Monday, May 31, 2021

Ebb and Flow: May 2021

 The highs and lows of the month.


Wylde Ivy Green Lady

Perfume Oil:

Verdant Faerie Fancy French Lavender (I use this as an evening deodorant sometimes too!)

Face Mist:

House of Yore/Forest & Fjord Spruce hydrosol


Wildroots Body Care (herbal and sensitive, I alternate them).


Paintbox Soapworks Crickhollow Cottage


Black Magic 50 Shades of Chaga


Bath & Body Works Comfort (patchouli and vanilla)


Candles From The Keeping Room Apple Clove Butter


bacon wrapped asparagus


Vivi Boba Specialty tea with strawberry popping boba


Lots of anime with Scarlette: Maid, Sama! and Violet Evergarden currently.


Witches of Eastwick by John Updike and a book about tarot by Leanna Greenway.


John Prine and John Denver on vinyl


Summer is here! No more teaching, but I do still have some classes for ESOL left to finish. Hoping to get those out of the way quickly. Scarlette invited all her 6th grade friends over for a pool party this coming weekend so I am looking forward to seeing my students one more time. 


Mosquitoes, droughts, not taking advantage of summer freedoms.


Nocturne Alchemy Height of Love perfume and Sandalwood Bourbon perfume


CBe Ceramics mushroom paint brush. It arrived broken in half. I didn't feel like shipping it back so I just taped it for now. 


Colds/sore throat coming back for every period again. I went through this cycle a year or so ago but with ear infections. Hoping this won't be long-term. Ready for menopause already. 


Visiting Cassadega with my friend Giffe, giving the sixth graders a big send off to middle school, watching my youngest be admired by a really sweet boy, seeing my oldest get excited about high school, seeing my flowers bloom, reading in the hammock swing.

How was your May? Did is bring any blooms? Happy things? New experiences? Hope?


  1. Lol, I've been listening to John Denver a lot as well lately, though not on vinyl. He was a staple in my house growing up.

    1. Isn't he the best?! I should say "wasn't" he, but I feel like music makes one immortal. I listened to him a bunch as a kid too. I picked up some faux Walkmans for my girls a couple Christmases ago and my oldest got John Denver's greatest hits and she loved it so much. SO at least one of them will have the bug for the rest of her life too. <3

  2. I love Boba tea - that strawberry sounds amazing! that is a bummer about your paint brush. Did she want you to send it back broken? That's bad service. :(

    1. Boba tea is the biggest obsession for the girls and I right now. We have a goal of trying every bubble tea shop in the Orlando area.

      Oh, no. She doesn't even know it arrived broken. I am sure she would do right by me, I was just frustrated at the situation so I did not even want to deal with it. It was like one of those little straws that poked the angry, overwhelmed, frustrated bear.

    2. I know that feeling! Sending hugs 🌸

    3. And how fun to try all the boba in Orlando!!!!!