Monday, October 19, 2020

Sawdust & Embers: Incense

 This incense was sent free for reviewing purposes. All opinions are my own.

Sawdust & Embers is an artisan candle company based out of Texas and run by John and Brett. I have enjoyed wonderful candles from Sawdust & Embers in the past. The house blends have a quality of scent that takes me out of doors and into the woods, which we all know is a place that I love to be.

Coyote Tobacco Incense- Notes: Wild tobacco, conifer needle, lichen. $16

This charcoal based incense comes in a handy tin with 30 incense cones that have a burn time of 20-30 minutes each. These light easily and emit a silken thread of moss covered pine and fresh green tobacco leaves. It gives the impression of bright blue skies ringed by tall strapping pines and optimistic thoughts. It leaves rooms smelling welcoming and open-windows fresh. It burnt into a small pile of ash in about 20 minutes and left a lingering ghost of mountain air.

I have never used charcoal incense but it was wonderful to work with. I look forward to trying the rest of the blends that Sawdust & Embers has to offer in the future.

This has been great since I am on an incense kick. My oldest even requests some when she is sitting at the desk and working on bead bracelets. 

Have you used charcoal incense before? What is scenting your home right now?


  1. I still need to try this brand!! Lol
    I don't know if I've specifically tried charcoal incense before, but definitely cone incense. I find it to be hit or miss.
    I've been doing my daily wax melting. Mostly seasonal fragrances, cozy, woodsy, spicy and herbal.
    I have a decent stash of stick incense to work through before I purchase more.
    My husband would like to enjoy candle ambience as the end of the day, so I need to look into purchasing some candles here soon. ;)

    1. The guys who run it are so very nice and kind. Talented too. I love the forest driven blends. Very rustic yet polished.

      Cone incense can be a pain if it is slow lighting for sure. These were great. Woodsy/spicy is my jam right now too. I am going through my Willow, Woods, and Whatnots incense (never got around to blogging it) then I picked up some Mermade Magickal Arts. It is really nice Japanese incense and I am scared to light it... if I like it I know I am in trouble.

      I love candles too. They are so cozy at night or when it is raining. I restocked from Bath & Body Works for fall but you know I love supporting small business. Have fun candle shopping! Try one from Sawdust & Embers!

    2. B&B Works candles can be absolutely amazing and definitely wallet friendly, no shame there.. wish I could afford to only support small business makers, but we do what we can. ;) ;)
      I will definitely have to place a Sawdust & Embers order- I've wanted to!! :)

  2. That sounds lovely! I have used charcoal incense in cones in the past, but I haven't burned any incense for awhile. I have been burning my Bijou candles and my Harlem candles lately. They are very strong-throwing brands, esp. Harlem Candle Co.

    1. I burned my Bijou before I could even blog them! LOL! I LOVED Hedy. It was so beautiful. I have been meaning to try Harlem soon. I loved seeing your IG photos of them. Always feel free to tag me in your candle recs. You have great taste!! Hoping you are well this fall. <3