monstera and those ferns... I was a sucker chump. I did order the biggest size so hoping if I need I can take them in like you mentioned. Better big than small. I did not know that they doubled as swimwear!!! I might order a matching bra then before they leave the made to order. Thanks for the heads up!

      Breathe. yes. I love moving too but have NOT made time to do it like I should. One walk in the evening probably doesn't cut it. Hoping the groove comes for you. You are a great mom, wonderful friend and awesome person. You deserve all the grace and compassion. <3

    2. Thank you, thank you so very, very much for your words. <3 <3
      It was definitely super duper difficult to narrow my choice to only one fabric design. I look forward to scooping up more designs in subsequent orders.
      I really love Soren's designs and the collab artists they work with. Too much beauty to choose from!
      I started following Whiskey Dog thanks to you! Thank you!
      Enjoy your weekend! :) :)