Monday, September 21, 2020

Melting Basket 154


Rosegirls- Pumpkin Chai Carbs
Rosegirls- Apple Pumpkin Crunch Donuts
Bohemienne Life- Palo Santo
Dessa's Homespun Scents- Palo Santo
Dessa's Homespun Scents- Red Hot Cinnamon Sticks
Blended With Love- Smoke Signals (amber, pipe smoke, vanilla creme)
Beezy- Mac Apple
Ten Digit Creations- Palo Santo/Vanilla Tobacco
Ten Digit Creations- Black Vanilla/Palo Santo/Wood Spice
Ten Digit Creations- Fireball Marshmallows
Ten Digit Creations- Bourbon Tobacco/Patchouli/Vintage Vanilla
Ten Digit Creations- Marshmallow Sugar Cookie
Ten Digit Creations- Caramel Apple/Marshmallows By The Fire/Sandalwood Marshmallow
Candles From The Keeping Room- Autumn Leaves type
Candles From The Keeping Room- Pumpkin Patchouli
Candles From The Keeping Room- Autumn in the Park

Some things that have been making me feel calm or have brought my snippets of joy:
- Reading All Creatures Great and Small
- Watching Gardener's World on Amazon
- Candles all over the place
- Afternoon thunderstorms
- Planting the raised beds (carrots, scallions, winter squash, cucumbers, tomatoes, okra, beets, radishes, blackeyed peas)
- Barefoot walking in backyard
- Orders placed at The Bathing Garden, Dessa's Homespun Scents, Candles From the Keeping Room
- Ella Fitzgerald on vinyl
- Sugar Kiss cantaloupe
- Hearing Savanna daydream out loud about possibly going to college in upstate New York
- Watching Scarlette make new friends who treat each other well
- Hearing Adam laugh with his brother
- Smelling yummy perfumes from my collection

How are you finding calm moments? Can you feel fall drifting in?

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