Wednesday, September 30, 2020

Ebb & Flow: September 2020

 The highs and lows of the month.

Solstice Scents Foxcroft and Foxcroft Intense

Perfume Oil:
Arcana Wildcraft Filthy Viking (just got my second 15ml in the mail!)

Body Lotion:
Blood Moon Botanica Olive and Tallow

Body Oil:
Blood Moon Botanica Black Poplar Oil

Forest and Fjord Winter Moon Serum

Wildroots Body Care Activated Charcoal Deodorant

Andy Taur Solar Engineer

FuturePrimitive Stone the Crows

Bath and Body Works Comfort (Vanilla and Patchouli) in the bedroom and Harvest Gathering in the living room.

The Bathing Garden Sleepy 2.0 (peppermint and blue sugar)

Bananas, meat/cheese/cracker trays, chocolate.

Coffee with cream, water, Bubbly Mango sparkling water, bed time teas.

Gardener's World on Amazon

All Creatures Great and Small by James Herriot, about to start the second in the series. Makes for warm fuzzies and fits the "our pets are the best of us" prompt on the reading challenge. I have teared up a few times but I have also laughed out loud too.

Tony Elman on Pandora and Soothing Relaxation on Youtube.

A few fall experiences in October: pumpkins, spooky movies, a couple farm visits. Also looking forward to weekends tending the garden. 

Writing report cards. 

Sweet Dream Sleepy Oak CBD oil for bedtime aches and cramping.

The cute Madden wide strap sandals I bought. I LOVED them! They busted after wearing them only a few months. So bummed. 

Some work struggles. The thought of my sister and my future niece moving to another country at the end of next month. A co-worker's heartbreak over losing her beloved pup. Not getting time to destress from the work day.

Having a job. Being able to ride a bike for a few miles. Being able to kayak and swim and be active. Having a husband who makes me coffee every morning. Having daughters that make me laugh and view the world with hope. Snuggles from Toddles. Books waiting to be read on my shelf. Small magics.

How has your September been? Are you decorating? Is the weather turning? Are you sleeping well?


  1. What a lovely and comforting post. I find it so funny and delightful that the favorite scent of the lovely Redolent Mermaid is "Filthy Viking" 😂 September is changing into October and I am enthralled by scarlet maple leaves. I walk around like drunk person bumping into things, staring at them.

    1. Thank you!

      Hahahahaaa!!! I know! That name slays me but I honestly don't find anything a soothing to my mind and spirit as the combination of mint and juniper that Julia created. I hope she will always carry it.

      Scarlet maple leaves. I am jonesing to see some fall foliage again. I know you get the very best color show up there. I loved getting to see it last year. Hard to believe that a year ago I was in Massachusetts. I would totally bump into everything all over again with you. For now it is the (green) leaves rustling in the fall winds and a few birds flying down here to spend the winter in the warmer climate. I will make do with that. <3

  2. We have had beautiful fall weather this past week! I love to have the doors and windows open. This is my favorite time of the year. I love the smell of dry leaves, dirt, and evening bonfires. Right now, there is also the strong smell of manure as the farmers are spreading it on their fields, lol! My two horses are starting to get their winter woolies, and I just love to bury my face in their warm necks!

    I LOVE James Herriot's books! You must read them all if you have a chance!

    I hope you and your family have a wonderful weekend!��

    1. Aw yay!! I love doing that too. Let some fresh air into the house. We get a few days of good weather for that but not quite yet.

      Mmmmm! Yes! The bonfires. Woodsmoke is a weakness of mine. I lit a bonfire this past weekend while I was working in the yard just so I could smell it. I love that you are enjoying the bounty of the season's smells. Your horses sound very loved. <3

      Isn't he the best?! I absolutely loved the first book and have the second one ready to go. I think I will read some poetry and then dive back into the Yorkshire dales.

      Thank you Cathy!! I hope you guys are doing well. Enjoy your fresh breezes!