Wednesday, December 4, 2019

Bohemienne Life: Small Fall Pre-Order

I am trying to slow my roll on wax for a while since I still have a decent amount left to melt through but I did place a Bohemienne Life order a little while back and just simply have not gotten around to chatting about it. I also have a Candles From The Keeping Room order and a Handmade in Florida order to still feature. Then I think I am caught up on wax. I have also made quite a few changes in the Facebook wax groups I follow in an effort to scale back my feed and temptations. I will talk about that in the Best of 2019 though. Back to Bohemienne Life!

De Clermont- Notes: Warm clove, spicy carnation, incense, wine and sandalwood.
This is a first but not a last for me. I love how descriptive Harkness was in her books about her characters and this one is amazingly rendered by Kyme. The wine and clove are deep and juicy while the carnation and sandalwood keeps it from smelling of Christmas. It is a beautiful fragrance for winter but also pretty much any time of year. 

Third Eye- Notes: Nag Champa incense with lavender, clove leaf, musk, myrrh, patchouli, soft powder, amber and vanilla.
This is a repurchase and I love it still. A softer and more herbaceous version of Nag Champa that is smooth and yet bright. 

Apple Bourbon Chai- Notes: Oak barrel apple cider, twists of orange peel, spiked with bourbon and spicy cinnamon sticks, brown sugar, cardamom, nutmeg, rich vanilla beans and seasoned oak wood.
A deeply woody apple cider with an almost anise-like clove spice. It smells like it will be beautifully spiced and warming for the holidays and wintertime. I look forward to melting it soon.

Pacific Pine- Notes: Evergreen pine and fir needle resins, infused with sparkling citrus, musk and moss with a hint of woody clove.
Another repurchase that I like to have on hand for Christmas. It smells just like the Balsam and Citrus scent I love from Carol at Candles From The Keeping Room with just perhaps just a touch more of pine. This bag will go fast. 

Free samples (I just adore Kyme's wax twists):

Cranberry Woods, which blends up tart vibrant cranberries with a touch of evergreen and oak. I wish I had a whole bag.

Mistletoe and Spruce, which is a wonderful winter woodland aroma of evergreens. 

I am bummed I missed Kyme's last pre-order with her vanilla mint scent I was dying to lay my hands on but maybe another time. What are you thinking of melting for the holidays? 


  1. I've been sitting out on plenty of waxy goodness, including Kyme's wonderful, tempting preorders.
    I will need to order some more soap from her in the near future here. Almost out of all my lovely bars.
    Hopefully she'll have some RTS extras and you can snag that vanilla minty goodness. <3
    I'll probably do some forest-y fir, balsam scents for Christmas. Something fizzy, fun and bright for New Years.

    1. Yeah.... I will be sitting out now for a while too. I did pick up some Beezy a while back but I *think* that is the only order pending. I spent most of my mad money ordering Rebecca's last goodies from King's Road Apothecary and the most recent release from Britton at Blood Moon Botanica.

      I love Kyme's soap for sure. I think I only have one bar from her left, but I do have a ton from Handmade in Florida and Tauer. I am hoping she has that vanilla mint on offer too.

      I love evergreen scents at Christmas. My melting basket is brimming with it. <3 I love your fizzy bright New Year's idea. I will see if I have something like that.