Monday, May 3, 2021

Black Magic Alchemy: Soap and Elixir


I was running low on bar soap and remembered how much I loved the Black Magic soaps that a friend had sent me. So I popped over, grabbed two, and also some of this Wild Chaga Elixir. I started with the 8 ounce traveler size that runs $28. This mushroom based health tonic is supposed to support the brain and skin. I drank some every few days for about a month. My skin has been happy but not sure if it was solely this or my skincare, lack of makeup wearing, and this combined. It tastes sweet and almost like a rootbeer syrup. I will be trying it again, but in a bigger size next time.

I picked up this Merino wool wrapped Rootbeer Chaga mushroom soap. I loved the scent in the regular bar and thought I would give the wool wrapped one a try. It was $14 and is made with antibacterial fibers and should last 3 months. I have been using it a little while. I do feel like it mutes the scent a little and I find it strange to use so I think I will stick to the regular bars next time, but it was neat to try out.

I also grabbed 50 Shades of Chaga. I love this bar so much. The balck spruce, cedarwood and bezoin smells freaking amazing. This bar is $12 and worth every penny. 

Loving my small order and will be back for more once these run out. 

Do you drink any health tonics? Health teas? I bought and planted some skullcap which is doing well. Going to make a tea with that one soon.


  1. This brand always sounds so freaking wonderful! Sounds like magical goodness. That 50 Shades of Chaga!?! :O Oh my!! <3

    I need to intake more health tonics, teas, etc. I really need to drink herbal plant infusions more; I hear they're so beneficial.
    I do fire cider, mushroom tinctures and some fermented drinks.
    I do want to order from High Garden Tea. Their selection looks wonderful. :D

    1. It really is!!! I will be back often to replenish stocks.

      I need to do more plant teas as well. I have a nice little collection of dried and fresh herbs now but just need to be more diligent about making the teas.

      Mmmmmm!! Love fire cider. Still want to try my hand at making some. I am planting burdock roots this fall and hope to use them to make some fire cider one day.

      I will go check out High Tea Garden! Thanks!!

  2. Julie, thank you!! I came home yesterday to the most amazing package from you, it was so thoughtful and fill of fragrant delights!! I'm trying to make herbal tea concoctions from my Rosemary Gladstar course, but my favorite it just really good old camelia sinensis black tea, especially Assam. A pot of black tea can cure almost anything, I find! Thank you again, and enjoy your Florida sunshine!

    1. Yay!!! Glad it arrived. I was thinking about you. I do love some tea. I don't think I have ever tried Assam tea. I do partake in some night time tea pretty often but have all sorts of tea goodies in my stash that I need to love on some more. My Teavanna infuser broke last night so it looks like I will need to order a new one. I am also kicking around the idea of buying a tea kettle.

      You are most welcome for the goodies. Enjoy!!!