Wednesday, March 17, 2021

Candles From The Keeping Room: Spring Haul

I was thrilled to order some wax from Candles From The Keeping Room when Carol opened in February. I ordered some old favorites and threw in a couple new ones too. The wax runs $6.75 per bag and holds a generous amount (usually around 5-6 ounces). 

Twisted Peppermint is one that I have either not picked up before or if I have it has been a long time. I used to melt a lot of minty wax in my bedroom but now I enjoy it throughout the whole house now too. Twisted Peppermint is a wonderfully chilly mint with some touches of vanilla musk in there. 

Spun Sugar and Vanilla Bean is a new one to me. It is a lovely scent. There are fruity notes in here but they are soft and gentle. It comes across as cotton candy for sure. This is a light and airy candy floss with a vanilla musk undertone. Quite nice. 

Marshmallow Fireside is one of my favorites from Carol. Her version is hearty and strong and brimming with that sweet marshmallowy goodness. The fireside portion is serene and softly smoky. A real dream.

Spicy Apples and Peaches is one of those oldie but goodie scents that has been around for ages and stands the test of time. I had not had it in ages and was craving it. Man. I forgot how good this scent is. The apples have a flavor of a homemade pie but the peaches lend a cobbler richness too. It is extra sweet and fruity and bursting with flavor. Cannot wait to melt this. 

Fresh Picked Raspberry is a new one to me as well. You probably know I am a huge fangirl of Fresh Picked Strawberry so this was a no brainer. And it is great. The raspberry is clear and juicy, almost candy like in its sweetness. There is also a softness and mild greenness to it as well. 

Santa Claws is a blend of vanilla bean noel, bear claw, and a hint of Mrs. Claus magic. This is another first and a delicious purchase. It is a yummy vanilla bakery with a touch of creamy cinnamon. Reminds me of fresh baked vanilla glazed cinnamon rolls on Christmas morning.

Apple Cinnamon Icing is one I recently fell in love with and scooped up another bag of it to have on hand. It smells like a decadent apple cinnamon danish with a layer of melty vanilla icing on top. It is strong throwing and comfort inducing.

Celtic Moonspice is one of my original favorites in wax scent. The name pulled me in all those years ago and then the scent notes firmed it up. It is basically a warm and bright spice blend full of cinnamon, nutmeg and clove. It throws well and makes it feel like home.

Alpine Cheer is a repurchase. It is a crisp evergreen and cranberry with notes of spice, cedar, and patchouli. It reminds me of a sophisticated cranberry balsam. It is not overly concentrated holiday because the cedar and vanilla sugar round it out and make it more year round.

Country Gift Shop is another repurchase. I love how strong and warm this scent is. Cinnamon, apples, dried fruits, and pure bliss. Nostalgia.

Free Samples!

Carol is extremely generous with her free samples and they always lead me to a new favorite.

Yummy Mummy is a gorgeous soft fruity and creamy scent. Divine.

Sweet Minty Spells of Love is a peppermint and Love Spell blend ripe with peaches and florals.

Apple Mango Salad is fresh and sweet with apples and mangos. Tropical. 

Let's Play has a velvety green aroma. Almost like bamboo or cucumber. 

Vanilla Frosting is rich and hearty. Almost with a cereal or bread quality.

Brown Sugar Pound Cake is rich with bakery goodness. Almost a maple decadence.

Boardwalk Taffy Type is yummy. Cotton candy musk. I want to bathe in it.

Citrus Shower Avobath has intense lemongrass and lemony sugar brightness.

Pink Strawberry Chiffon is a berry delight. Juicy, peachy and candied.

Juicy Fruit smells similar to the gum. You can even detect the thin paper wrapper.

Yellow Cake is a wonderful classic blender scent. A simple buttery vanilla cake.

Lush Vanillary is the one I am most excited about. I love this scent. Boozy vanilla, fuzzy tonka and sweet musk.

Sweet Spicy Zucchini Fluff is an intensely strong zucchini bread scent that many will love.

Mango Nectar and Hibiscus is a bright and vibrant tropical with peachy cranberry leanings.

Boardwalk Marshmallow Clouds is my second favorite. Musky sweet and creamy. 

Coconut Shea is a lovely calming scent. Powdery and smooth.

Pink Champagne is a tart and fruity floral.

Merlot Wine is a wonderful dark berry scent.

I am so happy with my wax order. I hope to grab some Boardwalk Marshmallow Cloud and Lush Vanillary next time. Have you picked up any wax lately? Are you aiming for a CFTKR order soon?


  1. Fresh Picked Raspberry sounds like a good one!
    I still gotta try Lush Vanillary in wax- I love it in perfume.
    Sweet Minty Spells of Love sounds like a neat combo!
    I gotta try Alpine Cheer yet- sounds like something for my nose.
    I literally talk myself out of ordering CFTKR every single opening. Lol I make a list and then don't ever actually order. I have so much wax to work through. Carol's wax is the bomb, though! Love!!
    I've been trying to keep wax ordering to a minimum. Lately I've purchased Savannah Blue a couple times, Waxmosphere for some trendy scents like Bum Bum type, Avocado Coconut type, Gold, Steel and Black Aquolina Sugar types, etc, I'm giving Supertarts another try before I write them off as not working for my nose and I placed my first Handwerks wax order.

    1. I love Vanillary too. I blew through the solid perfume of it. I understand. It can be overwhelming or frustrating if you aren't on time and your picks are not available to put in the cart. I usually zoom in and just start tossing things in LOL!

      I hope the Supertarts work for you. I tried them a few times too and once or twice I would love something but then hate everything else. So I pretty much gave up. I have been relatively good on wax too. Just Carol. I was tempted by Bathing Garden but then decided I need to melt the clamshells I have on hand first. My goal is to melt through 2/3 of my stash this summer and get it down to ONE three drawer storage container and then MAYBE order for fall/winter. I really want to move into more incense and candles I think instead of having the wax hoard. Happy you have been able to keep it low too!! WOOT!!!

  2. Yay, congrats on bagging a big ole' order. These scents seem so representative of your beloved spicy, smokey and minty faves, w/a little fruity in for good measure. I tried Alpine Cheer from LittleOliveTree years ago and forgot how magical it is, happy to see Carol carrying it. I realized, like you, I sought out my cozy warm comfort melts this time. Grateful to grab some fall seasonals so I am good to go next autumn.
    I bet Carol's Spicy Apples & Peaches is yummy, I've had a mediocre soy version before.
    We received a lot of the same samples, I recorded another vid of my sample bag, will post tomorrow. Of yours, that Mango Nectar Hibiscus is calling my name...gonna try hard to not purchase till summertime though [from anyone]. Happy Spring!

    1. Thanks!! It has been a while! I think I would be good to just buy from Carol for the rest of forever. YES!!! I am still feeling the need for comfort and cozy scents even past the fall and winter. Not typical for me. I usually like to venture into herbs and florals right about now but I am just not feeling it this year. MUST NEEDS COMFORT. I loved watching your video! I hope you do more when the opportunity arises. But yes, like you I am planning on a spring and summer of melting and not buying. I have wax goals.

      Happy spring to you too!!

  3. Great order! I sat this one out with plans to catch the next one (only because I had been ordering like a madwoman). I have got to start melting some of this wax. My problem is if I curtail the wax then I just make up for it in bath and body lol.
    I did get my Super Tarts wax Wednesday order which had a lot of new to me scents and every single one was great.

    1. Thanks!! I totally feel the collecting pains! I tend to swap out my obsessions too. I will still melt and sometimes buy wax but incense and candles are edging in here.

      Glad you liked your Supertarts!!! <3

  4. I so want to order from her but have never been accepted to her group. For whatever reason she decided I wasn't worthy. Another member asked her to add me and she said no. It makes me really sad because I'm a huge waxie and not sure what I could have done to deserve that...... I don't think we've ever even interacted. 😔

    1. Oh no! I am so sorry! Maybe it was a misunderstanding? I know sometimes close to an opening she might not accept new members to her FB group just to keep it manageable. If you really want maybe you can try once more? I recently left FB altogether so I do rely on my wax buddies to tip me in once a sale goes on. You can try that if you really want to order some wax. You don't have to be a member of the group to order. I have heard Carol is retiring soon so she may only have one or two more openings. Bums me out as she is pretty much the only person I buy wax from any longer. I guess it will be candles and incense for me from then on. Pooh.