Sunday, October 4, 2020

Bath and Body Works: Harvest Gathering Candle


My candle stash dwindled there for a while once we had moved but recently I have taken to restocking my Bath and Body Works fall candles. My oldest and I had really be enjoying the Harvest Gathering handsoap as of late so I know that I wanted to pick up the candle as well. 

Harvest Gathering- Notes: Fresh picked apple, autumn berries, and clove buds with essential oil. $24.50 full price but paid $12.25 at half price candle sale.

This candle burned well with strong wicks and nice pooling. The scent throw was medium strong, filling the common living areas. The scent reminded me of a more apple centric Leaves aroma. The apples are sweet and reminiscent of the Macintosh variety while the berries are juicy and vibrant. The clove is mild and adds just a hint of bark-like spice. 

I enjoyed this candles and will be happy to repurchase it in the future. I have Sweet Cinnamon Pumpkin burning now. And it is pretty awesome too. 

What candles are you burning right now? Loving any new candle makers?


  1. That jar is so pretty! It is finally cooling down enough here to consider candles, but the air quality outside is still too volatile. I am very, very ready to dig out my candle stash!

    1. I agree! I love how simple and glowy it is. Very cozy! My heart breaks for your guys and the hell is must have been/is right now. Hoping that the air clears quickly. Are you doing ok?

    2. I'm fine and not near any of the fires, thankfully! Winds and heat are picking up again this week, so everyone is on alert.

    3. Hopefully some rains come your way and help tamp down all the smoke and hazards. <3 Sending love for you and your heart. I am so sorry about your kitty.