Wednesday, March 17, 2021

Melting Basket 156: Spring Time


I looked back and saw that I have not done a melting basket since the holidays. Yikes a doodle. I assure I still melt copiously. This is probably the 4th basket of 2021 but I do find making time to blog to be pushed to the side at this season in my life. So why now? Well, frankly it is because I am on spring break and it is a happy diversion that I do miss. I am still juggling some ESOL classes and some to-do list things but I am trying my best to not feel rushed or put too much on my plate this week. I have even managed to take some naps and rest up along with planting some caladium bulbs. Ok, usually I ramble after the basket so I guess I better get started. 

Teddy Bees- Milky Way Roses (already melted and LOVED this blend) and Vintage Flannel. These (and several more) were gift from a surprise gift box from my friend April. (Thank you again, April!!!)
Vintage Chic Scents- Killer Clowns From Outer Space (cotton candy explosion- another love)
Lasting Scent Candles- Watermelon Wedding Cake
Bohemienne Life- Brigid
The Bathing Garden- Blackberry Jam & Lemon Curd
Candles From the Keeping Room- Cedar, Sage, and Blackberry
Candles From the Keeping Room- Strawberry Noel
Candles From the Keeping Room- Charcoal Tonka
Candles From the Keeping Room- Frosted Sugar Cookie
Candles From the Keeping Room- Lime Leaf & Lily
Candles From the Keeping Room- Fresh Picked Raspberry

Even though it has been nice to harvest some herbs and lettuce (though the family thinks my mixed mesclun is too bitter) I have finally decided to let it go to flower and seed. I love watching the fennel flowers shoot out like miniature golden fireworks. I did just read that fennel flowers are good for menstruation issues so I probably should have been eating them rather than gazing but either way it was time well spent. I have two raised beds growing some ground cover to fix some nitrogen into the soil and the tiered raised bed has potatoes, yellow summer squash, and borage planted in it. Once I turn under the cover crop I will plant tomatoes, cucumbers and maybe some type of bean. We are almost done staining the chicken coop panels too so that we can put them together.

I am excited for this coming weekend. I plan on baking hot cross buns and perhaps going to a native plant sale. Also going to have some family over for Sunday lunch. I was able to get my COVID vaccine and I chose the Johnson & Johnson single dose. I felt a little light headed the first day but was still able to run errands and drop of some resumes. I think combined with my period it just made for a tiring experience more than anything else. I am very thankful I was able to get it once they opened it up to all teachers. 

My youngest wanted to go to the beach so that is the plan for today. I must admit that my body and soul are ready for the sun and salt water. It will be very nice to laze about, read, swim and look for shoreline treasures. And maybe even some ice cream after. 

How is your spring unfolding? Finding signs of new life? Any celebrations coming up for you? I have a CFTKR haul, some soap and a hand sanitizer haul to show. I have been trying to slow the wax pace. But I do still get some from Carol whenever I can. 


  1. Oh yay!!- I'm glad you found some things to melt! ;) ;) <3
    Bitter things are hard for me to eat. I find dressing bitter greens especially really helps. I have an anchovy, caper, garlic, lemon oil vinegar recipe that helps me to eat bitter greens.. so super tasty. Even just a lemon based drizzle helps. I know there's a science behind flavor matching to help certain foods go down easier.
    I hope Spring break goes well for you all! <3
    My daughter has off at the end of the month here. I don't think we'll really be doing anything, though.
    We've been enjoying some nicer temps, all the snow has melted.. we're not out of the Winter woods yet, but it's very nice to get an inkling of Spring.
    My birthday is towards the end of April, so I suppose I should maybe come up with a little birthday celebration idea. ;)

    1. I did!!! Thank you so much!

      Thanks for the lemon dressing suggestion. I actually love capers and will look for a similar recipe.

      Thanks! Spring break has flown by (of course!). I have tried to get some coursework done between drawing, reading and gardening. I took the girls to the beach and it was pretty empty which was nice. But that was it. Just hanging in. I am excited to do some Ostara/spring celebrations Saturday. Lots of baking. I am so happy your snow is melting and spring is emerging! Just in time to celebrate too.

      How did I not know you have your birthday in the same month as your name?!! How cool. I certainly hope you do something nice for yourself. You deserve it. you are a kick butt mom, friend, and person. <3 Maybe another cool tattoo??

    2. Oh shoot, you're too sweet! <3
      I'll probably think of a special dinner/dessert I'd like to enjoy.. we at least like to do that for birthdays. I never ask anyone for anything, but I'm definitely getting my arm worked on again.. looking at a May appointment. I may need one more session after that- we'll see. Adorable half sleeve and then I gotta get some hardcore tattoos eventually to balance it all out. ;D hahaha

    3. I cannot wait to see your finished half sleeve, it is going to be kick-ass!!! And then a half sleeve of pirate skulls, howling wolves, barbed wire and a bloody dagger. That should do it.

  2. I wish I could stick to a melting basket. I try sometimes but I always fail. Looking at your flowers makes me miss my Mamaw's tulips. She planted tulips every year and they were just gorgeous. She took so much pride in them also. That's why seeing her get old and not being able to do things like that saddens me so.
    I have slowed down on my wax buying. I have my moments and I think it's stress buying.
    This month has been pretty awful. Kyle's dad passed away on the 13th. I'm still in disbelief. Even though we broke up when he was 8 months old I still loved him and am so thankful for the gift of Kyle. He had struggled with drugs and alcohol for so long and we still don't know if that's what killed him. His mother is waiting on the autopsy results. He had fell on their deck, hit his head, said he was okay and went to sleep. She found him dead in the morning.
    I hate it for my son. Kyle was very angry with him and wouldn't accept his calls cause his Dad had basically abandoned him the last few years soo he's entitled to that anger but I hope he doesn't feel guilt about it in the future. He is being cremated and then we're having a celebration of life get together. Kyle wants to say a few words and dedicate this to Daryl lol it does fit him perfectly.

    1. Here's a couple of pics. Daryl and I. I think this is one of two pictures of me pregnant. Baby Kyle and Kyle at 20. We're going to miss his Dad.

    2. My wax is hidden away in my closet and far away from my warmers so it is mostly a convenience thing for me I think (or laziness??? yeah it is pure lazy). Tulips!!! I bet they were lovely. I tried my hand at crocus and daffodil but I think I need to stick to day lilies. They seem to agree with the Florida weather more. It is so very hard and heart breaking to see a loved one lose quality of life. I felt that way with my Ma (grandma). She was an avid gardener too with the most lush backyard. Then eventually it was TV watching from her recliner all day to a nursing home and it hurt to see it.

      I am guilty of stress buying for sure. I know how you feel. I am so so sorry to hear about your family's loss. I will be keeping you guys in my thoughts and hope for a peaceful and loving service. Thank you for sharing that song! I love The Highway Men and Kris Kristofferson but have never heard that song. Man. I can see how it would be apt. As someone who struggled with alcohol I know how it can get its claws into someone.

      Beautiful photos of you guys!!! So much love there. You are beautiful and your have a handsome son. I hope his heart is able to heal from this and keep the happy memories. <3 Sending you guys lots of love!!!!!