Thursday, October 15, 2020

Sihaya & Company: Autumn Dream Box "A Dream of Truth and Beauty"

 This box was sent gratis in exchange for photographs. All opinions are my own.

Sihaya and Company's fall box of curated indie goodies is themed "A Dream of Truth and Beauty" with a focus on Persephone and Pre-Raphaelite art and beauty. The items were thoughtfully gathered and all speak to the soft and golden transition from gilded summer into a glowing bronze autumn. This box was $65.

This spiral notebook was a joy to discover inside the box. I have actually ordered one of Christina's notebooks (and a tank top) from her swag tab at Sihaya. I am a sucker for notebooks. I use them when traveling to record perfume impressions as well as for list making. These retail for $14 on the website, but this particular cover art is not available (but many more are and they are lovely- I have the Moon Maiden). 

Forms Divinely Beautiful- Notes: Carnation, sandalwood, amber, golden musk, and a swirl of spice. $13

This is a lovely candle. The aqua shimmer and gorgeous fragrance are appealing. The carnation is feathery and smooth, paired with velvety woods and gauzy amber musk. This is a soft and pleasant fragrance that portrays itself as primarily a carnation musk. I look forward to burning this in my bedroom to create a gentle atmosphere.

I always get excited when I see a new lip color from Sihaya in the Dream Box. Goblin Market ($6.50) not only has an incredible name but it also feels and looks just as magical. There is a nice moisturizing slip to the lip color, the hint of something dark and berry-like to the scent and it is the color of russet fall leaves with a warm undertone on my lips. They look flushed and ripe, as if kissed by chilly fall winds. This one will stay in my purse.

There were two eyeshadows from Crow and Pebble but I think I lost one of them in the bottom of the box and it got recycled. Yikes. Bone head move. The color I do have is called Priestess of Delphi and is an illuminating warm brown and mauve with pink and lilac shimmer shadow. It is a beautiful shade and will make for an easy wash of color on the lid for work in the morning. Five pounds for a full sized container of eyeshadow.

Entwined by Astrid Perfumes- Notes: A lush blend of black currants, strawberry, raspberry, blueberry, blackberry, dried rose petals, twisted wood branches, soft violets, dusty lavender, Scottish shortbread, and English ivy. $25

I was very excited to see this in the box. Astrid is a talented perfumer and she always combines scent notes in unexpected ways. From the vial this perfume bursts with the fragrance of berries, sun dappled, springing from brambles and stolons. Their ruby and merlot hues are as intense as their effluvia. On the skin those berries divulge themselves in my the same manner. Astrid is a deft hand at brewing berry notes. The vibrate with life and realism. The amethyst and ruby berries slowly soften in the heart, revealing the blossoms that they originated from. The violets allow for a pillowy fall from the vine where they mingle with the magic of the woods. This is my first berry-centric perfume that I have fallen head over heels for. It is utterly enchanting. 

This Virtuoso artisan caramel bar is flavored in Seasonal Spice. Their Etsy shop is currently closed so I am not sure how much these normally cost but I love the packaging. I did gift this to a friend since I recently had to have my crown replaced and I am nervous about chewing anything overly sticky right now... call me a coward.

Willow Tree Company scrub in  Fairytale Rose- Notes: Neroli leaves, papaya flower, geranium, gardenia, African dog rose, Turkish rose absolute, cashmeran, sandalwood, and light woods. $35

I have to admit, I kinda had sticker shock when I saw the price on these. I rarely comment on pricing, as I will pay outrageous amounts on things that tickle my whim, but this is a bit high on my scrub allowance spectrum. Since it was whipped it did arrive a wee bit condensed but came with a lovely rose soap embed. The blue is electric and the mica is shimmery and vibrant. The scent is redolent of a high end floral perfume. The scrub consistency is thick and scoopable with the fingers and the sugar particulate was medium-fine, scrubbed nicely but dissolved quickly. It is a coconut oil based scrub. 

This is easily one of my favorite Dream Boxes (other than Halloween, or the Sisterhood of the Moon, it is pretty spectacular) to date. I love the perfume, candle, notebook, make up and other treats. I highly recommend these Dream Boxes as a gift for yourself or anyone you love that would enjoy artisan products. 


  1. Ahhh! Can just imagine retreating into a candle lit bathtub with this box and all of my old Anne of Green Gables books. Also, inspired me to try eyeshadow for the first time in many years, since my mask makes my beloved red lipstick kind of pointless!

    1. I loved Anne of Green Gables! It was such a sweet story. I only read the first though. I look forward to the day of lounging in a bath tub again. I know the time will come. :-)

      Right?!?! I have not worn foundation, blush, lipstick on bronzer in ages but I still do my eyebrows and eyeshadow, liner and mascara for work each day. :-)