Monday, March 22, 2021

Spirit & Venom: Hand Sanitizer


Spirit & Venom is a maker I have enjoyed following for a while now. Formerly, Twisted Wonderland Perfumery, I had purchased some wax and a candle in the past and liked the products that Rae created. In 2020 Rae rebranded into Spirit & Venom. I saw some cute stickers of potion bottles so I popped into the web-store and ended up grabbing some hand sanitizer to tag along. I picked up the 2 ounce bottle sizes for $5.50 each. There is a limit of four 2 oz sizes or two 4 oz sizes per order.

Necronomicon- Notes: Weathered book pages, leather, pipe tobacco, and a waft of blackberry bordeaux. 

I enjoy the packaging. The swivel nozzle allows for locking so that product doesn't accidentally pump out. The gel itself is is nice consistency, a touch more on the thin side but still a gel. It is colorless and spreads quickly, dries fast and doesn't leave a sticky or slick residue. It absorbs nicely but doesn't dry my hands out. This particular scent is unique among hand sanitizers. The blackberry wine pulls through first but the crinkly papers and leather book bindings aren't far behind. It makes for a pleasant scent to have on the hands, present but not distracting.

Winter Witch- Notes: White tea, ghostly lilac, winter cranberry, ethereal vanilla, juicy pomegranate, pink peppercorn and a squeeze of pink grapefruit.

This smells like a grown up version of the Fruit Stripe chewing gum sticks. I think it is the combination of fruits (grapefruit, cranberry, and a berry-like pomegranate). The tea and muted lilac create the "grown up" part of the likeness. It is a nice scent to have on clean hands. Cheerful and refreshing.

Cotton Candy Cocoon- Notes: Pink spun sugar cocoons coated with sweet goo.

I did notice a pink hue with this gel but it is very light. Another great hand sanitizer scent, cotton candy is an easy one to wear on the hands. It does have some mild fruity tones and even a touch of lemony zip lurking about within the fluffy clouds of sugar. 

Ghost- Notes: A mixture of light and dark vanilla notes.

This perfume sample was a freebie and I am actually extremely happy it was sent because I ended up liking it. Ghost is a boozy dark vanilla with some gentle tobacco and vanilla extract tones. Sometimes I just crave a simple vanilla. I went ahead and picked up a 1 ounce bottle of this scent in the extrait form since I enjoyed it so much here. 

I also added two more hand sanitizers to my cart in the larger 4 ounce size and one more sticker. We have been going through hand sanitizer in this house for sure and probably will continue to. Between Fortune Cookie Soap, Moonalisa, and now Spirit & Venom I am happy to have found some small businesses to share the love with. 

Do you have any favorite hand sanitizer makers? Favorite scents from Spirit & Venom? Listened to any good records lately? 


  1. I don't think I have any favorite hand sanitizer makers.
    My favorite hand sanitizer is a peppermint citrus scent, kinda gel formula from the Everyone brand,
    I do have a fizzy lemon lime one from Fortune Cookie Soap that I love.
    I can't do hand sanitizer scents that are sweet, foodie, heavily fragranced, artificial, etc.

    I've tried a real small handful of scents from when Rae was Twisted Wonderland Perfumey. I still have to try Spirit & Venom. ;)

    There's a new Rob Zombie album out I still have to listen to. Another rock band I like, Tomahawk, has a brand new album I gotta take a listen to.
    And I've been meaning to get into bluegrass musician, Billy Strings. He just won a Grammy for his album 'Home'. I do not listen to bluegrass, but something about his style, sound and vibe I just really like.. he's a young guy, super talented. My husband put on some of his stuff a year or so ago, but I haven't yet made the effort to do some exploring of his catalog.

    1. Oooooo peppermint citrus??? Yeah. I am gonna need to try that out. If you can't do heavy ones you might want to skip these. They were nicely scented at home at first but once in the car and in the Florida heat they BLOOMED. I don't mind how strong they are but my youngest daughter rolls down a window when I use it after school. LOL! Oops.

      Thanks for the music recs! I do enjoy bluegrass (my stepdad plays banjo in a blue grass band) so I will have to give him a listen. Can you believe March is already almost over??