Saturday, May 1, 2021

Ebb & Flow: April 2021

 The highs and lows of the month.


Solstice Scents Lavender Vanilla EDP

Perfume Oil:

Nocturne Alchemy Moonstone

Body Oil:

Aftelier Spiced Patchouli

Skin Care:

Mixing Blood Moon Botanica Moon Dew with Forest & Fjord Deep Forest Serum and applying both night and morning. My skin has looked the best it ever has. 


Bath & Body Works Comfort (patchouli and vanilla) body wash


The Bathing Garden Sleepy


Bath and Body Works Comfort (patchouli and vanilla)


Candles From The Keeping Room Sweet Cinnamon Rolls


For Strange Women Japanese stick incense in Pure


Sumo oranges, pasta salads, carrots from the garden


Coffee, water, boba


Death Note anime, saw the Hunter X Hunter movie with the girls, and my flowers, bees, butterflies, and trees.


Meditations on the Tarot here and there in the mornings, The Penelopiad by Atwood (it is good!), and just finished up a well done werewolf thriller called Talulla Rising that was book two but I read it as a stand alone and it was great. Also, I am heavily into indie mags right now. I currently have Fiddler's Green in abundance (LOVE them!!!), Weird Walk out of the UK, Folklore for Resistance (Canadian I believe), and several others. Links embedded in the names if you are curious. I am thinking of doing a collection/shout out of the ones I have and enjoy.


The Cranberries


A chance to hang out with my friend Giffe' in a couple weekends, summer break full of art, reading, swimming, exploring trails, seeds to sprout, new adventures.


My sixth graders moving on. As challenging as this school year was, this was easily the NICEST and most fun classroom community I have had the honor of teaching in 12 years. Not one incident sent to the office. Not one bully. Constant laughter, smiles, hard work, and kindness. I will hold onto this year in my heart forever. I am happy I will still have my 4th and 5th graders to carry on the legacy as they move up into leadership positions next year.


Paintbox Soapworks Flutterbutter face cleaning cream is awesome. It cleans gently and smells of frankincense and lemons. A great experience.


The Hot Mango Undies bra I bought was not nearly as nice and comfortable and well fitting as the Whiskey Dog Wears bralette I purchased. The big 3-D printed adjusters were awkward, the straps are not attached (I am thinking of removing the adjusters and just sewing the straps down so I can wear it). But to be fair, she is not going to make them any longer and will focus on her underwear and tanks. I ordered some MTO (made to order) undies back in February and they should be arriving soon. I will report back. But so far Whiskey Dog Wares is my jam for sure. Though I am excited to try Hot Mango's period panties when they arrive.


Ending of the school year. Spending spree (was hoping to save more- ah- try, try again). Missing my sisters and baby niece. Eating junk. 


Baby chickens thriving, plants growing, flowers blooming, my sister's wedding, a surprise box of gifts from sisters, new tarot decks, planning surprises for my 6th graders, quality time with Adam and the girls, good boba. Good books. Good afternoon hammock time.

How has your April been? Blessed Beltane! May your summer arrive full of gorgeous weather, color and life.  


  1. March and April seem to have flown by for me!! Hoping May will be lovely and warm. :)
    Nuts to HMU bra not working out. Phooey! I vote sew the straps if you'll get more use out of it for sure! I do hope the undies work out! My tank and undie order should ship out soonish.. I haven't checked tracking, but stay up to date on IG.
    Thank you again for mentioning Whiskey Dog Wears, cuz I've been following them and cannot wait to try some goodies out. I haven't ordered, but I'm glad you've had success. The garments I've seen look like wonderful, high quality goodness. <3
    All the products you're loving always sound wonderful, but dang-- lemon and frankincense?!! That does sound like a dream!
    Your facial serum, moon dew combo sounds amazing as well!
    Happy May to you!!

    1. Right?!?! I feel the exact same.

      I do love my undies. They arrived and they fit well. Very comfy. I can see myself ordering more for sure.

      Whiskey Dog is definitely high quality. They will be a go-to as I try and phase in smaller business undies VERY slowly.

      Happy May!!!! (Although it is already almost half over!!!!) YIKES!

  2. Thanks for the indie magazine recommendations!! I have to try those. I've been enjoying Taproot, but most of the projects are way beyond me. It certainly is a beauty though. I used to love this one called Project Calm but it's U.K. and difficult to find. Sending you good vibes for the end of the year. It's so bittersweet...I remember just longing for it to be over for months, then tearing up later because I missed the kids! Please keep us updated on chickies and blooms!

    1. Thank you so much! It really is bittersweet. This was the one year I got to finally teach one of my own daughters and it was amazing.

      I will definitely keep you up to date on the chickens and flowers!! Lots of time this summer for the fun things like that, that I want to do! <3