Tuesday, October 13, 2020

The Bathing Garden: Halloween Order


With Halloween approaching I knew I would end up placing a small Bathing Garden order. I love Shannon's fall scents and I was fresh out of scrubs. 

Haunted Hayride- Notes: Tart Granny Smith apples, caramel, cinnamon, pumpkin, and hints of hay. $3.95
Haunted Hayride is an old time favorite of mine from years and years ago. I always enjoy the meshing of the spiced apples and pumpkin with the soft golden hay. It brings to mind fall festivals and carnivals. There is a touch of creamy vanilla sweetness to this scent too.

Salt and Bone- Notes: Salty lime blends with juniper, lemon, and hints of lavender. 

This is a fresh and bracing scent. The salt and lime are crystal clear and invigorating. The herbs lend a touch of cool greenness. The name, the decoration and the notes are all perfection. I will be saving this one for next summer. 

Sleepy- Notes: Pink sugar, peppermint and vanilla.

One of my very favorite Bathing Garden scents. I always like to have some on hand for bedside melting. I have never had a dressed up Halloween version and I must say it is wonderful. Icy mint buffeted by fluffy pink cotton candy and thick vanilla cream. Forever fave.

Breath of Lucifer- Notes: Rich pipe tobacco smoke blends with sweet vanilla, amber, marshmallow, and fireside notes.

I adore how baroque this tart looks! The gothic name, the fiery sweet scent, the red hues. This one is daring. The amber and tobacco are more resinous than sweet and the fireside smokiness pushes it even further into moody territory, but that wisp of vanilla marshmallow keeps it from smelling like fire and brimstone. I am looking forward to melting this one sooner rather than later. 

Patchouli Nightshade- Notes: Patchouli, sweet lavender, green grass, and wisps of absinthe. 

Shannon had me at patchouli. I have been a patch fiend as of late. I wear it as perfume, burn it as incense, want it in candles and now in wax tarts. This tart smells more like a clean, fresh shaven Pop-Pop more than anything else. The patchouli is mild and fresh, the grass and lavender are cologne hued and the absinthe softens the masculinity. It will be fun to melt but probably isn't my favorite patch scent. I think I will try Witchy from Shannon next, it is a patch and violet. 

I picked up a large scrub in Haunted Hayride ($9.95). I am excited to use this one. I normally only open one scrub at a time but I am thinking I will ping pong between this one and the next...

Fall Leaves and Woodsy Vanilla- Notes: Sweet fall leaves, creamed vanilla with notes of oak and bark. $9.95

I had to break this one open up fast. I love it. The leaves side does remind me a touch of Bath & Body Works Leaves with a pinch of cinnamon and the vanilla oak side is pure bliss. Combining them both is perfection. Oaken vanilla leaves with a touch of sweet spice. I love Shannon's scrubs. They scoop easily with a thick consistency and a medium scrubby particulate that exfoliates wonderfully. I love the moisturizing effects and clean rinse. Bathing Garden scrubs are pretty much my gold standard. I have used others but I always come back. I see that Shannon is offering half sizes (4 ounce) so I went back and grabbed a few I wanted to try out. 

I am loving my order as usual and will be placing another one for some more scrubs soon. Who makes your favorite scrubs? I also want to try out Sugar Spider scrubs but I am waiting for the winter scent release.


  1. Gorgeous!! <3
    The Bathing Garden scent blends keep tempting me to purchase, but I haven't followed through for quite awhile now. Still one of my top favorite vendors, but trying to work through my decent stash.
    TBG has my favorite scrubs, along with Candy Panda and Paintbox Soapworks. There's so many vendor scrub formulas I have yet to try, but these I love so much, it's hard to venture out. ;)

    1. Thanks! You are amazing. I love that you are melting and using up. I was happy I finally got through my scrubs and most of my soaps. So I did splurge a wee bit and restocked on some scrubs. I needed the wax like a blister on my thumb but I got it anyway. I soothe myself by saying that it was only a TINY order. :-)

      I love Candy Panda and Painbox scrubs too. I have been meaning to try SugarSpider since Brooke from Villainess makes them. But I keep forgetting.

    2. SugarSpider looks delectable and fun for sure!! <3
      Yeah, after being in the wax buying game now for a few years, I'm finding that some wax truly ages well and others don't quite hold up as well. Yikes. Helps me to figure out who I can continue to buy from or at least who's wax I need to melt up while it's still fresh. Lol

  2. I love her scrubs and almost recently ordered some but then looked in the bathroom and decided I have got to get through some of my current scrubs. I love Moonalisa's, Wet Dreams, Ashes, Zeeps..I rarely meet a scrub I don't like!

    1. I hear that! Thankfully I had gone through most of mine so I had some room to grab a few. Moonalisa does have a nice scrub! I did grab a couple perfumes this last opening. I feel so bad that she was not doing so well. Hoping she heals quickly. (I love scrubs too!!)