Sunday, December 29, 2019

Candles From The Keeping Room: Fall Order

Oh hey! Lookee here. Another seasonally late review. Thankfully, Carol is pretty great about being consistent with the scents she offers through the years unless they are discontinued. So hopefully you won't mind seeing my most recent (but months ago) Candles From The Keeping Room order.

Thankfully her wax is very forgiving and can sit for years and still be good as gold. I think I was picking up mostly some fall and a little Christmas with some old favorites tossed in. I tried to keep it tidy and not go as overboard as I usually do. Honestly, I am always thrilled with my CFTKR orders so let's dive into this one. 

These first two are constant repurchases as often as I can:

Amish Quilt is a classic creamy sweet cinnamon sugar scent that makes me feel comfy cozy. 

Apple Dumpling is one of my favorite apple cinnamon scents, but beware, it is only for the spice lovers out there. It is a fiery red hot cinnamon married to stewed apples with their peels on for extra depth. Mmmmmmm.

Apple Cider and Cookies is a new-to-me aroma. The cookies are the foundation with some apple chunks and caramel bits blended in. I don't get a strong cider or spice but more of a Cider Lane type of suggestion with the cookies. It is one I look forward to trying out soon.

Rosy Strawberry is a blend of Carol's Fresh Picked Strawberry and Rose Jam that I requested a year or so back. I love this blend so much and have not had it in ages. It is sweet and jammy and bursting with berries and sugar and rose petals. 

Strawberry Pine is one I have not had yet, but I love Strawberry Sugared Spruce so I figured I would like this too. The pine is more camphorous than the spruce and there is a touch less sweetness to it and I think I like it all the more for it. My mom and I were cooing over it on Christmas day. 

Cranberry Balsam is an oldie but goodie, however, I have not had it in way too long. I am happy to have this for next Christmas. This year I melted Balsam and Citrus but I think I will melt this one next year on Christmas Day. Cranberry Balsam is a sweet fruity cranberry with plummy tones that marries easily to aromatic evergreens that only lend a breath of the outdoors without overpowering the fragrance.

Patchouli Oud Wood is a first for me and I am excited about it. It is a musky and perfumed version of patchouli and oud. There is a touch of earthiness alongside the woods. It is a lovely fresh blend that will be elegant in the home.

Bogeyman was the reason I placed this order. I tried it many years ago and then it was discontinued. I forget if Carol found more oil stashed away somewhere or if it was reformulated and brought back. Either way I saw it and leapt. It is a lovely and mild fall scent with sweet and serene spice and well blended fruits.

Country Home is robust with citrus. Oranges and cloves, similar to pomanders strung along cabin windows. This is my first time with this scent and I cannot wait to melt one.

Smoked Vanilla is a favorite of mine. It is a sweetly smoked sugared vanilla. The smoke flickers in the distance from a dying backyard bonfire. It is smooth and warm. 

Oud D Pumpkin is one I had not tried yet. I have had Carol's other pumpkin oud but this one is slightly different, more caramel laden. It is pumpkin woods and caramel. I am going to love it.

Marshmallow Pumpkin Latte is incredibly delicious. I don't think I have tried this one either. The latte is exactly that. No bitterness, no puppy toes. Just milky, creamy coffee with loads of sugar, a pump of vanilla and a pump of caramel and topped with toasted sugar foam. 

Free samples, because Carol is abundantly generous:

Lingonberry Wreath is tart and juicy, like a cross between rhubarb and currants with a side of cranberries with lemon zest. Lovely and bright.

Pumpkin Peanut Brittle is strong! Salted and toasty caramel and pumpkin greet the senses. Not overly sweet but certainly intense with flavor.

Pumpkin Chamomile is a surprisingly lovely combination. The pumpkin does have a slight bakery thickness combined with perfumed chamomile that is velvety and plush.

Autumn in the Park brims with honeyed apples and a breath of fall air. I simply love this one.

Mandarin Plum is a juicy candied plum with a grape vibes and brightness from the oranges. Lovely.

Spiced Orange smells just like its namesake. A sugar coated pomander.

Candy Corn Birthday Cake is a creamy vanilla cake. Simple but wonderful. 

Corn Husk is a new favorite. It is mildly sweet with a breath of fresh corn and dried silks and hay-like vanilla. Difficult to explain but very comforting.

Pomegranate Apple is also brilliant. It has the aroma of fruit wine, like a sangria. 

I am over the moon to have these staples and some new ones too. I will be melting happily for a little while now. I did pick up some more Bohemienne Life but hey. I promise I am slowing down on the wax. :-)

What wax purchases have you made lately? What vendors are you loving?


  1. Beautiful order as always, but I think I love those napkins (?) you have the melts nestled in even more. Gosh, I love floral linens. They look so lovely against Carol's kind of rustic-looking tarts, too.

    1. Thanks! When my grandfather passed away last year he had this box of old handkerchiefs in his guest bedroom closet and no one else had wanted them. I thought it was sentimental and I kind of always wanted to have some old hankies so I took them under my wing. Ends up I could use them as photo props too. I am debating sewing them into some type of lap quilt.