Thursday, June 17, 2021

Summer List 2021


My friend Giffe' and I visited Cassadaga, which is touted as the psychic capital of the world, and though we did not go and get our fortunes told we did have a rather nice time. This photo was taken on the fairy trail and I rather got a childish kick out of someone being so very generous with their herbs. 

Normally by now I have created a summer time bucket list of things I wanted to do or places to go with the girls. I am woefully behind. I just wrapped up my most current ESOL course, I am at work doing pre-planning all this week, and I caught a summer cold that lasted two weeks. So my summer is starting very slow. But here are some things I would like to do over the next month and a half:

- Kelly/Rock Springs swimming and tubing

- Bioluminescent kayaking in Titusville

- Hike a new state park or trail

- Finish two quilts

- Boba at three new places

- Weekend at the beach

- Biking as a family

- Read as much as possible

- Visit a used book store in Cleveland

- Make lots of iced herbal tea

- Swim two to three times a week

Any summer plans for you? We are headed to Cleveland to visit Adam's side of the family for a week. Other than that we will be hanging around central Florida, with the exception of a beach weekend which I hope I can make happen. I plan on lots of reading, gardening, hiking, sewing. I am proud that I did get one quilt done for Eloise. And I am almost done piecing the top to my sister Lindsey's quilt. 

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