Sunday, May 30, 2021

Sihaya & Company: Spring Dream Box

This was sent for free in exchange for photography. All opinions are my own.

This stunning springtime Dream Box from Sihaya & Company is named Musa Venit Carmine- The Goddess Inspires Our Song. It is packed with dulcet florals that provide a gentle awakening of the senses ($65).

Dryad Tea is a familiar and loved maker in the box. Black Cats and Pointy Hats is one of my favorite fall teas. This time the offering is Ambrosia Skies, a green tea with grapefruit, pomegranate, and blueberry. My girls will love this iced with honey. $7

Leccare Lollipops are another delicious addition that I have seen before in past boxes and always enjoy. White Peach Rose, Marigold Lemon, and Marshmallow Hibiscus are lovely fruity floral pairings that tickle the taste buds. This shop offers custom labels for special occasions too. $4

Deconstructing Eden perfume in Musa Venit Carmine- Notes: Gently warming earth, pale green grasses, peonies, apple blossoms, green strawberries, green pomegranates, daffodils, cool air, and soft sunlight. $9.75 for 5ml

Right out of the spray nozzle, damp soil pairs with citrusy tart fruits. It smells like walking through a cottage garden where riotous rainbows of petals and fruits reach out to be sniffed and plucked. The ground is a mosaic of sunlight and shadow. Crystalline streams trickle through willows, where chilled stones gather necklaces of moss and lichen alongside their meandering path. This is a lovely scent and I am so happy it came in a spray format. I will love smelling this on my hair and clothing.

At first I thought this was a Sihaya & Company lip color (those are so nice!!), but upon closer inspection I see that it is from Crow & Pebble which I love too. This pink lip color is scented in Earl Grey tea. $7

Paintbox Soapworks had two amazing products in this box. The Flutterbutter face cleanser is incredible. I have been using it for a couple weeks now and it gently removes makeup, dirt and grime. I don't wear much makeup right now but do still put on eyeshadow and such. Also my husband gives me grief that when I am outside gardening, somehow my face always ends up dirty. But this stuff takes care of it. The consistancy is thick but smooth and melts gently into the skin. It smells of lemony bright frankincense, like sniffing a summertime sunbeam. I will be buying this again. $6

Poesy is a complexion and linen mist that has rose, lavender, and rose geranium hydrosols. I love it as a face mist so much. It is cooling and reviving. $6

My love of Paintbox Soapworks was rekindled and I picked up a TON of scrubs to replenish my stock. I will blog them sooooon.

LuvMilk is an indie bath and body company I have tried several times and love every single time. I seriously need to get my junk together and place an order soon, maybe when I finally get my bathtub. In the meantime, this soap is already almost used up in my shower. I have been loving it!! Floralia melds sweet magnolia, peonies, acai flowers, fresh arugula, and basil. It smells like a rich garden. $6.50

One of my favorites! The seasonal Sihaya & Company candle in Ostara.

Ostara- Notes: Fig, blackcurrant, berry, and rhubarb with hints of white jasmine and curling green ferns. 

This is a cheerful and juicy tart fruit and floral that is springy and ripe. The blackcurrant is sour and sweet right along with the rhubarb. The jasmine and greenery are lush and dewy. This candle throws well and burns perfectly. I always enjoy Sihaya's candles. They are expertly crafted.

 It took me way too long to get this up but here it is. There is another wonderful Sihaya and Company Dream Box in the works for summer (moon themed I believe?) so keep an eye out!

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