Wednesday, December 11, 2019

Sixteen92: Winter Collection

Sixteen92's 2019 Winter Collection is themed after poisons. As a Circle member I was sent a sampling of each scent in the collection. I have enjoyed my two years as a Circle member but I am debating on whether I will continue comes April for next year. On one hand I am loving the access to the scents early, along with the generous discounts, however, I am also wanting to greatly reduce my perfume buying and sampling these gorgeous scents has me wanting to continuously add to my rather expansive perfume collection. Are you a Circle member? Are you planning on re-subscribing?

Cyanide- Notes: Amaretto liqueur, pink heliotrope, honey-soaked dates, hawthorn flower, nutmeg and rum
Sweet cherry-almond infused rum possesses a marzipan chewiness to it that creates body decants from the tiny glass vial. On the skin there is a honey, drunk with almond blossoms, and it drips tantalizingly. Dates lend a dark toothsome quality while the heliotrope continues to perfume the scent with its musky marzipan bouquet. Booze and honey and quiet florals make this a heady yet elegant almond fragrance. Butternut tobacco and vanilla suggestions creep into the dry down as it lingers on the skin.

Laudanum- Notes: Sticky opium, whiskey, oud, black pepper, brown leather, hearth smoke, saffron and dark amber.
Pitch black oudwood, smoky and leathery with the texture of tar from opium residue snakes its way out of the mouth of the vial. Dabbed onto the skin, sweet tannic whiskey sparkles in the top notes but deepens quickly with the addition of leather, raw and uncut, stiff with newness. Sunset hued and pollen heavy saffron anthers highlight the leather and warm wooden oud. This is a dry yet warm scent of smoke and woods.  

Strychnine- Notes: Black tea, Calabrian bergamot, Moro blood orange, black figs, cedar heartwood, and anisette cookie crumbs.
Grand Marnier cookies with thick orange liqueur and a shortbread crunch flavor the air with their aroma when inhaled. Milky figs with a cup of warm earl grey tea, sweetened with a cube of sugar and a splash of cream alight on the skin. Thin, crisp orange zest and almond cookies grace the afternoon tea plate as well. The airy bergamot, soft floral quality of the tea and hints of cedar keep it from being overly gourmand. Creamy citrus and anise delight the senses though and makes it a stunning scent.

Arsenic- Notes: Juniper distillate, chlorophyll, English ivy, frozen tomato leaf, white cotton, powdered rock candy.
Sugar coated berries, sweet pea flower blossoms and doilies on a nightstand kept company by a tintype photograph develop in the mind when sniffed from the sample. Honeyed cotton blossoms and candied berries start sweet and playful then veer into sharp greenness as it is brushed onto the skin. It is the potent scent that clings to the fingertips with you gently touch a tomato stem. Arsenic is a powerfully verdant fragrance that warns of its poison.

Chloroform- Notes: Crystalline glass, snow flurry, grey ozone, sugar cube, oxygen, frozen iris, tattered lace.
In the vial it is a breathtakingly classic, stony yet chilled, iris that Claire does so well. And on the skin it begins as a silvery iris but then a cloud of Cool Water comes in and I have to take it off.

I have not had a scrubber in several years but Cool Water is a hard No-Pass for me and that is what those notes translated to in my brain for some odd reason. 

Of the Winter Collection scents I would happily buy larger quantities of Laudanum, Cyanide and Strychnine. What poison would you think would make for an interesting perfume interpretation? Ether might be cool.


  1. Holy Arsenic scent description!! Is that a super unique one! Wow!! Lol

    1. YES! It is a very interesting scent. If you are into unique tomato leaf scents you would love this one.